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August 10, 1959 | Volume 11, Issue 6

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Luis Aparicio Cover - Sports Illustrated August 10, 1959

August 10, 1959
HARNESS RACING—Yonkers Raceway finished its summer season with a week of richly stuffed purses. Producing few thrills but top money was the $113,812 Hilltop Trot, richest single race for trotters,...

August 10, 1959
4—Richard Meek12—A.P. (2), Morris Rosenfeld, Bob Tamaska Dayton Daily News, Joe Van Wormer, A.P., Ben Weiner, Sid Mendelson14—U.P.I., A.P.19—Herb Scharfman, John G. Zimmerman20—Walter...

August 10, 1959
BASEBALL—AMERICAN LEAGUE ALL-STARS evened the score in 1959 All-Star competition by beating National League 5 to 3, at Los Angeles.

August 10, 1959
Tony Brooks, 27, auto-racing dentist from England, pushed his Ferarri up to an average 143.5 mph over a wet and treacherous track in West Berlin, beat American Dan Gurney in 309.5-mile Grand Prix...

August 10, 1959 | Les Woodcock

August 10, 1959
All times are E.D.T.

August 10, 1959 | Bill Rosensohn

August 10, 1959 | Martin Kane
The sorry situation Bill Rosensohn describes in these pages leaves only a dim possibility that the return bout between Ingemar Johansson, new heavyweight champion, and Floyd Patterson, new...

August 10, 1959
Despite his fears, France's Riaud drove a confident race to an exciting conclusion

August 10, 1959
A renaissance has overtaken a sport that nearly died when its rich patrons grew too old to play. Here it is at its best at Oak Brook

August 10, 1959
•Pretty Anne Quast will be defending her amateur golf title, so Joan Flynn Dreyspool explains how the lady golfers think. Also, a gallery of some of the better women players.

August 10, 1959

August 10, 1959
Ingemar Johansson, on financial hanky-panky in the boxing business and how to beat it: "Everybody wants a piece of the cake. But my cake has no slices."

August 10, 1959
It was bound to come, and last week it came: the founding of baseball's third major league. New York City's Bill Shea had already named the impressive backers of a third-league team in his town...

August 10, 1959

August 10, 1959 | Arthur R. Murphy Jr.
There is nobody like MacPhail. There is nobody even remotely like Leland Stanford (Larry) MacPhail." So next week Gerald Holland begins a three-part article on the prodigious, amazing, and...

August 10, 1959 | Gwilym Brown
Bob Rosburg and Jerry Barber, a big and a little man, fought it out for the PGA title in miserable weather, and the big man won

August 10, 1959 | James Murray
Designer-Architect Arthur Froehlich has made an art out of beatifying the racegoer. Here he explains the philosophy of his drawing board

August 10, 1959 | Les Woodcock

August 10, 1959 | Mary Frost Mabon
In a setting that might have inspired a painting by Corot, the picnickers at left are savoring the outdoor life near Front Royal, Va., at the country place owned by James Pomeroy Hendrick of...

August 10, 1959 | Joe Hirsch
In adapting its European imports to U.S. race tracks, the Hasty House Farm of Billie and Allie Reuben believes in patience. And it has paid off in the most fantastic earnings

August 10, 1959 | Wilbur Jarvis
The sober citizens of Seattle go slightly daffy every year when the time comes for the roaring hydros to defend the city's proudest possession—the Gold Cup

August 10, 1959 | Charles Goren
While there appears to be a wide range between the modest bid of one club and the ultimate high of seven no trump, there are, in fact, only 35 possible bids—excluding such calls as pass and...

August 10, 1959 | Alice Higgins
They can muster only 59 years among them, but in the exacting field of dressage they are the newest medal-hunters for the U.S. at the Pan American Games

August 10, 1959 | Al Besselink
Everybody seems to have a different idea as to how the club face works going back and then forward. I used to think of shutting it on the backswing and working it from shut to open on the hitting...

August 10, 1959 | Lee Grosscup

August 10, 1959
Sirs:After three months of pursuing the Cleveland Indians, the Chicago White Six finally take over first place and are greeted by Les Woodcock's remark, "The White Sox played as if they might not...

August 10, 1959
'A special place'

August 10, 1959 | Roderick L. Haig-Brown
In the heat of summer, a visitor recalls his spiritual pilgrimage to a great river