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May 25, 1959 | Volume 10, Issue 21

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated May 25, 1959

May 25, 1959
GOLF—Britain's Walker Cuppers, so hopeful that this would be year of renaissance, were a sadly disillusioned lot after Americans combined experience and youth to win 9-3 at Muirfield. U.S. got off...

May 25, 1959
8—Mort Lund11—Burt Glinn-Magnum, A.P., John G. Zimmerman, Hanson T. Carroll, John G. Zimmerman, W.C. Ziegler, Paul McCreary21—Arthur Daley24, 25—Niels Lauritzen-Milwaukee Journal, Arthur Daley26,...

May 25, 1959
John Mostyn, 18-year-old Oradell, N.J. high school boy, gave the world something to think about when he ran 100 in 9.3, breaking schoolboy record and tying world mark in Memorial invitation at...

May 25, 1959
BOATING—WASHINGTON, over Stanford by 7½ lengths, in 16:39 for 3 miles, Redwood City, Calif.

May 25, 1959 | Les Woodcock

May 25, 1959 | Roy Terrell

May 25, 1959

May 25, 1959
•A visit with the sporting Coopers—Maria, Rocky and Gary of the movies. Skin-divers, hunters and gourmets supreme, theirs is a rich, varied life away from the public.

May 25, 1959
Back in Nero's day, the Roman sports fan was a pretty uncomplaining character. All he asked of a Saturday afternoon at the Colosseum was a pride of good, hungry lions, a handful of scrawny...

May 25, 1959
Sam Snead, 46, after shooting a record-breaking 59 in his own golf festival at White Sulphur Springs, W. Va.: "I always wanted to break 60 in tournament play before I hung up my sticks. Now that...

May 25, 1959 | Kenneth Rudeen
In the tense days of qualifications before the Indianapolis '500,' Car Builder George Salih and Driver Jim Bryan tuned up No. 6 for a third straight win

May 25, 1959
Herbert Warren Wind continues with the correspondence of Harry Sprague, that barely fictional and extremely ebullient young golf pro. In this second series of letters to his sponsor, Harry tells...

May 25, 1959
[Color television]Color television[Television]Television[Network radio]Network radio

May 25, 1959
Don Bragg, arms flailing, drops from the highest pole vault man has accomplished indoors. Bragg made this 15-foot 9½-inch vault at the Inquirer Games in Philadelphia early in the indoor season.

May 25, 1959 | Tex Maule
Don Bragg who has vaulted higher than anyone indoors can swing through the trees

May 25, 1959 | Charlotte Adams
Here is some expert advice on the care and cooking of trout from stream to dinner plate

May 25, 1959 | James Murray
The biggest ocean race of them all ends in a fiesta for everyone

May 25, 1959 | Whitney Tower
Silky Sullivan's trainer comes back to the East and captures the Preakness

May 25, 1959 | Gordon Wright
More people are riding for pleasure today than ever before. To encourage others to enjoy this rewarding sport, Gordon Wright, America's foremost teacher of horsemanship, has joined forces with...

May 25, 1959 | Charles Goren
Every Time the postman gratefully unloads a substantial portion of his burden on my doorstep, it's a reasonable bet that the most anguished letter will read something like this: "My partner passed...

May 25, 1959 | Jackie Pung
When I watch other golfers play I always look for footwork. In our native dances in Hawaii we use the inside of the feet a great deal and we grow up doing this almost instinctively. This is very...

May 25, 1959 | Gerald Holland

May 25, 1959 | Arthur Murphy
The small town of Blind River, on the north shore of the North Channel, at the very top of Lake Huron, is the place to take care of your Canadian customs problems—if you make a Great Lakes cruise...

May 25, 1959
ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT BACKWARD UP THE STREAMSirs:Look at what my old friend Herblock, cartoonist of the Washington Post, has gone and done!

May 25, 1959
'More where we came from'

May 25, 1959 | Robert Harron
Yesterday...Dick Glendon used psychology and invention to develop great college crews