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January 26, 1959 | Volume 10, Issue 4

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated January 26, 1959

January 26, 1959 | Martin Kane

January 26, 1959 | Jeremiah Tax
At the summit of a fame he has achieved so early, Cincinnati's brilliant Oscar Robertson finds himself unable to relax and enjoy it

January 26, 1959

January 26, 1959
The Bolsheviks, who arrived at the Harvard-Russia hockey match attired in black coats, black toppers and black beards to cheer the Russians wildly (and later admit through their beards to being...

January 26, 1959
The youngsters shown above are ground-floor members in the first constructive nationwide program for fitness of American youth since President Eisenhower became concerned about the problem in...

January 26, 1959
From Berlin to Boston, from Tampa to Miami, the picture evidence came in last week of new earth-spurning deeds, new records, figures and rear-guard insignia

January 26, 1959
Scandal was narrowly averted last week—almost every night last week in fact—when the full truth about Ray Blent, star basketballer at Custer College, emerged at last. The academic and sporting...

January 26, 1959
•Athletes like Ireland's Ron Delany pose a severe threat to U.S. world supremacy in track. Tex Maule explores the challenge and assays the current indoor track campaign.

January 26, 1959 | David B. Tinnin
A visit with a man going over his mail last week and thinking back on 25 years as a head coach with 166 victories and some defeats

January 26, 1959 | Ezra Bowen
Big news on the boat-show circuit this year are these radical new hulls designed to cut cleanly through choppy water at high speeds

January 26, 1959 | Gilbert Rogin

January 26, 1959 | William Leggett
As the winter racing season gets under way in Florida, eyes are focused on promising 3-year-olds—particularly First Landing. Is he the 1959 Derby winner?

January 26, 1959 | Harry Phillips
When man-made satellites course through space and nuclear submarines sail under the North Pole and the Senators win the pennant (if only in the movies), it's getting harder and harder these days...

January 26, 1959 | Richard Pollard
In an idyllic setting Art Wall Jr. and Gene Littler ran into the heebie jeebies

January 26, 1959 | Terl Johnson
Average golfers—both men and women—have a great tendency to strike the ground behind the ball on their fairway shots. This happens when the weight is shifted back to the right foot on the...

January 26, 1959 | Bernard Darwin
An original Walker Cup team member and Britain's leading golf writer tells of his warm, pleasant life by the edge of a golf course

January 26, 1959 | Willy Schaeffler/Ski Coach, University Of Denver
Yes, here are some typical vacation tours lasting five days or more, starting out from the larger cities. Price includes round trip, meals en route, room and board, tickets for all lifts.

January 26, 1959 | Charles Goren
This is the fourth of a series introducing some of the players in the forthcoming World Bridge Championships

January 26, 1959 | Mary Frost Mabon
When he isn't taking fences in major steeplechases, French-born Albert Foot takes to the saucepans

January 26, 1959 | Virginia Kraft

January 26, 1959 | Kenneth Tynan

January 26, 1959 | Kenneth Tynan
With the publication of Bull Fever in 1955, Kenneth Tynan, already famous in England as a drama critic, attained international distinction as an authority and brilliant commentator on the...

January 26, 1959 | Mervin Hyman

January 26, 1959
NOTRE DAME (CONT.): MORE FACTS, PLEASESirs:I have just read The Facts of the Matter by the Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, president of the University of Notre Dame (SI, Jan. 19), as well as the...

January 26, 1959
'What counts are the friends'

January 26, 1959
BASEBALL—ROY HAMEY, general manager of Philadelphia Phillies, resigned to become assistant general manager of New York Yankees. JOHN QUINN general manager of Milwaukee Braves, succeeded Hamey in...

January 26, 1959
4—William G. Duflock6—A.P.7—Keystone (2), The Advertiser, Roger Hamilton-Columbus Dispatch, Herbert S. Sommenfeld, London Daily Express-Pictorial10, 11—Central Press12—Reportagebild20—George...

January 26, 1959
Anderl Molterer, 27, the defending holder of Hahnenkamm ski trophy, won it again on slopes of native Austria after Bud Werner of U.S. lost footing, lead and title in the slalom finals.

January 26, 1959
All times are E.S.T.

January 26, 1959 | Jimmy Jemail
FRED CORCORANScarsdale, N.Y.Tournament directorIntl. Golf. Assn.I've seen Bobby Jones, Francis Ouimet, Walter Hagen, Ben Hogan, Gene Sarazen. No golfer ever admits he is a great putter. Sam Snead...

January 26, 1959

January 26, 1959 | Neil M. Gunn
Curling in the traditional setting—where brithers are a' and competition is fierce

January 26, 1959 | Neil M. Gunn
To fully enjoy Neil Gunn's story it is going to be useful to know, if you do not, that in curling: a rink is the playing area and also the term applied to a team; the skip is the captain of a...