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June 29, 1959 | Volume 10, Issue 26

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated June 29, 1959

June 29, 1959 | Les Woodcock

June 29, 1959
All times E.D.T.

June 29, 1959 | Roy Terrell

June 29, 1959 | Tex Maule

June 29, 1959
Connecticut's most imposing house pet gives a thrilling demonstration of the flight characteristics of the golden eagle

June 29, 1959

June 29, 1959
Floyd Patterson, asked whether he will try for a first-round knockout if he sees a chance for one: "Johansson saw a chance for one in that fight with Machen in Sweden and he took it. He will...

June 29, 1959
•You will be able to relive the highlights of the heavyweight championship fight at ringside with Martin Kane—and see it all re-created in a series of dramatic pictures.

June 29, 1959
Baseball's two major leagues last week roughly resembled a brace of parents who, having nodded in cursory and unhearing agreement at Junior's proposal that he take a bride, look up to find him...

June 29, 1959
Who has faith in the Yankees? Despite anything you've heard, New Yorkers themselves have faith aplenty, and a howling, raucous faith it has become. It seems just the other day that Yankee Stadium...

June 29, 1959
Only the uninitiated think golf is just a matter of hitting a white ball into a small hole. Any real golfer knows as soon as he learns to tee up with one hand that this is a sport of form and...

June 29, 1959 | Jeremiah Tax
No driver can match Billy Haughton's sulky record, but there's a blank page in it that should be filled this year

June 29, 1959 | Dave Marr
Speed is a cardinal factor in putting. It is easy for a golfer, preoccupied with getting his line and then being up, to forget this. Putting may be different in some respects from the tee-to-green...

June 29, 1959 | Arthur Murphy
On the 4th of July a shining fleet of several dozen yawls, schooners, ketches, sloops and cutters will head out from Los Angeles for Honolulu, as it does every other year. Among the entries in...

June 29, 1959
When Rocky Colavito comes to bat in Cleveland the crowd roars its acclaim, a fitting salute to this great young slugger. In that roar is a unique overtone: delighted bobby-soxer squeals that are...

June 29, 1959 | Mary Frost Mabon
This lavish dessert, combining many fruit flavors, is made in a series of simple steps

June 29, 1959 | Charles Goren
The infinite variety of bridge is to a great extent enlivened by the infinite variety of arguments the game inspires, and the schools of thought are many. Yet, some players take a firm position...

June 29, 1959 | William Leggett
Trainer Hirsch knew chill disaster but dug in again

June 29, 1959 | Alice Higgins
The Tulsa show might have been mistaken for the animal fair, but ostriches actually helped to make a good show better

June 29, 1959 | Edward Behr
At Le Mans, a Texan helped bring Aston Martin its first win in this rugged race

June 29, 1959 | Fred Huyler

June 29, 1959 | Fred Huyler
Ever since Fred Huyler was given a beagle as a pet in 1886, hounds and hunting have been his career. As a young man he was hired to train hounds at Hamilton Farms in Gladstone, N.J. Since then,...

June 29, 1959 | Fred Huyler
In the July 13 issue James Cowie of Commack, N.Y. draws upon a lifetime of waterfowl shooting and gun dog training to tell you how to train the retrieving breeds for the field.

June 29, 1959 | Coles Phinizy
The famous old Colt revolver should have died quietly 50 years ago, but today it is making more noise than ever as a gaudy TV gun and a dependable companion piece of American sportsmen

June 29, 1959
OLYMPICS: WISDOM AND NAIVETÉ Sirs: Mr. Brundage's reply to his critics that "the Olympic Committee recognizes only sports organizations and not governments" (Brundage on a Cloud above Politics,...

June 29, 1959
'Once in a lifetime'

June 29, 1959
BOATING—The battle was supposed to be between host Syracuse and Washington, but dark-horse Wisconsin took the big one on Onondaga Lake. Stroking valiantly against 15-mph headwinds, Badgers surged...

June 29, 1959
BOWLING—Don Bartz, 30-year-old Milwaukee lithographic color artist, who rolled 1,708 for 8-game series last April 27, won $20,000 first prize in Petersen Bowling Classic, Chicago.

June 29, 1959
4—Ezra Stoller7—A.P.8—A.P., Kemsley, U.P.I., John R. Callahan, Eliahu Attar, Niels Lauritzen-Milwaukee Journal10—A.P., John G. Zimmerman18—Alan J. Bearden28-30—drawings by Ajay28—Bureau of...

June 29, 1959
Herb Degner, powerful senior stroke from Wonewoc, Wis., pulled Wisconsin crew up to 39 beat in last-ditch sprint to fight off challenging Syracuse as Badgers earned unexpected victory in IRA regatta.

June 29, 1959 | Jimmy Jemail
JACK DEMPSEYFormer heavyweight championNew York and Los AngelesAfter losing the National League New York was well on its way to being a dead sports center, and I said so. The sports-writers took...

June 29, 1959 | Edmund Ware Smith
Even the most familiar noises can become eerie out of doors