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September 29, 1958 | Volume 9, Issue 13

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated September 29, 1958

September 29, 1958

September 29, 1958 | Robert Creamer

September 29, 1958 | Carleton Mitchell
When the gun fired to start the opening race for the America's Cup off Newport on Saturday, two spectacles of almost equal interest began unfolding simultaneously: first, the astonishing rate at...

September 29, 1958 | Arthur Knapp Jr.
1—START was virtually free from lengthy maneuvering. Boats headed for line on starboard tack; Columbia (red line), ahead and windward, arrived at line too early and had to bear off (1) and run...

September 29, 1958

September 29, 1958
Mrs. Roger Bannister, informed that Promoter Leo Leavitt had cabled an offer to her husband proposing that he run professionally against World Record Miler Herb Elliott: "I think it's perfectly...

September 29, 1958
At first glance—a glance from the waist up—it might seem that yachting as a sport has not changed greatly over the years. Shown here at the upper left corner of the page in the impeccable uniform...

September 29, 1958
•Virginia Kraft discovers a paradise for waterfowlers and fishermen on North Carolina's newly accessible Outer Banks, site of the Lost Colony and once a haunt of buccaneers.

September 29, 1958 | Roy Terrell

September 29, 1958 | Whitney Tower

September 29, 1958 | Whitney Tower
Key to the family (pictured on pages 40, 41): 1. Mrs. Edward Carr Sr. 2. Mrs. James W. Fitzsimmons holding infant Sally Ann Fitzsimmons 3. Mrs. Joseph Harder Sr. 4. Sister Maria Annella 5. Edward...

September 29, 1958 | Harry Phillips
During the early days of professional football, which go back to 1895 and a game between Latrobe and Jeannette, Pa., it often seemed that the only way to make ends meet was to have two players...

September 29, 1958 | Jeremiah Tax
Joe O'Brien, a shy little man with a big, explosive talent, won the Jug in a quick move

September 29, 1958 | Martin Kane
That master of the devious, Willie the Wisp, may have reached the end of the trail

September 29, 1958 | Charles Goren
From the ring of the cheers that echoed in the huge Viking Auditorium of Oslo's City Hall, you would have thought that Norway's own contract bridge team had won the European Championship. But, for...

September 29, 1958
All times E.D.T.

September 29, 1958 | Barry Burn
At the University of Houston an impressive collegiate golf dynasty is being built

September 29, 1958 | Charley Petrino
On a clear shot to the green from a distance which seems to require a nine-iron, it is often a much better bet for the middle- or high-handicap golfer to reach for his eight-iron instead. He's...

September 29, 1958 | Edwin M. Reingold
Meadowdale is a fine new road course, but dust and distress troubled the meet

September 29, 1958 | Alice Higgins
They spoiled the plan to pick a Pan American squad from top Wofford Cup scorers

September 29, 1958 | Bonnie Prudden
47 A new series takes you up on a rope to strengthen hands, arms and shoulders

September 29, 1958 | Compiled by Mervin Hyman

September 29, 1958 | Compiled by Mervin Hyman
the results of this weekend's games

September 29, 1958

September 29, 1958

September 29, 1958
An appraisal and comparison of the 1958 World Series teams: how they throw, hit, field and run—and which of the two should emerge as World Champion

September 29, 1958 | Ylla

September 29, 1958
AMERICA'S CUP: ALL HAILSirs:Hail Columbia!

September 29, 1958
BASEBALL—MILWAUKEE BRAVES, 6-5, over Cincinnati, to clinch National League pennant. Chicago White Sox won 3 of 5 games to hold second place in American League.

September 29, 1958
4—drawing by Daniel Schwartz9—A.P., Kim Massie, Platnick, U.P.I., Turfotos, Joe Powel-Tampa Morning Tribune10—A.P.18, 19—Richard Meek (2), Morris Rosenfeld20, 21—Richard Meek (2), Toni Frissell,...

September 29, 1958
'We like it our way'

September 29, 1958
Mary Helen Eaton, 21, Kansas State University coed, was chosen "Miss Football of 1958" in national festival at Berkeley, Calif. The 12 girls in competition represented colleges in the West,...