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September 14, 1959 | Volume 11, Issue 11

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Charlie Coe Cover - Sports Illustrated September 14, 1959

September 14, 1959
PAN AMERICAN GAMES—Over two thousand athletes from 24 nations wound up 12-day games in Chicago, provided such out-standing performances as these: 27-year-old Brazilian Wensceslau Malta earned...

September 14, 1959
4—John G. Zimmermen12—U.P.I., Morris Rosenfeld, Hy Peskin, Philip R. Posner, U.P.I.14—Herb Scharfman20—Arthur Shay21—Jerry Cooke22, 23—Jerry Cooke, Eliahu Attar, Arthur Shay (2)27—drawing by Mitzi...

September 14, 1959
John Welch, 17, of Hudson, Que. took and held the lead in the last of eight races and skippered his Lightning home first to take Sears Cup and North American Junior sailing title at Noroton, Conn.

September 14, 1959
BOATING—STEVE TYLER and BILLY WARNER, 13-year-olds from Island Heights, N.J., battled high winds and choppy waters to take Middle Atlantic Midget Sailing Championship, Annapolis, Md.

September 14, 1959 | Walter Bingham

September 14, 1959 | Charles Mohr
His other missions accomplished, a famous salaried American who has had an unusually busy summer takes time off for a traditional Labor Day holiday and, to his own undisguised satisfaction, tests...

September 14, 1959 | Charles Mohr
The scorecard at the right, proudly posted by the President after his first round last week over an unfamiliar Scottish course, is one of the rarest private documents of the Eisenhower presidency:...

September 14, 1959
The Pan American Games were a warming success in spite of sparse crowds, much confusion

September 14, 1959
Two men are out and a man with good wheels is dangling off second. At the crack of the bat he puts his head down and takes off for third. The outfielder charges in, fields the hit on the run and...

September 14, 1959 | Gerald Holland
The skipper of the skidding World Champions is caught in a catnap. In a not-so-far-fetched fantasy, a wide-awake observer speculates that ol' Case might have been dreaming of the glory that would...

September 14, 1959
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED puts the ball in play with its fourth annual Football Issue and starts it off with a milestone of its own, its first foldout cover, showing a dramatic moment in last year's...

September 14, 1959
Much of the U.S. is suffering from a shortage of wild ducks this year as a result of last spring's long drought, and even those hunters along the Pacific flyway, where the ducks are relatively...

September 14, 1959

September 14, 1959
Perry Jones, 71, U.S. Davis Cup captain, announcing his retirement after the loss of the cup to Australia: "We should not be alarmed. We have many fine juniors coming up. Our tennis future is bright."

September 14, 1959 | Arthur Murphy
The art of playing football compounds many elements: speed and power; discipline and spirit; and 22 men—each performing a purposeful function in a changing pattern of offense and defense. Among...

September 14, 1959
The still unfinished outlines of Candlestick Park have become a sort of spectral vision in San Francisco, dominating thoughts and conversations even when the park itself is invisible. Last week,...

September 14, 1959 | Herbert Warren Wind
The man who defends his National Amateur golf title next week is Charlie Coe, who looks like a TV sheriff

September 14, 1959 | Joseph Raff
Compact cars, Detroit's newest idea for 1960, will soon be seen on U.S. highways. First to make its debut will be Ford's Falcon. Here it is

September 14, 1959 | Jeremiah Tax
The shy, quiet trainer of the Hambletonian winner let another man drive to victory

September 14, 1959 | Fred R. Smith
The big fall news is that sportswear takes on a new look from the color and texture of the field. The colors—burnished golds and bronzed greens, russet reds and burnt oranges—come right from the...

September 14, 1959 | Ruth Jessen
The improvement in my game in recent months I attribute to a good degree to finally learning to hold my head steady.

September 14, 1959 | Whitney Tower
After a slow start, New York sees a chance to regain lead in the nation's racing

September 14, 1959 | Alice Higgins
At the Pan American Games old saddles and balky horses turned the modern pentathlon into a classic of confusion

September 14, 1959
All times are E.D.T.

September 14, 1959 | Thomas H. Lineaweaver

September 14, 1959
BOXING: UNDERCOVER AGENTSirs:It appears that the hiring of Jack Dempsey as promotional adviser for Rosensohn (Velella) Enterprises (Meet Mr. X, SI, Aug. 31) has put a stamp of approval on this...

September 14, 1959
'I got golf for my birthday'

September 14, 1959 | Jimmy Jemail
MICKEY MANTLENew York YankeeoutfielderYes. I definitely believe it is an advantage to bat from the opposite side of the plate. When I am batting left and facing a right-handed pitcher, I know that...

September 14, 1959 | Robert H. Boyle