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August 17, 1959 | Volume 11, Issue 7

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Anne Quast Cover - Sports Illustrated August 17, 1959

August 17, 1959 | Les Woodcock

August 17, 1959
All times are E.D.T.[Color Television]Color Television[Television]Television[Network radio]Network radio

August 17, 1959 | Gilbert Rogin
Trailing the far-flying Bill Rosensohn, Sports Illustrated's man discovers the beginnings of what may be a quadruple entente among the world's foremost boxing promoters

August 17, 1959 | Martin Kane
The scramble among the world's top boxing promoters, as described by Gilbert Rogin, is not for pennies. Ingemar Johansson, heavyweight champion of the world, is a property worth millions of...

August 17, 1959 | Roy Terrell
Baseball was at its slam-bang best when the National League's three top teams met head on in California last week

August 17, 1959
On a baking summer day all the world of sky and breeze and water pities the poor kids of New York—sidewalk-bound, city-broiled. But the truth is the children of New York are "having wonderful...

August 17, 1959

August 17, 1959
Yogi Berra of the American League All-Stars, weighing the disadvantages of trying to catch a ball coming out of the sea of white shirts in the Los Angeles Coliseum bleachers against the advantage...

August 17, 1959
Before leading four companions up into Asia's treacherous Karakoram mountain range last month, Dr. Keith Warburton, a 31-year-old English physician, wrote in a Pakistan newspaper: "For most of the...

August 17, 1959
Stavros Niarchos is the No. 1 owner and operator of ships in all the world. Among them is a beautiful three-masted schooner—hauntingly photographed in color by Brian Seed.

August 17, 1959
As many a tourist will testify, an ocean voyage is a pleasant and relaxing way to get to England. But when Skipper Richard Nye sailed his 53-foot yawl Carina across an angry Atlantic it was...

August 17, 1959
There were free movies, dances and picnics, but mostly there was plain hard work for the 244 youths entered in the Junior and Boys' tennis championships at Kalamazoo, Mich. "I don't have much time...

August 17, 1959
A golf course, almost any golf course, is beyond all argument one of the most esthetically pleasing sights in sports. Trimmed, landscaped, bucolic and imbued with a sense of leisure which most of...

August 17, 1959 | Joan Flynn Dreyspool

August 17, 1959 | Arthur Murphy
This issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED marks our fifth anniversary. Since Volume 1, Number 1 in 1954, far more has happened in the world of sport than during any preceding five-year span since man first...

August 17, 1959 | John Blashill
Ernest Hemingway and John Blashill describe the 'mano a mano' in which Dominguín was gored, and Mary Hemingway offers an intimate account of the convalescence of a matador

August 17, 1959 | Ernest Hemingway
The wind is the greatest enemy of the bullfighter. In Valencia they were fighting in a full gale. One could handle the wind, and the other couldn't. It was the same wind for them both. But the...

August 17, 1959 | Mary Hemingway

August 17, 1959 | William Leggett
Old trophies and love of sport, not big purses, attract racing's finest to this small-town track

August 17, 1959 | Charles Goren
In recent weeks I find myself increasingly in sympathy with the weather man.

August 17, 1959 | Charles Goren

August 17, 1959 | Wiffi Smith
On the women's professional circuit, with tournaments scattered throughout the country, a player spends a good portion of her time driving on the road. Those hours behind the wheel can make you...

August 17, 1959 | Evan Jones
Bread, the subject of many legends, combines deliciously with a variety of other foods

August 17, 1959 | Robert Boyle
The Giants' newest Willie is more than just a thunderous hitter. He's cool, man. If the fried chicken and shoot-'em-ups hold out, big league pitching doesn't figure to bother him a bit

August 17, 1959
BOXING—In a scheduled 10-round fight in Chicago, Sonny Liston, fast-rising heavyweight with a solid punch, gave further proof that he is a top contender for the heavyweight crown when he drove...

August 17, 1959
BOATING—DICK TILLMAN, Air Force lieutenant from Atlanta, upset front runners by piling up 6,613 points to take National Snipe championship; LESLIE LARSON, 15, from Jamestown, N.Y., sailed off with...

August 17, 1959
4—Mark Kauffman6—Marshall Lockman-B.S.7—Williams News Bureau, Carl Klein, Peter Breinig, Tamara Andreeva-Burchman, A.P. (2), U.P.I.10—A.P.24-26—drawings by Ajay29—Keystone, Reuter-European40,...

August 17, 1959 | Gerald Holland

August 17, 1959 | Gerald Holland
Courtroom lawyer and football referee; baseball and some famous incidents; a carrot for Sea Charger; an afternoon at Pimlico; what really happened that black day at Bowie.

August 17, 1959
MR. BRUNDAGE ON CHINASirs:As a sports magazine you will surely not hesitate to follow your own prescription from SPORTS ILLUSTRATED (EVENTS & DISCOVERIES, Aug. 3): "As Confucius say, 'A man...

August 17, 1959
Clarence Chaffee, Williams College tennis coach and director of New England tennis championships, was named coach of Junior Davis Cup team, will see them through the Nationals at Forest Hills...

August 17, 1959
'One for Brother Rock'