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February 04, 1957 | Volume 6, Issue 5

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Hugh Shaddelee Cover - Sports Illustrated February 04, 1957

February 04, 1957
America's hustling pack races produce colorful action, but no U.S. racer in the past four years has won a world or Olympic speed skating title

February 04, 1957

February 04, 1957
•Big Point for the ReserveThe new Army order requiring a minimum of six months of active duty for young reservists can be a blessing in disguise for athletes. Draft-eligibles entering the reserve...

February 04, 1957 | Harry Phillips
Frenchy Bordagaray, the colorful Dodger out-fielder, once stood with his foot on second base. Suddenly the shortstop tagged him, and the umpire called him out. Back on the bench an incredulous...

February 04, 1957
WHO WILL BUY MY VIOLETS?The glistening structure of the 53-foot Wheeler cruiser shown at the New York Boat Show last week put a gold-plated sheen on the old peddler's cry. The cry did not go...

February 04, 1957 | Roy Terrell

February 04, 1957 | Jimmy Jemail
JACK DEMPSEYFormer Heavyweight ChampionPatterson is a good fighter, but he is very young and has a lot to learn. However, ambitious as he is and good as he is, I thought that if he licked Archie...

February 04, 1957 | Jimmy Jemail
If you saw someone violate fish and game laws would you report him?

February 04, 1957 | Lew Dietz
For testing a man in the winter woods, there is nothing like a bobcat hunt. So at least say the Dead River country hunters, who with their hounds find sport in bucking five-foot snows and chasing...

February 04, 1957
Gene Sarazen, 54, chunky old pro who was winning tournaments as long ago as 1922, hitched up his familiar knickers, shot record 65 in the first round of PGA seniors championship at Dunedin, Fla....

February 04, 1957
Operation nowhere gets off and running as pedalers from nine nations jockey for position in revival of six-day bicycle racing, dead in this country since 1951, at the Cleveland Arena.

February 04, 1957
RECORD BREAKERSLee Calhoun, limber-legged Olympic champion from North Carolina College, trailed in early going but picked up speed to cover seldom-run 70-yard high hurdles in 8.2 for new world...

February 04, 1957
AUTO RACINGJuan Manuel Fangio, Argentina, City of Buenos Aires Grand Prix, in 2:22.30.3 for 2 heats, in Maserati.

February 04, 1957

February 04, 1957 | Whitney Tower
Internationalism finds most support in California, and at thriving Santa Anita it is often a case of FOREIGNERS FIRST

February 04, 1957 | Jeremiah Tax
Today the 200-point game is a commonplace, which leads many to believe that the sport is becoming a FREE-SCORING FARCE

February 04, 1957 | Victor Kalman
A police sergeant in St. Louis had an idea which grew so fast he is now the father of the nation's REIGNING DYNASTY

February 04, 1957 | Daniel Gallery
A salty baseball fan says—and proves—that many baseball laws are beyond understanding, let alone strict observance

February 04, 1957
1—Francis Di Gennaro, Jerry Cooke2—drawings by Ajay10, 11—Tony Triolo18, 20—drawings by Ajay21—Mark Kauffman22, 23—Hans Knopf-Pix27—Peter von Schmidt and Dan Page, Bill Moeser-Miami Daily News,...

February 04, 1957 | Compiled by MORT LUND

February 04, 1957
SO—season opened (or opens); SC—season closed (or closes).C—clear water; D—water dirty or roily; M—water muddy.N—water at normal height; SH—slightly high; H—high; VH—very high; L—low; R—rising;...

February 04, 1957 | Horace Sutton
The big news from Chichén Itzá and Uxmal is that some of the world's best duck hunting is now only a few hours away. Go, and take your wife with you. If she prefers to hunt history, the ancient...

February 04, 1957
Many snowy slopes west of and several thousand feet higher than the Vermont hill on the opposite page is California's Squaw Valley. Only a six-to seven-hour drive from San Francisco and site of...

February 04, 1957
Belying its grisly name, this ski hill in Vermont has a cheery look in this colorful painting by Byron Thomas. Located near Woodstock and famed as the locale of Dartmouth College skiing events,...

February 04, 1957 | Ezra Bowen
Miami-Nassau contenders, stung by catcalls from the North, fire back to prove that southern racing is strictly big league

February 04, 1957 | Alec Waugh

February 04, 1957 | Jack Burke Jr.
Whenever you see a pro hole a putt of 20 feet or over, you can be sure that, regardless of the player's skill, luck also played a considerable role in the proceedings. Even the finest putter...

February 04, 1957
Sirs:I cannot refrain from telling you of my great pleasure in reading Gerald Holland's moving word portrait of an athlete and his country (, SI, Jan. 11). Ron Delany's Christmas trip as told by...

February 04, 1957
With their 10-meter sloop Sirius the Ahmansons of Los Angeles have sailed themselves to an enviable reputation as yachtsmen. Besides the thrill of competing in the biggest West Coast races, the...

February 04, 1957 | Richard J. Schaap