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March 24, 1958 | Volume 8, Issue 12

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Carmen Basilio Cover - Sports Illustrated March 24, 1958

March 24, 1958
Skiing across the country: reports through the preceding weekend

March 24, 1958
Cover—Hy Peskin, Richard Meek, Phil Bath4—right, Walter Daran7—Chicago Daily News, A.P., I.N.P.8—A.P., U.P.; right, U.P., I.N.P., Tony Triolo, U.P. (2), John Gerasi10—Ralph Collins—Ogden Standard...

March 24, 1958
[Television]Television[Color television]Color television[Network radio]Network radio

March 24, 1958
A San Francisco fan, obviously, but he should hear what they're saying in Los Angeles on the eve of big league baseball

March 24, 1958
The new big league parks 16Giants and Dodgers in camp 18Footloose in two cities 60The ups and downs of O'Malley 62

March 24, 1958

March 24, 1958 | Robert Creamer
The San Francisco Giants have brilliant young rookies who make the team look better than it is

March 24, 1958 | Walter Bingham
The Los Angeles Dodgers' great stars are aging or absent, and this team will win no pennant

March 24, 1958 | Martin Kane
The violent scenes on the next four pages show how Carmen Basilio became the third man to lift Robinson's title. If he keeps it, he'll be the first to do so

March 24, 1958

March 24, 1958
James D. Norris, president of the IBC, who virtually invented televised fights: "What can a recession do to boxing that television hasn't done?"

March 24, 1958
(Or a horse-to-horse talk at Hialeah)

March 24, 1958
•Roy Sievers of the Senators, the American League's home run champion, talks about the fine art of hitting in the second of a five-part series on Big League Secrets.

March 24, 1958
You're on third and a guy lofts one back of first. The first baseman grabs it and falls. You light out for home and make the slide. You're 37 and the best they've got and it's a measly spring...

March 24, 1958
For at least one minute and 49 2/5 seconds—the time it took him to win the race—all eyes at the Santa Anita Derby were on Silky Sullivan, a horse who gets more fashionable every time he appears in...

March 24, 1958 | Kenneth Rudeen

March 24, 1958 | Harry Phillips
For any of us who need signposts to spring beyond the pages of the calendar and the smell of the air, there is help. There is, for example, the bright end of golf's winter tour and the beginning...

March 24, 1958 | Charles Goren
Uruguay was bulging at the seams when a Regency Club bridge team, representing the U.S., arrived there to play in the first Pan-American championships at Punta del Este, beginning on Washington's...

March 24, 1958 | Jeremiah Tax
That's all that are left of the close to 200 major college teams who started the season with hope, at least, of winning the national title

March 24, 1958 | Whitney Tower
Booming Phoenix, capital of the Mountain Circuit, adds a service to racing

March 24, 1958 | Kathy Cornelius
One of the less conspicuous factors in any good round of golf is sound, steady approach putting. Regularly getting the long ones up close so that the second putt is a relatively routine...

March 24, 1958 | Bonnie Prudden
This example of mutual resistance stretches back, hamstring muscles

March 24, 1958 | Jo Ahern Zill
Sports Illustrated's American Sportswear Design Award winner of 1957 gives lady golfers what they want to wear

March 24, 1958 | Horace Sutton
In Los Angeles and San Francisco, the local sights and soup kitchens are as different as the ball parks—and as full of potential surprises

March 24, 1958 | Robert Shaplen

March 24, 1958
RECORD BREAKERS—RON DELANY, running like a barefoot man on a hot tar road, whirled through 58.4 final quarter to set new world indoor record at 4:03.4 for mile (March 14), .2 better than Gunnar...

March 24, 1958
Bustling by Burr Grim and about to overtake Phil Coleman is Ron Delany. Two laps later he set indoor record of 4:03.4 for mile.

March 24, 1958
THE HOUSE THE AMATEURS BUILTSirs:Your editorial Contamination or Competition? (SI, March 3) deserves some reply. In Los Angeles professional athletics is driving amateur athletics into oblivion.

March 24, 1958
To Nona Quarles, being up in the air is a most desirable condition. And her enthusiasm is shared by Graf Zeppelin von Quarles, her dachshund, more informally known as Zeppie. Mrs. Quarles, wife of...

March 24, 1958
BOXING—JOEY LOPES, 10-round decision over Jimmy Carter, lightweights, Sacramento.

March 24, 1958
Nancy O'Connell, pert 17-year-old Chicagoan, defeated Bonnie Mencher 6-8, 6-3, 6-1 for national women's indoor tennis title at Brookline, Mass. Nancy also teamed with Carol Hanks, 14, for doubles...

March 24, 1958 | Jimmy Jemail
ARTHUR GODFREYTV and radio entertainerNo real favorite, although I do get a great deal of pleasure from my horse Goldie and the other animals on my farm, including the two llamas. I divide my...

March 24, 1958 | Jimmy Jemail
Five persons were incorrectly identified in the Feb. 24 HOTBOX. Herewith, the right names with the right faces.

March 24, 1958 | Sherry Keen
Annie Oakley thrilled millions but never lost her feminine ways