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February 09, 1959 | Volume 10, Issue 6

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated February 09, 1959

February 09, 1959 | Jeremiah Tax

February 09, 1959
The cold, sparkling months of winter are the time to start a year of outdoor sports celebrations in the Rocky Mountain state

February 09, 1959
FEB. 24-28World Figure Skating Championships, Colorado Springs.

February 09, 1959

February 09, 1959
Fidel Castro, summarizing Cuban promises: "More sports and less vice!"

February 09, 1959
After running several of his countrymen ragged in Sydney and Melbourne last week the world's fastest miler leaped on a plane bound for the U.S. and a quick sprint through the banquet circuit.

February 09, 1959
Dietary Austerity has no part in the Tuesday-morning roundup of the Palm Springs, Calif. group known as the Desert Riders—they leave that to track stars like Herb Elliott. Last week, even as the...

February 09, 1959
•The winningest jockey of all time (and one of the oldest still riding) is Johnny Longden. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED pays him a visit at Santa Anita and recounts some of his exploits.

February 09, 1959
The Bearded Buffalo Bill of golf on the left (actually Bill Jelliffe of Denver) and 273 other veteran golfers who last week trekked down to Dunedin, Fla. for the annual PGA Seniors championship...

February 09, 1959
David Jenkins and Carol Heiss are 1960's prospective Olympic gold medalists in the rigorous world of figure skating. Last week, while David, 22, and Carol, 19, were winning their third straight...

February 09, 1959 | Martin Kane

February 09, 1959 | Whitney Tower
In California a fairy-tale horse has caught the fancy of all and risen to the top of his class

February 09, 1959 | Harry Phillips
In our May 12 issue the candid camera caught Los Angeles' French consul general in action at UCLA's track. He is understandably modest about his hurdling prowess, but his other talents speak for...

February 09, 1959 | Dean Brelis
John Thomas, a 17-year-old with spring steel in his legs, set a world high jump record. But it's just a beginning

February 09, 1959 | Dean Brelis
Don Bragg, a handsome, extraordinarily muscular private from Fort Dix, broke through his personal ceiling in the pole vault and set a new Millrose Games record when he cleared 15 feet 6½ inches....

February 09, 1959 | John O'Reilly

February 09, 1959 | Mary Frost Mabon
Cabbage soup, a famed specialty of the Paris food market, can be just as good at home

February 09, 1959 | Barry Burn
On the circuit, missed putts cost money, so the search for the perfect putter is endless

February 09, 1959 | Dick Mayer
When you are playing undulating greens, you would do well to make certain modifications in the way you address the ball. On putts where the ball will be breaking from right to left off a definite...

February 09, 1959 | Willy Schaeffler/Ski Coach, University Of Denver
Skiers tire themselves out by trying to pack too much skiing into their weekends. (A survey by U.S. instructors revealed that, on the average, American skiers—largely students, housewives and...

February 09, 1959
Ice hockey has never had as provocative a setting as Yale's new $1.4 million David S. Ingalls Rink, shown here in all its curvilinear splendor. Named for an old Yale hockey star (and father of a...

February 09, 1959 | Charles Goren
Bridge is a game not only of intelligence but also of counterintelligence. The following espionage episode involves a double cross that should not have succeeded. The code in which the defenders...

February 09, 1959 | Roy Terrell
Casey warned obstreperous Yankees he might hire one and ship a few of them away. But while he talked, two National Leaguers acted. Result: the first big trade of 1959

February 09, 1959 | Carleton Mitchell

February 09, 1959 | Mervin Hyman

February 09, 1959
Sirs:Whatever else the Reverend Theodore Hesburgh may have accomplished by his explanation of the firing of Coach Terry Brennan (SI, Jan. 19), he can certainly take credit for starting a new...

February 09, 1959
'A challenge to perfection'

February 09, 1959

February 09, 1959
Dale Hall, 34, Army assistant football coach for three years, was named to succeed retiring Earl Blaik. Ex-cadet Hall was unanimous choice after school screened 40 other applicants.

February 09, 1959
4—Phil Bath, Library of Color6—A.P.7—A.P. (3), Fabian Bachrach, U.P.I., Tripp21-25—drawings by Ajay32—Richard Meek (3), Carl Iwasaki, Phil Bath33—Phil Bath, Carl Iwasaki (2), Richard Meek...

February 09, 1959
All times are E.S.T.

February 09, 1959
The U.S. is well on its way into a new era—the era of the two-car, one-boat family. One out of every seven households will have a boat by the time this year's boat-buying spree is over, a spree...

February 09, 1959 | Russell Hoban
In every man, the author holds, there is inevitably a deep and sensible urge to own a boats

February 09, 1959
If man has failed to conquer the sea around him it is not because he has lacked imagination, as the exotic boats on these pages attest. Each was built during the 19th century, an era when the...

February 09, 1959 | Jimmy Jemail
GOVERNOR ALBERT D. ROSELLINIOlympia, Wash.Licensing could be a partial answer. I personally feel that anyone operating a motorboat carrying a lot of power should be subject to more regulations...

February 09, 1959
Following are 1958's national motorboat class champions