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March 03, 1958 | Volume 8, Issue 9

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated March 03, 1958

March 03, 1958 | Roy Terrell

March 03, 1958
In a lovely, lazy setting under the sun, ballplayers battle for jobs—and for pennants still to be won

March 03, 1958

March 03, 1958
Glen Rose, Arkansas basketball coach: "You can tell interest has increased in Southwest Conference basketball this season. They've already hung two coaches in effigy."

March 03, 1958
As Professor of Christian Thought at Drake University, Dr. Frank Gardner must be familiar with the Biblical text: "In my Father's house are many mansions"—a favorite for sermons deploring...

March 03, 1958

March 03, 1958
When Carol Heiss arrived in Paris from Ozone Park, N.Y. to defend her world figure skating title for the second time, she suffered from a bad cold and was unable to accept any dates to go on the...

March 03, 1958
•The Australian wave rider above is doing what comes naturally to thousands of swimmers down under. Next week we show in color the rough-and-tumble pleasures of the water-minded Aussies.

March 03, 1958 | Whitney Tower
Anxious owners watch their horses go for the Flamingo, first pointer to the 1958 Derby

March 03, 1958 | James Murray
At Santa Anita race track last week, Jockey Willie Shoemaker accepted any and all future mounts-including, hopefully, the Kentucky Derby—on a stretch-running marvel of a 3-year-old named Silky...

March 03, 1958 | Thomas Lineaweaver
The 1957-58 winter has frozen out fish and fishermen all over except in the Pacific Northwest, which is too warm

March 03, 1958 | Kenneth Rudeen

March 03, 1958 | Harry Phillips
The passengers of the Pan American Clipper Trade Wind, which landed in San Francisco Christmas Eve 1956, had made a soul-testing decision. Only shortly before in Australia they had asked SPORTS...

March 03, 1958 | Jeremiah Tax
With or without music, Michigan State deserves a high national ranking

March 03, 1958 | Bill Roach
A putt will roll off-line easier on Bermuda grass than on bent or rye, because it is coarse and grainy. A ball with sidespin will continue to work off-line as it rolls along, while one with...

March 03, 1958 | Alice Higgins
A jumper named Mr. Midnight, once a fugitive from a dog-food factory, makes a clean sweep in Miami in the opening show of the annual Sunshine Circuit

March 03, 1958 | T.H.L.
The Boston Frenchman found just the right touch to beat the Philadelphia strong boy

March 03, 1958 | Charles Goren
By the time you read this account, a team made up of members of the Regency Club of New York will be participating in an international bridge tournament at the invitation of the Uruguay Bridge...

March 03, 1958
RECORD BREAKERS—AUSTRALIA'S flipper-footod swim kids continued to rewrite world record book in Aussie championships at Melbourne, breaking 14 more marks to bring week-long total to 17. Biggest...

March 03, 1958
Crouching Heavyweight Alex Miteff, wearing bloody wounds of battle, lets go with a right to face of Nino Valdes in New York.

March 03, 1958 | Bonnie Prudden
A fine exercise for balance and the development of torso, arms, wrists

March 03, 1958
Seated above in a spider web of his own designs is the gentleman who is responsible for the knitted fashions favored by the American woman who travels fastest, farthest and neatest. Young (32...

March 03, 1958 | Herbert Warren Wind

March 03, 1958
AUTO RACING-JOHNNY MANTZ, Duarte, Calif., 100-m. stock car race, in 1:13:46, in 1957 Mercury, Pomona, Calif.

March 03, 1958
Tom Laris, chesty youngster from New York's George Washington H.S., bustled into lead at start, never gave it up until he had set new world indoor record of 4:16.9 for mile in AAU interscholastics...

March 03, 1958
Sirs:This, the ski experts tell us, is the year of the revolution in skiing (SI, Nov. 25, Dec. 16, 23): the year of the shortswing and the reverse shoulder and—if you're good enough—of that...

March 03, 1958
The final results of the recent San Diego-Acapulco race listed the Fidelia as sixth-place winner in Class B—a respectable finish in a large group. That was only part of the story. Owner Viola Russ...

March 03, 1958
Skiing across the country: reports through the preceding weekend

March 03, 1958
4—Bill Young5—U.P., A.P., Richard Meek6—A.P. (2); right, © News Syndicate Co., Inc., U.P., Herald-Sun, Dick Smith, U.P., Tony Triolo, © Fabian Bachrach7—R. C. Payne13—left, U.P.15—Richard Meek16,...

March 03, 1958
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