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January 12, 1959 | Volume 10, Issue 2

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Andy Bathgate Cover - Sports Illustrated January 12, 1959

January 12, 1959 | William F. Talbert

January 12, 1959
Shooting through the transparent backboard, the color camera catches pro ball's swirling action

January 12, 1959

January 12, 1959
Perry Jones, U.S. Davis Cup captain, offering an explanation of why his team won: "It is not how you hold your racket, it's how you hold your mind."

January 12, 1959
After eight years spent mostly in the gloomy vaults of the Bank of New South Wales—a sojourn interrupted by one brief visit to the U.S. in 1954—the magnificently embossed punch bowl pictured here...

January 12, 1959
Photographers had 363 days left last week, perhaps not a day too many, to match this picture taken by David Smith of the Associated Press during the first round, January 2, of the Los Angeles...

January 12, 1959
High in the hills of January, across the whole north span of the continent—and without particular thought of whether galleries gather to watch them or not—the skiers are finding their true season....

January 12, 1959 | Kenneth Rudeen

January 12, 1959
•In startling winter color, Toni Frissell photographs Movie Magnate Hal Roach (above) and friends gunning for pheasant in a magnificent Nevada mountain preserve.

January 12, 1959 | Mary Frost Mabon
Not everyone can enjoy the fiery Oriental curry dishes; here is a milder but still exotic recipe which is a true curry

January 12, 1959 | Charles Goren
Plagiarizing itself as usual, history last month trotted out much the same script it used when the Spring National Contract Bridge Championships were played in Atlantic City early last year. This...

January 12, 1959 | Willy Schaeffler/Ski Coach, Denver University
One of the best things about skiing is that it can be taken up almost as easily at 40 or even 50 as at 10 or 20. In fact, a grown-up is likely to do better at first than a youngster. The grown-up...

January 12, 1959 | Roy Terrell
TV still produces an occasional optical illusion. On New Year's Day there were several

January 12, 1959 | Harry Phillips
Any resemblance between hunting and fishing and the preparation and presentation of food is not in the least bit coincidental. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has often enjoyed saying so—with, for example,...

January 12, 1959 | Barry Burn

January 12, 1959 | Jay Hebert
It is disquieting to learn, as one does all too regularly, that this or that golfing friend has incurred back trouble. It seems to me that these back injuries are brought on when a golfer stays...

January 12, 1959 | Jo Ahern Zill
Polly Hornburg has so successfully crystallized an idyllic way of life in her designs that now she is known far beyond her native Bermuda

January 12, 1959
BASKETBALL—BOSTON, leader in NBA Eastern Division standings; ST. LOUIS, leader in Western Division.

January 12, 1959
Glenn Davis, holder of world and Olympic 400-meter hurdles records, was awarded the James E. Sullivan Memorial trophy by AAU. Runner-up: Rafer Johnson, SI's 1958 Sportsman of the Year.

January 12, 1959
All times are E.S.T.

January 12, 1959
5—A.P., New York Times, A.P., London Express6—U.P.I.8, 9—Hy Peskin, Art Shay (2)10, 11—Courier-Mail18-20—drawings by Ajay21—European34—David Kitz37—Margaret Durrance38—Larry Miller-Los Angeles...

January 12, 1959 | Tano Neville

January 12, 1959
BASEBALL: THE PUBLIC INTERESTSirs:The originality displayed in Gerald Holland's Commissioner Fels Napier's Plan to Save Baseball (SI, Dec. 22) is overwhelming. It shows everything from a pompous...

January 12, 1959 | Mervin Hyman
With holiday tournament jousting behind them, the nation's college basketball teams tucked away the tinsel and hoopla for another day and got down to the risky business of conference warfare....

January 12, 1959 | Mervin Hyman
Holiday Festival, New York: St. John's 90—St. Joseph's (Pa.) 79Queen City, Buffalo: Dartmouth 72—Canisius 69Providence (R.I.) Invitational: Providence 67—Boston College 60Blue Grass, Louisville:...

January 12, 1959
'Golf is a humbling game'

January 12, 1959 | Robert H. Boyle
While its epic reach into space was dominating world conversation last week, the Soviet Union was, as usual, practicing one-upmanship in sports as well as in cosmic matters. In ice hockey this...

January 12, 1959 | Jimmy Jemail
ART DEVLINLake Placid, N.Y.Four-time national championJumping. Time is the only thing that matters in the other events, whereas in jumping, you are judged by style and distance. Style is just as...

January 12, 1959
Championships and bonspiels, from January 8 to March 31

January 12, 1959
Games through February

January 12, 1959 | Peter Putnam
So says the author, who began skiing lessons after he lost his sight

January 12, 1959
In the ever-changing world of junior skiers there is nothing quite so risky as trying to predict who are likely to be the great stars of the future. But from the bright young faces on this page...