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March 02, 1959 | Volume 10, Issue 9

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Casey Stengel Cover - Sports Illustrated March 02, 1959

March 02, 1959
BASKETBALL—BOSTON, with 47 wins, 16 losses, clinched NBA Eastern Division championship.

March 02, 1959
4—James Abbe Jr.7—A.P.10—A.P., U.P.I., Gene Garrett and Jerry Smith, Dick Verderosa15—Ken Jones-Las Vegas Sun16—Pics of Chicago, Chicago Sun-Times17—Robert Lavelle-Indianapolis News18—Los Angeles...

March 02, 1959
John J. Bergen, Navy veteran of World Wars I and II, reserve rear admiral, became board chairman of Madison Square Garden in transfer of old Norris-Wirtz interests (see page 29).

March 02, 1959
All times are E.S.T.

March 02, 1959 | Gilbert Rogin

March 02, 1959
With a tall silk hat added to his four feet 11 inches of height, Willie Shoemaker danced, sang and all but stopped the show at the Jockey Guild Ball in Los Angeles. Singing a parody of Tom Dooley,...

March 02, 1959
Fresh from the heat and dazzling summer light of Australia, where he almost singlehandedly won back the Davis Cup for the U.S., Alex Olmedo ventured into the cold and gloom of New York's 7th...

March 02, 1959
It was very likely the best indoor track meet of all time. Ron Delany, who came only to win, had to break his own world indoor record to do it and, for one of the few times in his career, he...

March 02, 1959
The old "see you at the fair" song was never more apt, for the bowlers on these 38 lanes in the St. Louis Armory are just the first of 5,500 (yes, 5,500) teams of bowlers who will be competing...

March 02, 1959
Hardly a week goes by without Radio Peiping claiming yet another record for Red China's athletes, and hardly ever does the outside world see China's new elite in action. But a fortnight ago in...

March 02, 1959

March 02, 1959
Bill Rigney, broken-jawed (auto accident) manager of San Francisco's Giants, assessing his threat to umpires in early 1959: "I can still hiss at them."

March 02, 1959
•Between his columning and TV chores, Ed Sullivan analyzed four of his favorite TIPS FROM THE TOP. Next week he explains how they apply to his own problems.

March 02, 1959
By this Year's end, the amiably agile if somewhat emaciated little characters cavorting around the borders of this page may well have sparked a new enthusiasm for sport in an ancient European...

March 02, 1959 | Ezra Bowen

March 02, 1959 | Roy Terrell
With a few special flourishes and a scattering of new faces, spring training arrives again

March 02, 1959 | Tex Maule
Just as behind every successful man there's a woman, so behind the world record holder is the runner-up who pushed him. Here's how a record looks from second place

March 02, 1959 | Harry Phillips
The challenge of the forces of nature to man is primeval. Man's acceptance of it has produced not only the greatest of adventures but many of the most enduring chronicles in sport. Among them are...

March 02, 1959 | Whitney Tower

March 02, 1959 | Kenneth Rudeen

March 02, 1959 | Charles Goren
Ever since the first Neanderthal man caught a glimpse of the first Neanderthal woman (or maybe it was vice versa), the surprise attack has enjoyed great favor. Besides its primary fields of...

March 02, 1959 | Mary Frost Mabon
Remindful of the delight of oranges picked right from the tree in California groves are these fresh-tasting orange desserts

March 02, 1959 | Bill Cox

March 02, 1959 | Wally Grant
The so-called exchange of weight—to the right side when swinging back and the reverse shift to the left side before starting the club down—is widely misunderstood by golfers today. Certainly the...

March 02, 1959 | Herbert Warren Wind

March 02, 1959 | Mervin Hyman

March 02, 1959 | Mervin Hyman
Sat., Feb. 28, NBC-TV, 3 p.m. (EST)

March 02, 1959
SIME TALKS BACKSirs:Bravo Dave Sime!

March 02, 1959
'Dec. 15: LAND HO. Right on Courser!'