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July 06, 1959 | Volume 11, Issue 1

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Ingemar Johansson Cover - Sports Illustrated July 06, 1959

July 06, 1959
All limes E.D.T.

July 06, 1959 | Martin Kane

July 06, 1959 | John Mulliken

July 06, 1959
Rodeo cowboys battle broncos and Brahma bulls in the sort of rugged life that small boys only dream about

July 06, 1959
Welcome to the Ingo Era

July 06, 1959
Frank Lane, Cleveland Indians' general manager, finding a ready reason why his ball club plays so much better on the road than at home: "When we're away, the players stay in air-conditioned hotels...

July 06, 1959
•A powerful rebuttal is ready for those who denigrate the teen-ager, for you will find her in all her charm getting ready to upset the Australian swimmers in the '60 Olympics.

July 06, 1959 | Roy Terrell
In a mercenary mood, the major leaguers split their big midsummer spectacle into two parts. Act I goes on next week in Pittsburgh, and it still figures to be quite a show

July 06, 1959 | Walter Bingham
The all-star Game is a recognition by professionals of the best performances during the first half of the season. That recognition goes to players alone—but if an All-Star manager were also...

July 06, 1959 | Arthur Murphy
In the astronomical total of Pilot Max Conrad's 36,000 flying hours, the 58 hours and 38 minutes that began the morning of June 2 in Casablanca and ended June 4 in Los Angeles are surely the most...

July 06, 1959 | Mary Frost Mabon
A Mexican 'caballero' and his lady entertain informally in a magnificent setting

July 06, 1959 | William F. Talbert
The pro tennis troupe winds up its U.S. tour at Forest Hills amid apathy. The author suggests a future remedy

July 06, 1959 | Charles Goren
Underleading aces at the kickoff against a suit contract has, through the years, boomeranged too often to be among the most favored opening leads. Occasionally, however, a surprise attack of this...

July 06, 1959 | Mort Lund

July 06, 1959 | Mort Lund
Maze of mechanical refinements which have changed Nam Sang from also-ran to top contender in Honolulu race and which are shown in detail on the following pages are: lower mast with spinnaker-pole...

July 06, 1959 | Carleton Mitchell
The skipper of 'Finisterre' surveys the fleet that will be off to Honolulu this week and finds that ocean racing in the West has some very large dimensions

July 06, 1959 | Gwilym Brown
The willowy, long-hitting San Diego girl won the Women's Open at Churchill Valley C.C.

July 06, 1959 | Percy Knauth

July 06, 1959 | Percy Knauth
D-GARY: German registration letters of the airplane; in international phonetic alphabet Delta Gulf Alpha Romeo Yankee.

July 06, 1959 | Percy Knauth
Blue fire and white ice...Horta's rocky peak...Romeo Yankee calling...The drug of sleep...The loveliest hours

July 06, 1959 | Max Conrad
In the following excerpts from his flight log Pilot Max Conrad relives the dramatic highlights of his record-breaking flight from Casablanca to Los Angeles.

July 06, 1959

July 06, 1959
BOXING—First roasted then toasted by nation's squirming sportswriters, Sweden's dimply Ingemar Johansson and ivyish Promoter Bill Rosensohn, a pair of neophytes in boxing's jungle, sat back to...

July 06, 1959
BOATING—SYRACUSE, stroked by Charles Mills Jr., finished 1¼ lengths ahead of Philadelphia's Vesper Boat Club, in 6:04.3 for 2,000 meters, earned right to represent U.S. in Pan American Games,...

July 06, 1959
4—Timothy Asch7—A.P. (3), Lee Balterman, Ron La-Chance-Newport Daily News, A.P., Marvin M. Greene-Cleveland Plain Dealer8—Herb Scharfman, A.P.12, 13—TelePrompTer Corp.15—Arthur Daley16—Dor,...

July 06, 1959
Donna Floyd, fresh-faced William and Mary sophomore, seeded No. 1, made it stand up, brushing off California's Carol Ann Loop 6-0, 6-2 in 34 minutes to win college girls tennis championship at St....

July 06, 1959
'A city grows with sport'

July 06, 1959 | Les Woodcock

July 06, 1959
The nation's leading races and championships through September

July 06, 1959
Like Tom Swift of fiction, the youth in the hydrofoil above and the young boys in their outboard runabouts below are swishing around the seas magically these days. The difference, of course, is...