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September 15, 1958 | Volume 9, Issue 11

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated September 15, 1958

September 15, 1958
BICYCLE RACING—ERCOLE BALDINI, Italy, world road racing title, in 7:29:32 for 172.3 miles, Rheims, France.

September 15, 1958
4—drawing by Ajay7—U.P.I., A.P. (2)8—A.P.12—Morris Rosenfeld, Gilloon, Robert McLaughlin, Bob McIntyre, Jim Keith, Bermuda News Bureau, A.P.18, 19—Ted Polumbaum20, 21—painting by Joe Kaufman22,...

September 15, 1958
Nancy Meade, Rye, N.Y. mother of three who learned to sail while growing up in Great South Bay, captained three-woman American YC crew to North American title and Adams trophy at Chicago.

September 15, 1958

September 15, 1958
Fit and ready to fight for the America's Cup, Britain's best sailors await the defender. For Carleton Mitchell's story, turn the page

September 15, 1958 | Carleton Mitchell
Nine miles off Brenton Reef Lightship, out of sight over the horizon from Newport, to all intents and purposes in the open ocean, rides an orange-and-white buoy. Rising and falling in the swells...

September 15, 1958
A panorama of the waters where 'Sceptre' will meet the defender

September 15, 1958
An explanation of signals and sails, plus a diagram of America's Cup racing strategy

September 15, 1958
A guide to the hotels, docks, charter boats, and airports in Newport and nearby towns

September 15, 1958
A glossary of the nautical jargon you will hear during the races

September 15, 1958 | William F. Talbert
The late summer sun blazed hot and bright over the scuffed courts of the West Side Tennis Club in Long Island's Forest Hills last week during the 78th playing of the national U.S. lawn tennis...

September 15, 1958
•The arrival of the new football season will be celebrated with a special issue devoted entirely to the nation's favorite autumn pastime. It will carry SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S annual scouting reports...

September 15, 1958

September 15, 1958
Chandler Hovey, 78-year-old backer of the now disqualified America's Cup contender Easterner: "Everything in equipment and sails that (Designer Ray Hunt) requested was furnished.... My son...

September 15, 1958
After two years of testimony and study, Congress has passed a sensible powerboat bill. The Federal Boating Act of 1958 is not going to turn the country's waterways into well-policed thoroughfares,...

September 15, 1958 | Harry Phillips
An old friend of mine—and of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED—called up the other day. He asked how I was, as old friends have a way of doing. I explained that I had never felt better. He accepted this in...

September 15, 1958 | Jo Ahern Zill
Herewith a special preview of sports fashions for the fall of 1958—what's new and how, when and where to wear it

September 15, 1958 | Fred R. Smith
The makers of men's fashions this fall have wrought almost as many changes as the designers of the autumnal gallery on the preceding pages. Just as the natural-shouldered, sack-suited lines of...

September 15, 1958 | Roy Terrell
To a baseball fan, the month of September is historically—and sometimes hysterically—a time to be spent in fervent observation of the major league pennant races, game by game and pitch by pitch....

September 15, 1958 | Charles Goren
As a onetime Philadelphia lawyer, I lend a sympathetic ear when attorneys complain about the effect of delays caused by crowded court calendars. Too often, by the time a case is called for trial,...

September 15, 1958 | James Murray
Life was a gag, despite Basilio and a Texas process server

September 15, 1958 | Jeremiah Tax
Next week's race for the Little Brown Jug poses some rare and rugged problems for all entries

September 15, 1958 | Kenneth Rudeen
GM's missile-shaped dream car has no steering wheel, brake pedal or gas pedal; you just nudge the stick

September 15, 1958 | William A. Fisher

September 15, 1958 | William A. Fisher
Six U.S. states, Wyoming, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Colorado and Arizona, this year are issuing a limited number of permits for taking bighorn. The hunter who is not lucky enough to get a permit...

September 15, 1958
BASEBALL—MILWAUKEE slipped safely past last crucial hurdle, managed to save two out of five from hustling Pittsburgh to hold 7½-game lead over Pirates. San Francisco Giants, thanks to four...

September 15, 1958
Big bunt over Coliseum's left-field screen draws a big grin from Dodger Duke Snider as he crosses plate in 5-3 victory over Giants.

September 15, 1958
GAMBLING: THE GREATER SINSirs:As one of the participating witnesses called for the trial of Leo Shaffer et al. (A Big Week for Gamblers, SI, Aug. 25), I was very much interested in your comments.

September 15, 1958 | Carlton Mitchell
'You seldom see the big picture'