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December 15, 1958 | Volume 9, Issue 24

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Bob Paul Cover - Sports Illustrated December 15, 1958

December 15, 1958
BASEBALL—MAJOR LEAGUE CHANGES included these in week of active trading: JIM PIERSALL, Boston, to Cleveland for VIC WERTZ and GARY GEIGER; BOBBY AVILA, Cleveland, to Baltimore for RUSS, HEMAN;...

December 15, 1958
4—spots by Fred Eng8—A.P.10—Clarence Mac Maki, U.P.I., C.B.S., A.P., Greensmith, A.P., U.P.I.13—A.P.14, 15—Marvin E. Newman, Larry Sharkey-Los Angeles Times16, 17—Kenneth C. Futterlieb-Milwaukee...

December 15, 1958
Marge Calhoun, Santa Monica, Calif. housewife and mother of two, won the women's senior title at the International Surfing championships on 15-foot waves off Makaha Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.

December 15, 1958
All times are E.S.T.

December 15, 1958 | Tex Maule

December 15, 1958

December 15, 1958

December 15, 1958
Maurice (The Rocket) Richard, aging Canadien hockey great, on his future prospects: "I'd like to be a referee. I'd want to work up. Right now, of course, I'd be prejudiced in favor of the...

December 15, 1958
For keeping his temper, facing his opposition and winning his points, clearly few sportsmen can equal the tennis world's Jack Kramer, whose many talents are getting a brisk workout in Australia...

December 15, 1958 | Martin Kane

December 15, 1958
•The annual two-in-one issue brings a heaping helping of delights. First, some holiday staples: the Silver All-America, a new Goren bridge quiz, five football bowl previews. Next, some brightly...

December 15, 1958 | Mary Snow
With enormous talent and a devoted coach, Barbara Wagner and Bob Paul have literally set audiences ablaze in the world of figure skating

December 15, 1958 | Roy Terrell

December 15, 1958 | Roy Terrell
Herewith are final major-college individual and team statistics compiled by the National Collegiate Athletic Bureau, official keeper of the records for the NCAA.

December 15, 1958 | Harry Phillips
As in previous years, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED's Special Holiday Issue next week salutes the festival season. Some of its features I can preview for you here:

December 15, 1958 | Whitney Tower
That's the way it must be if racing is to stay healthy, as the brilliant 1958 season has again convincingly proved

December 15, 1958 | Jeremiah Tax
Under a controversial new athletic policy Washington & Lee has its first nonscholarship basketball team. Results are surprising

December 15, 1958
On Baja California's sun-seared coast a new hotel and promise of a mixed bag of game are now attracting both hunters and anglers

December 15, 1958 | Kenneth Rudeen
Reventlow on Friday, Reventlow on Sunday—that was the story in Nassau

December 15, 1958 | Mary Frost Mabon
A prominent executive and student of fine cooking shares some top kitchen secrets

December 15, 1958 | Bonnie Prudden
Holidays got you down? Try a new view of things and get in shape upside down

December 15, 1958 | Ezra Bowen

December 15, 1958 | Jim Turnesa
Anyone who has played golf seriously over a period of years (and has worked during that time to develop a sound swing and groove it) inevitably learns a tremendous lot about technique. This often...

December 15, 1958 | Barry Burn
The lady pros: star for the new year, poll for the Old

December 15, 1958 | Charles Goren
From time to time between now and the world bridge championships in February, Mr. Goren will introduce various members of the contesting U.S. and Italian teams. This article on the U.S. team...

December 15, 1958 | Alice Higgins

December 15, 1958
WE FINALLY MADE ITSirs:I was one of the 57,557 people privileged to witness the most electrifying football game ever played in Baltimore, Maryland.

December 15, 1958 | Mervin Hyman
Barely waiting for football to vacate the premises, college basketball shoved a foot inside the door and proceeded to turn loose the latest crop of sure-sighted shooters, stratospheric rebounders...

December 15, 1958
'I didn't kill him'

December 15, 1958 | Jimmy Jemail
ROLAND PALMEDOHonorary presidentAmateur Ski Club of N.Y.New York CityIn America amateurs only are eligible for amateur competition. In Europe, amateurs and open-class competitors are eligible. I'm...

December 15, 1958
DECEMBER14 Ely Ski Club Jumping Championship, CUSSA, Ely, Minn.

December 15, 1958 | Bayard Hooper
Stein Eriksen, one of the world's great skiers, joins a class and learns to teach