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May 19, 1958 | Volume 8, Issue 20

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Richie Ashburn Cover - Sports Illustrated May 19, 1958

May 19, 1958
TROUT: NEW YORK: Beaverkill and Willowemoc C and only slightly H after last week's deluge, and spy reports shadfly hatch under way. Barring further unpleasant weather, OVG for next two weeks.

May 19, 1958
[Color television]Color television[Television]Television[Network radio]Network radio

May 19, 1958
Sport's big news is that athletes are our busiest ambassadors. They are looking to 1960 for the most spectacular Olympics of all. Here is an early preview of the grandeur that will be Rome

May 19, 1958

May 19, 1958
Casey Stengel, after a week-long schedule of rained-out games: "It's been so long since we played a game I had to ask Edna [Mrs. Stengel] what was Berra's first name."

May 19, 1958
Ford Frick, the Commissioner of Baseball, offered a sound amendment to major league playing rules the other day. If adopted, it would require all ball parks built or remodeled in the future (but...

May 19, 1958
•An Indianapolis "500" PREVIEW, with a report from the Speedway assessing cars and drivers; and the story of Tony Hulman, the modest millionaire who runs the race.

May 19, 1958
To Photographer Jerry Cooke and his restless color camera, New Mexico in the languid season when spring turns to summer seemed to offer a unique variety of sporting scenes. A sports car rally was...

May 19, 1958 | Richie Ashburn

May 19, 1958
RECORD BREAKERS—GARY HEINRICH, flipper-footed Hayward (Calif.) H.S. youngster who is rapidly becoming one of nation's best Olympic prospects, hauled down still another U.S. interscholastic swim...

May 19, 1958
Alert camera catches Birdie Tebbetts, bounced by ump, managing Redlegs to 10-8 win over the Cubs from right field at Chicago.

May 19, 1958
BOATING—STANFORD, over USC, UCLA, by 4, lengths, in 11:54 for 2 m., San Pedro, Calif.

May 19, 1958
Ilene Somkan, pretty 20-year-old brunette, may not be able to hit her weight but her ability to keep statistics and detect flaws in opposition has made; her invaluable as Long Island U.'s first...

May 19, 1958 | Roy Terrell

May 19, 1958 | Roy Terrell
When the bedraggled Cardinals crept home after losing eight of 11 games played on a sickening road trip, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Bill Mauldin welcomed them with this editorial-page cartoon...

May 19, 1958 | Walter Bingham
September 17, 1941 in St. Louis was hot, and Manager Billy Southworth of the Cardinals decided to rest his brilliant center fielder Terry Moore in the second game of the double-header with the...

May 19, 1958 | Jo Ahern Zill
The American coverall has come a long way from the Oshkosh B'Gosh overalls of Farmer Brown's day. It has gained glamour through association with a racy European import—the Pirelli worn by sports...

May 19, 1958

May 19, 1958 | Victor Kalman
27,000 bowlers are competing in sport's biggest event, most of them for the ducks of it

May 19, 1958 | Horace Sutton
Belgium's capital, a gay lady, is all dressed up for the fair and offers many diversions

May 19, 1958 | Harvey Penick
I suggest using a club as the manufacturer designed it to be used. Each manufacturer has done a lot of research and spent a lot of money trying to make a set of clubs so that one swing will work...

May 19, 1958 | Charles Goren
Whenever a reader sends me a publishable hand, but one in which my story may seem to be faintly critical of the way he bid or played it, I find myself impaled on the horns of a dilemma.

May 19, 1958 | Bonnie Prudden
Vaulting over a sawhorse will strengthen arms and shoulders

May 19, 1958 | Harry Phillips
One place where for almost half a century the roar of the crowd has risen above even the mighty roar of the engines is the Indianapolis Speedway. This coming Memorial Day, in the 42nd running of...

May 19, 1958 | Gerald Holland

May 19, 1958
Sirs:O'Malley's wall makes me and every other baseball fan darn mad. If there's one thing appealing about baseball it is its statistical continuity; but now this is ruined because a home run as a...

May 19, 1958
4—Art Shay, A.P. (2)5—Phillips Butler-Scranton Times, U.P. (3), I.N.P., A.P.6—Richard Meek7—John G. Zimmerman26-28—drawings by Ajay50—Richard Meek, U.P.60—Stedman Studio67—Bill Malone69—Fons...

May 19, 1958
"He was willing to run, he was jumping well and he made no mistakes. We knew he was a good jumper, but we weren't sure about his speed. He showed us." Thus, in the language of an old pro, Louis...

May 19, 1958 | Jimmy Jemail
ROBERT TRENT JONESFort Lauderdale, Fla.Golf course architectA rule change so that the pin must be removed or attended when the ball is on the green. Currently, that isn't required from any...

May 19, 1958 | Robert Froman
When the ball flew into the corral, a horse lost his head and a boy his illusions