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August 27, 1956 | Volume 5, Issue 9

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Doris Gissy Cover - Sports Illustrated August 27, 1956

August 27, 1956 | Judith Friedberg

August 27, 1956 | Jim Atwater
Seattle invades Detroit to fight for supremacy in the world's fastest boats over a washboard course

August 27, 1956

August 27, 1956
•Olympian DemocracyLook for Argentina to elect new National Olympic Committee before October to become eligible to send a team to Melbourne in November. The International Olympic Committee...

August 27, 1956

August 27, 1956
It is doubtful that fans, officials and participants in U.S. amateur sport have ever been stirred, en masse, to quite the sort of baffled indignation which was set off this month by the...

August 27, 1956 | David Richardson

August 27, 1956 | Gerald Holland

August 27, 1956 | Gerald Holland
Wherein the investigator, pursuing his quest, after 2,000 miles finally comes to grips with the truth—and a striped bass

August 27, 1956 | Edited by Thomas H. Lineaweaver
As millions of waterfowl gather in Canada before heading south, a special report from their prairie nesting grounds by Reginald Wells predicts a great hunting season to come

August 27, 1956

August 27, 1956
Don Wilson, 24-year-old Rollins College graduate who has driven unlimited hydroplanes for only a year, piloted George Simon's U.S. II to easy victory in Detroit's Silver Cup regatta, averaging...

August 27, 1956
Slashing out double, Stan Musial gets his 1,071st extra-base hit, later walloped another to break Mel Ott's league mark.

August 27, 1956
ARCHERY(National Archery Association championships, Lakewood, N.J.)

August 27, 1956 | Red Smith
The distinguished sportswriter covers the Democratic convention in his idiom and finds that the main event was

August 27, 1956 | Harry Phillips
In last week's issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED the possible future of golf took form, in The Age of Sport, through the eyes of our golf editor, Herbert Warren Wind. Next week Bernard Darwin looks the...

August 27, 1956 | Roy Terrell
Behind the Phillies' late-season drive to make the first division is the quietly dramatic story of a

August 27, 1956 | Roy Terrell
An ability to beat the Yankees, even if it is a solitary talent, makes a man worth something nowadays. Willard Nixon, a right-handed pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, is a gentleman who has...

August 27, 1956
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August 27, 1956 | Joe La Machia
The most common fault I've noticed among high-handicap golfers is the placement of the right hand on the shaft. We all know that for right-hand players the right hand is much stronger than the...

August 27, 1956 | Mort Lund
Thirteen skippers battled for Olympic nomination but it was an unkind whim of fate which settled the

August 27, 1956 | Whitney Tower
Rich and poor mingle at Saratoga, but the price is high for the privilege of shouting at the track:

August 27, 1956 | Jimmy Jemail
MAJ. GEN. ROGER J. BROWNEUSAFCommanderFirst Air ForceLess. Ted Williams is a great star and a war hero. Children and sports fans all over the country look up to him. The greatly publicized affair...

August 27, 1956 | Jimmy Jemail
Was there a time in the service when athletic training was of great value to you?

August 27, 1956 | Alice Higgins
New home of the Hambletonian, Du Quoin is the old home of auto racing, vaudeville and almost anything else you care to name

August 27, 1956 | Claud Cockburn
Although the favorites failed to win, blue ribbons and silver cups were only half of Dublin's celebrated week

August 27, 1956
3—Mark Kauffman, Robert Riger4—Terrence Le Goubin6, 7—Fons Iannelli, Lisa Larsen-LIFE8, 9—Roland Patterson-B.S., Fons Iannelli (2)10—Mark Kauffman11—David Moore, Consolidated Press12, 13—Lisa...

August 27, 1956 | Horace Sutton
Although it was a Gaul, name of Sieur Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, of Gascony, France, who started what is now the metropolis of Detroit, a man putting ashore there these un-Gallic days had...

August 27, 1956 | Mary Snow
Although U.S. women athletes looked better than ever in Philadelphia, they do not yet figure to upset the toughest in the world

August 27, 1956

August 27, 1956 | Ajay
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August 27, 1956
The contract bridge team that will represent the U.S. against the Italians (this year's European champions) at the world title matches to be held next January consists of (left to right) William...