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July 20, 1959 | Volume 11, Issue 3

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Vasily Kuznetsov Cover - Sports Illustrated July 20, 1959

July 20, 1959 | Tex Maule
The Soviet athletic army, determined, strong and secretive, invades the U.S. for a track meet—but should be beaten

July 20, 1959 | Tex Maule

July 20, 1959
The temperature has nudged up past freezing, the ice will go soon, and the fun and games of summer are beginning to bloom in Canada's eastern arctic. Among the coastal settlements the Eskimos have...

July 20, 1959

July 20, 1959
Althea Gibson, first Negro to win the National and Wimbledon championships, on the Ralph Bunche-West Side Tennis Club controversy: "I don't think that tennis or tennis players and fans should be...

July 20, 1959
Whatever else it may do, the sudden explosion of sociological wrath and righteousness that shook the sports world last week is regrettably certain to go on reverberating through the ranks of...

July 20, 1959
Two or three times a year, when its courts and grandstands are made available for the nation's top tennis tourneys, the West Side Tennis Club at New York's Forest Hills becomes as much a public...

July 20, 1959
When Ingemar Johansson, who proved that right is might, returned to Sweden to the triumphant strains of Ingemar, O, Ingemar, he began mixing business with pleasure, as is his wont, to the equal...

July 20, 1959
Chicago, according to the old song, is the town where the fella saw a man who danced with his wife. Chicago is also noted for its bizarre weather. In winter a bitter wind can blow off Lake...

July 20, 1959
•A bibulous boniface whose Manhattan tavern has become a recognized dateline in the Wonderful World of Sport opens a sentimental album of photos as Toots Shor's closes.

July 20, 1959 | Roy Terrell

July 20, 1959
The slam-bang drama of a play at home is frozen in the tableau above. Milwaukee Catcher Del Crandall and fans tensely await both the throw and the onrushing slide of Charley Neal of the Dodgers....

July 20, 1959 | James Poling
There may be a brannigan in the cockpit any minute but Skip and Mary Etchells win anyway

July 20, 1959 | Arthur Murphy
There is restless energy about John Groth, in his life and his art. This week you can see it in his paintings of sport among the Eskimos of the eastern arctic.

July 20, 1959 | Mort Lund
Winner of the Newport race was sailed by a full professor of ocean-racing mathematics

July 20, 1959 | Mary Frost Mabon
Jessie Bancroft Cox, prominent horse show judge, is a superlative hostess as well

July 20, 1959 | James Murray
He's José Becerra, a skinny kid from Guadalajara, who knocked out Alphonse Halimi in Mexico's finest fistic hour

July 20, 1959 | Whitney Tower
Resaca dusted off Silver Spoon and Quill in a spirited filly race, pointing out the values of a jockey who rides to orders

July 20, 1959 | Jeremiah Tax
Once a year trotting returns to its true origins at Goshen's Historic Track, where the horses are the big attraction for a knowledgeable audience and the betting is only incidental

July 20, 1959 | Alice Higgins
At Detroit an old jumper with a new attitude shared attention with an absentee

July 20, 1959 | Charles Goren
An extraordinary number of players appear to delight in doing things the hard way. I sometimes gain the impression that they purposely get off to a bad start for the sheer pleasure of effecting a...

July 20, 1959 | Gwilym Brown
Mike Souchak put on a furious finish to win one of the nation's oldest golf events, but one that faces a future of slipping prestige

July 20, 1959 | Horace Sutton
Birthplace off sportsmen, children's paradise, San Francisco's Golden Gate Park provides everything from baseball to bison

July 20, 1959
BOXING: BREAK OUT THE SMORGASBORD!Sirs:A very big thank you. The coverage of the heavyweight championship (SI, July 6) was exactly what I looked for. Martin Kane is the smartest fight writer in...

July 20, 1959
'A unique contribution to knowledge'

July 20, 1959
SWIMMING—U.S. and world records tumbled like clay pigeons in a shooting gallery as male swimmers splashed merrily in AAU championships at Los Altos, Calif. Indianapolis AC'S Frank McKinney, who...

July 20, 1959
GOLF—MIKE SOUCHAK, Grossinger, N.Y., edged Arnold Palmer 272-273 to win Western Open and $5,000, Pittsburgh. Betsy Rawls, Spartanburg, S.C., shot 68 and 69 on second and third rounds, but finished...

July 20, 1959
Jessica Newberry, 20, pretty Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y. equestrienne, invited by Germany's Olympic Medalist Liselott Linsenhoff to train with her, upset hostess in S test, took second in Grand Prix at...

July 20, 1959
4—Walter Daran7—A.P. (2), Joe Caraher, Frank Cushing, London Daily Express-Pictorial Parade, A.P.8—Herb Scharfman10—Martin Nathan11—Sovfoto12, 13—Sovfoto (8), Marvin Newman (3), Eliohu Attar (3),...

July 20, 1959 | Les Woodcock

July 20, 1959
All times are E.D.T.

July 20, 1959
Sporting and vacation events, mid-July through September

July 20, 1959
A rubber life raft pumps new safety into oldtime yachting