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May 05, 1958 | Volume 8, Issue 18

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Gil MacDougald Cover - Sports Illustrated May 05, 1958

May 05, 1958 | Roy Terrell
377,601 fans have welcomed major league baseball to Los Angeles in the first two weeks of the season, but much of the time they were watching a travesty of the game

May 05, 1958
Newport Harbor, Calif., one of the busiest boat havens in the U.S., is the gateway to adventure for West Coast yachtsmen

May 05, 1958

May 05, 1958
Ken Venturi, playing for the first lime in Las Vegas' auction-block golf Tournament of Champions: "People come up to me and feel my legs and arms and pat my stomach. They want to know how I feel...

May 05, 1958
The National Collegiate Athletic Association has just felt obliged to convict three eminent American institutions of higher learning of the weariest crime in the college rule book—illegal recruiting.

May 05, 1958
Soviet sports reporters and photographers do not share the personal fame of their U.S. brothers in the craft but they were on their marks last week as the U.S. men's and women's basketball teams...

May 05, 1958
The old urge to get out in the open where the sky falls to natural horizons and the air takes on the smell of growing things was having its old familiar effect. The Catskill fisherman at left, for...

May 05, 1958 | Robert Creamer

May 05, 1958 | Robert Creamer
RICHIE ASHBURN ON OUTFIELDING AND BASE RUNNINGIn the May 19 issue the fleet-footed Phil explains how his speed is aided by knowledge

May 05, 1958
•In a preview of the top snorting event of 1958, champion yachtsman Carleton Mitchell tells the inside story of the boats and men who will defend the America's Cup.

May 05, 1958
RECORD BREAKERS—TRACK RECORDS fell like so many spent sputniks in outdoor season's greatest splurge. Alex Henderson, gangling 25-year-old Aussie who somehow landed at Arizona State at Tempo, was...

May 05, 1958
Winning Lunge carries Dave Sime over finish line ahead of straining Bill Woodhouse in special 100-yard clash at the Penn Relays.

May 05, 1958 | Don Parker
The periscopes are all trained on Yale's varsity eight and it may take a real torpedo to stop Jim Rathschmidt's oarsmen

May 05, 1958 | Whitney Tower
California's colossal hobo conquers feminine Kentucky in his very first try

May 05, 1958
BOATING—HARVARD, over Syracuse, MIT, Boston U., by 1¾ lengths, in 9:01 for 1¾ miles, Boston.

May 05, 1958
Stan Leonard (Tip from the top, SI, April 28) needed few tips to shoot last-round 68 for 275, won Tournament of Champions, $10,000 plus $10,000 from grateful Calcutta Winner C. E. Anderson, at Las...

May 05, 1958 | John O'Reilly
The pileated woodpecker is showing other birds how not to become extinct

May 05, 1958 | Mort Lund
An exclusive introduction to jets—the power revolution about to hit boat racing

May 05, 1958
4—A.P., U.P., A.P.5—Roy Darby, U.P., A.P., Max Peter Haas, Pat Coffey, James Coyne, Cabo Blanco Fishing Club14—Beckner Photo Service20, 21—drawings by Ajay22—drawing by Robert Riger23—Bill...

May 05, 1958 | Thomas H. Lineaweaver
To many anglers the joys of spring are incomplete without a tangle with tarpon

May 05, 1958

May 05, 1958 | Jim Turnesa
Playing a golf shot begins for everyone, I think, with visualizing the flight of the shot he intends to hit. This done, each golfer sets himself up for the type of shot he wants to play. I go...

May 05, 1958 | Bonnie Prudden
The advanced push-up gives you a stretch to straighten the body

May 05, 1958 | Charles Goren
The favorite games of the European coffeehouse—the card-playing center of the Old World—are played with fervor and gusto. The moaning and the groaning, the gloating and emoting are part of the fun.

May 05, 1958
TROUT: PENNSYLVANIA: FF in southern sections but FP in north where streams have been H and cold. Yellow Breeches producing on worms while Ginger Quills. March Browns and Blue Duns are taking fish...

May 05, 1958
The only man in the country with 43 lines in Who's Who in America and 4,500 license plates in his garage is a distinguished Du Pont chemical engineer named Thomas H. Chilton. On the opposite page...

May 05, 1958 | Robert Shaplen

May 05, 1958 | Harry Phillips
Competing for the America's Cup has always been as complex an affair as the design of the trophy itself. And the expense had become, until the amended deed of gift of 1956, prohibitive. This...

May 05, 1958
BASKETBALL: COMPARE!Sirs:It is unfortunate that a so-called "national" sport magazine is not capable of impartial sports coverage.

May 05, 1958
Over eight acres of Chicago's North Side, hard by the North Branch of the Chicago River, sprawls the Grebe boat yards. Here highly skilled craftsmen will build anything from a 19-foot runabout to...

May 05, 1958
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May 05, 1958 | Jimmy Jemail
GEORGE D. WIDENERChestnut Hill, Pa.ChairmanThe Jockey ClubYears ago I thought so, but winter racing has changed considerably. Trainers are now able to get their horses ready without rushing. I...

May 05, 1958 | David Weiss
So said Roy Bean, who defied authority and staged a fight