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July 13, 1959 | Volume 11, Issue 2

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Betsy Collins Cover - Sports Illustrated July 13, 1959

July 13, 1959 | Les Woodcock

July 13, 1959
All times are E.D.T.

July 13, 1959 | John Metcalf
Empires may crumble, sterling may sag, dark-eyed Latin Americans may triumph over trustworthy Anglo-Saxons, but Wimbledon, a tight little, right little suburb 40 minutes southwest from Piccadilly...

July 13, 1959 | Henry Longhurst
The New British Open champion is one with whom the professionals in the U.S. as well as Britain may have to reckon for as many as 20 years to come. At 23, Gary Player, of the romantically named...

July 13, 1959
A determined crop of girl swimmers with an eye on the Olympics will compete at Redding, Calif. next week the national championships

July 13, 1959

July 13, 1959
Rocky Marciano, retired undefeated heavyweight champion, when asked whether he was thinking of a comeback: "One thing I love, it's a fight. But the first thing I have to do is lose some weight....

July 13, 1959
In a durable old gag about the workaday world a visitor to a crowded office asks the boss, "How many people are working here?" The answer comes promptly and wearily: "About half of them." Last...

July 13, 1959
•On the eve of the second climactic U.S.-U.S.S.R. dual track meet, July 18 and 19 in Philadelphia, Tex Maule previews the competition, event by event, and picks winners.

July 13, 1959
The Queen's Plate is a Canadian horse race first run 100 years ago in honor of Queen Victoria, who was not greatly amused at the time. Last week nobody at Toronto's Woodbine track watched with...

July 13, 1959
Shown here is a fair (and we do mean fair) sampling of the 50 lovely and loose-jointed lady undergraduates who swarmed from 35 college campuses to a golf course in Chapel Hill, N.C. to compete in...

July 13, 1959 | Martin Kane
A careful study shows Ingo won the title with much more than his vaunted right hand

July 13, 1959 | Arthur Murphy
Last Saturday a flotilla of ocean racers, including the unusual Nam Sang (SI, July 6), left California for Honolulu. Across the continent an argosy of somewhat smaller craft celebrated the Fourth...

July 13, 1959 | Whitney Tower
Hollywood Park and its general manager, James Stewart, have learned why it is that marketing Thoroughbred contests is a major industry

July 13, 1959 | Whitney Tower
Army of 1,900 Hollywood Park employees lines up on track, showing vast numbers needed to conduct Saturday afternoon program.

July 13, 1959 | Whitney Tower
$3,514,241 mutuel handle at Hollywood on typical Saturday (June 20) saw $3,029,395 going back to winning ticket holders. Tax of 6⅔% sent $238,849 to state of California. Track commission of 7%...

July 13, 1959 | Joe Knesper
Most errors in golf are caused by hitting from the top and coming into the ball from outside the line. Proper coiling and uncoiling will prevent this. Most average golfers, however, don't have a...

July 13, 1959 | Walter Bingham
Forty years of devilish frustration have been the sad lot of an inevitably dwindling band of confident White Sox fans

July 13, 1959 | Mary Frost Mabon
For an outdoor party, nothing is more fun than to grill your own shish kebab

July 13, 1959 | James A. Cowie

July 13, 1959 | Charles Goren
Hard luck," the losers' overworked alibi, won't stand up in a team match thanks to the way the players sit down. The two tables look like this:

July 13, 1959 | Percy Knauth

July 13, 1959
THE NOT-SO-UNLIMITED DUCKSSirs:As a dedicated duck hunter, congratulations for your accurate and alarming report on the waterfowl situation, Behind the New Duck Stamp (EVENTS & DISCOVERIES,...

July 13, 1959
TENNIS—World tennis took on distinct Latin-American look after Alex Olmedo, transplanted Peruvian who helped U.S. win Davis Cup, wrung men's title from Australia's Rod Laver 6-4, 6 3, 6-4 and...

July 13, 1959
BOXING—EZZARD CHARLES, 37, former heavyweight champion, fat and flabby and lumbering at 204 pounds, made still another abortive comeback attempt, scored 7-round TKO over one Dave Ashley, Cincinnati.

July 13, 1959
4—Walter Daran7—A.P.8—U.P.I., Reuterphoto-Europeon, Patrick Benjafield, A.P., U.P.I., George Kew-Black Star10—Herb Scharfman14—Central Press, Fox Photos15—Scotsman Photos16—New...

July 13, 1959
'Nobody knows me'

July 13, 1959
Maria Pilar Roldan, 19, dark-haired Mexican beauty, displayed perfect form, parried and thrust her way to upset of veteran Maxine Mitchell, became first non-American to win U.S. women's foil title...