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March 23, 1959 | Volume 10, Issue 12

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Aly Khan Cover - Sports Illustrated March 23, 1959

March 23, 1959
All times are E.S.T.

March 23, 1959 | Roy Terrell
The San Francisco Giants have all the power and speed in the world, but it's not enough

March 23, 1959 | Milt Dunnell
Rabidly enthusiastic Czechs jammed every available seat to see the Canadians win the amateur championship of the world

March 23, 1959
While ballplayers got ready down South last week, management got ready up North: O'Malley soothed Snider, Veeck attempted to soothe Comiskey, a new stadium sprouted, the Braves opened the windows...

March 23, 1959
In arguments that rocked Brown University, that was one of the questions raised by an English teacher—he had 'a horrible week'

March 23, 1959 | Bill Talbert
When Bill Talbert went to Australia for the Davis Cup tennis matches he took along his 9-year-old son Pike. After the Australia campaign Bill and Pike returned around-the-world. They traveled...

March 23, 1959

March 23, 1959
Georges Carpentier, 65, recalling the Dempsey era over cognac in his prosperous Paris restaurant: "You used to have to fight to eat. Nowadays the welfare state—it does too much for you. The boys...

March 23, 1959
If James D. Norris has anything to say about the fight business—clean, dirty or just slightly soiled—he had better say it to New York District Attorney Frank Hogan and the New York County grand...

March 23, 1959 | Walter Bingham
Richie Ashburn is solid proof that singles hitters drive Cadillacs, too. He has parlayed 11 years of skill with the bat and two batting crowns into a $40,000 salary

March 23, 1959 | Charles Goren
Since bridge experts are human (despite a formidable weight of opinion to the contrary), if they were granted just one wish they would probably ask for more than their share of aces and kings. But...

March 23, 1959 | Mary Frost Mabon
Narcissa Chamberlain, who wrote a book about it, discusses the basic dos and don'ts

March 23, 1959 | Harry Phillips
On this day in his middle age Bill was in possession of almost everything a man could reasonably want. He had his health, the respect and companionship of his friends, a head for business which...

March 23, 1959 | John Stuart Martin
Writer Martin finds these furtive invaders are pushing their way into the woodlands and fields of eastern states

March 23, 1959 | Joe Pryke
An important thing to remember when putting is the action of the ball itself. A ball that is struck in the center runs much truer than one struck below or above the center. The latter reacts to...

March 23, 1959
Bathed in the violent glare of the spotlights which pick them out as they battle wheel to wheel, two cyclists are caught at a climactic moment of the race. Theo l'Herminez of Holland painted them...

March 23, 1959 | Jeremiah Tax
Upstarts like Louisville eliminated many of the favored teams even before the NCAA tournament moved to the semifinal round

March 23, 1959
The young men and their coaches pictured and described on these pages have been thinking, dreaming and playing basketball for nearly six straight months now. If they weren't still undefeated in...

March 23, 1959 | Willy Schaeffler/Ski Coach, University of Denver
Poles should be used as soon as the skier has graduated from the beginner's snowplow turn. The slight forward movement that comes as you plant the pole will unweight the tails of your skis and...

March 23, 1959 | Horace Sutton

March 23, 1959 | Mervin Hyman

March 23, 1959 | Joe David Brown

March 23, 1959 | Joe David Brown
First wife, Mrs. Joan Guinness, married Aly in 1936 after Guinness named him as corespondent.

March 23, 1959 | Joe David Brown
In Part II Joe David Brown tells the story of Aly's childhood; his clairvoyant skill at choosing great Thoroughbreds; and his new life as a diplomat.

March 23, 1959
Sirs:Having read your magazine for the past several years with enjoyment and pleasure, it bothers me to see the amount of fashion and clothing articles that are being run lately.

March 23, 1959
'It's mind over matter'

March 23, 1959
BASEBALL—HILL VEECK'S eight-member syndicate (Hank Greenberg and Andrews Baxter of Cleveland, Arthur C. Allyn, Arthur C. Allyn Jr., J. Douglas Casey and Newton P. Frye Jr., all of Chicago, and...

March 23, 1959
4—Richard Meek6—U.P.I.8—Doug Humphrey, Tampa Tribune, A.P., John Rahkonen14, 15—Erich Lessing-Magnum16—A.P., Garrett Howard17—A.P., N.R. Farbman18, 19—Winifield I. Parks Jr.24-27—drawings by...

March 23, 1959
Phil Latreille, sophomore hockey player at Middlebury (Vt.) College, scored 90 points during past season to break NCAA point record, with his 57 goals tied another NCAA mark.

March 23, 1959
Most of the men and one of the ladies on this and the following pages earned fame as athletes, but neither their talents nor ambitions stopped there. Lured perhaps by the familiar tumult of the...

March 23, 1959
1 Barney Oldfield in Warner Bros.' The First Auto, 1927.2 Babe Ruth and Anna Q. Nilsson in film Babe Comes Home, 1927.3 French Boxer Georges Carpentier in The Gypsy Cavalier, circa 1930.4 Lou Nova...

March 23, 1959 | Jimmy Jemail
ESTES KEFAUVERU.S. Senator from TennesseeNo. Our crime committee report was unanimous in condemning all kinds of gambling as harmful. Bookmaking is associated with pool parlors and other unsavory...

March 23, 1959
BaseballJUNE 12-17: National Collegiate Baseball Championships, Omaha.

March 23, 1959 | Edwin A. Peeples
Always the winner, he is the wonderfully glib—but now dissipated—sport of yore whose stock in trade is plenty of bravado and at least one great contest in his past