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August 03, 1959 | Volume 11, Issue 5

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated August 03, 1959

August 03, 1959 | Les Woodcock

August 03, 1959
[Color Television]Color television [Television]Television [Network Radio]Network Radio

August 03, 1959 | Jeremiah Tax

August 03, 1959 | Robert Boyle

August 03, 1959 | James Murray
Pennant fever," Los Angeles style, seems, at first glance, to be an anomaly. There is no snake dancing on the freeways, no free champagne being broken out at Romanoff's, and Hungarian directors...

August 03, 1959 | Walter Bingham
The French racing world is shaken by its biggest scandal—or a proud man's delusion

August 03, 1959
The wild beauty of the coastline first seen by Lewis and Clark still lives today as a spectacular playground

August 03, 1959

August 03, 1959
Paul Richards, Baltimore Oriole manager, in admiration of Washington Slugger Harmon Killebrew: "He has enough power to hit home runs in any park—including Yellowstone."

August 03, 1959
For three centuries, like the ragged teeth of a giant fish, the submerged reefs off the Florida Keys have been snagging the hapless ships that stray or are driven from their safe course in the...

August 03, 1959
•The artistry of Nellie Fox and Luis Aparicio may at last bring the pennant to the Chicago White Sox. Other famous double-play men have done as much in the past.

August 03, 1959
When the London Daily Mail invited readers to compete in a $28,000 race between London's Marble Arch and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, sporting instincts on both sides of the English Channel were...

August 03, 1959
The Russian athletes who appeared at the dual track meet in Philadelphia gave mighty few indications of how they felt about what they saw in the United States, but there was one occasion of...

August 03, 1959 | Thomas Atkinson

August 03, 1959 | Arthur Murphy
Two worthy ambitions our youth traditionally enjoy are to write the Great American Novel and to sparkle on the playing field. But it's less than traditional, I suspect, for an individual to...

August 03, 1959 | Charles Goren
In today's era of bidding gadgetry, no convention is more gimmick-loaded than what started as a simple method of locating a major suit fit—the artificial two-club response to an opening bid of one...

August 03, 1959 | Evan Jones
In many countries there are magical ways to prepare eggplant. Here's one of the best

August 03, 1959
Every bit as arrogant and decorative as the Regency dandies who flocked to watch him fight, the magnificent cock above displays a victor's serenity. Painted by England's Ben Marshall, known for...

August 03, 1959 | Percy Knauth
The drama, glory and nostalgia of the America's Cup races are captured for history in a new book by Carleton Mitchell

August 03, 1959 | George Stymiest

August 03, 1959 | Joseph Raff
Driving a mere midget, Rodger Ward clobbered the biggest cars at Lime Rock

August 03, 1959 | Art Smith
Many otherwise competent golfers have great difficulty in playing their long irons. In a large way this comes from a lack of confidence in their ability to handle these shots. Since no one can...

August 03, 1959 | Stephen Birmingham

August 03, 1959
TRACK: HERE THEY CAMESirs:Please accept my congratulations on a superior bit of track reporting from Philadelphia (Victory with a Smile, SI, July 27).

August 03, 1959
'I'm one of them'

August 03, 1959
HORSE RACING—Nearly half a million in gross purses offered at major tracks last Saturday turned the day into the top-quality racing afternoon of the season. At Monmouth Park the mighty Belmont...

August 03, 1959
BASEBALL—CURFEW shall no longer ring in Pennsylvania on Phillie or Pirate Sunday double-headers now that stale legislature passed bill permitting Sunday games started before 6 p.m. to be completed.

August 03, 1959
4—Tony Triolo7—Morris Rosenfeld, Bob McIntyre, A.P. (2), Ray Platnick, A.P.10—Herb Scharfman12—Fons Iannelli13—H. Lund Hansen-LIFE18, 19—P. Bertrand (2), Mark Kauffman26, 27—drawings by Ajay30,...

August 03, 1959
Trish Galvin, 20-year-old equestrienne beauty from Santa Barbara, Calif., scored 1,202 points at the Fairfield County Hunt Club trials at Westport, Conn., won herself a place on the U.S. Pan...

August 03, 1959 | Jimmy Jemail
FRANK LANEGeneral ManagerCleveland IndiansA boy goes to college to equip himself for a specific career. If he is offered a large bonus to become a major league player, he'd better grab it. One boy...

August 03, 1959 | Roderick L. Haig-Brown
In the heat of summer, a visitor recalls his spiritual pilgrimage to a great river