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August 11, 1958 | Volume 9, Issue 6

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Clare Booth Luce Cover - Sports Illustrated August 11, 1958

August 11, 1958 | Tex Maule
Never in the history of track has an athlete performed so well as Rafer Johnson in Moscow

August 11, 1958

August 11, 1958

August 11, 1958
Senator Estes Kefauver commenting on the testimony of Michigan State's Coach Duffy Daugherty, latest of the sports figures to lighten a senatorial investigation: "I hope you have a great season,...

August 11, 1958 | Harry Phillips
This issue marks the fourth birthday of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. Four years ago when we started out we could not be sure of much. "But," we said in the announcement of our publication, "one thing is...

August 11, 1958
Last week, being the week in which alert guardians of public morality succeeded in barring children from witnessing Thoroughbred racing in New York State, seemed to be a good time to look around...

August 11, 1958
Leaves, cool and green in summer-time, riotously colorful in fall, are the stuff of which nostalgia is made. But in the imaginative hands of Artist Tomi Ungerer they become an inspiration for...

August 11, 1958 | Clare Boothe Luce

August 11, 1958 | Clare Boothe Luce

August 11, 1958
•Therugged young man smiling on his porch is after Floyd Patterson's heavyweight title. Joe David Brown tells the lurid story of Roy Harris; Martin Kane previews the fight.

August 11, 1958 | Martin Kane
Ignition trouble bothers the champion as he trains for the Roy Harris title fight

August 11, 1958

August 11, 1958 | Kenneth Rudeen
Sweden triumphed again in the 10-hour Little Le Mans race for foreign passenger cars on a day marked by persistence and ingenuity of an unusual order

August 11, 1958 | Bonnie Prudden
A childhood challenge in a new version helps adults achieve all-round fitness

August 11, 1958
Court Tennis and the portrait conversation piece were both very much the vogue in 18th century England, and painter Arthur Devis' rendering of the unknown player on the left is as much an example...

August 11, 1958 | Barry Burn
Hope of graduation from the Brigade stirs eternally in the dew sweeper's heart

August 11, 1958 | Alex Tibbles
The most difficult thing for the average golfer to do, in my opinion, is to stay behind the ball. He has a tendency to move ahead of the ball with the body, and in doing so he develops an...

August 11, 1958 | Richard Pollard

August 11, 1958
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August 11, 1958 | Charles Goren
It is sometimes my province to criticize a play, but I am rarely called upon to praise or pan the histrionic ability of the players. Just this once, however, I am going to be a drama critic.

August 11, 1958 | Russ Sackett
So says Bill Muncey, twice victor in the nation's biggest hydro race, and a man who despises the idea of finishing second

August 11, 1958 | Jerome Weidman

August 11, 1958
TRACK & FIELD—AMERICAN MEN, undismayed by 800-meter split-second defeat of Tom Courtney, Olympic champion and world 880-yard record holder, and world-record performance by Poland's Jerzy...

August 11, 1958
Slight of frame and long on energy, some of the 1,000 Detroit children turned out for Metropolitan Youth Fitness Day scramble in relay race, later did their competitive best in dashes, hurdles and...

August 11, 1958
THE LONG VIEW:WACHT VS. HANDICAP COMMITTEESirs:Alas, that Mr. W. W. Wacht has withdrawn his lawsuit against the handicap committee of the Pines Ridge Golf Club (E&D, Aug. 4). Whether he...

August 11, 1958
2—Mark Kauffman4—Marvin E. Newman, Richard Meek6—Detroit Dept. of Parks and Recreation, U.P.I.7—U.P.I., A.P. right, U.P.I., Bob Tamaska-Dayton Daily News, A.P., Larry Obsitnik, Doug...

August 11, 1958
'At least make the kids safe'

August 11, 1958
BOATING—HENRY VOGEL, JACK SALMON and HARRY REEVES, national championships in National Limited Hydroplane races, Seattle, for 225, 135 and 136 classes, respectively.

August 11, 1958
Gordon (Buddy) Baker, steady 17-year-old South Carolinian playing his third year of golf, won the USGA National Junior tournament in St. Paul, by beating Doug Lindsay, Bethesda, Md., also 17, 2 and 1.

August 11, 1958 | Ezra Bowen
As the British challenger for the America's Cup boards a freighter bound for the U.S., Sports Illustrated presents an exclusive first look at its inner workings

August 11, 1958 | Jimmy Jemail
TOM YAWKEYOwnerBoston Red SoxLane is wrong. The people paying these bonuses are good baseball men and good businessmen. This is not the road to the poorhouse although there might be a time when...

August 11, 1958
Bull's-eyes without trying may be the handgunner's claim with a new radical concept in grips