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January 11, 1960 | Volume 12, Issue 2

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Jerry Lucas Cover - Sports Illustrated January 11, 1960

January 11, 1960 | Arthur Murphy
Above (and below) the call of duty, Associate Editor Coles Phinizy dived under the three feet of ice on Minnesota's Fish Hook Lake to record by camera, as part of his ice-fishing story this week,...

January 11, 1960
All times are E.S.T.

January 11, 1960 | Gerald Holland

January 11, 1960 | Alice Higgins
If the American Horse Shows Association has nerve enough, it can stop abuse of the Tennessee Walking Horse right now

January 11, 1960
The majestic expanse of the giant new Olympic ski jump at Squaw Valley rising behind the spectators on the opposite page symbolizes California's triumphant success in putting together the whole...

January 11, 1960

January 11, 1960
Richard Nixon, grand marshal of the Rose Bowl: "As Vice-president I'm neutral. But as a Californian I'm for the West."

January 11, 1960 | Jeremiah Tax

January 11, 1960 | Willy Schaeffler
QUESTION: Every time I go straight and fast over the crest of a big bump or drop-off I loose control. Do I have to make a check turn before every crest in order to ski such terrain properly?

January 11, 1960 | Mary Frost Mabon
In Palm Beach a gift shop in an elegant alley houses a remarkable school of cookery

January 11, 1960 | Ernest Havemann
The owner of the season's first long shot didn't bet

January 11, 1960 | Coles Phinizy
Snug in their shacks on Minnesota's frozen lakes, winter fishermen watch a quiet world and harvest a variety of game fish

January 11, 1960 | Jackie Pung
One of the drabbest but most important elements in improving your golf game is learning to exchange your weight. Everyone knows the fundamentals. On the backswing, your weight—not all of it but...

January 11, 1960 | Charles Goren
From the moment a bridge neophyte learns how to win an additional trick by finessing, his progress toward expertness may be charted on a graph recording the frequency of his finesses.

January 11, 1960 | Fred R. Smith
For an idyll in the islands

January 11, 1960 | Roy Terrell
Superb passes, dazzling runs, collapse of a superstar and a near brawl made it a rewarding day for the channel-switcher

January 11, 1960
The colorful and fanciful painting on the right, Pablo Picasso's Night Fishing at Antibes, is one of the artist's most winsome oils of the outdoor scene. Painted in 1939, just before the outbreak...

January 11, 1960
6—A.P., John G. Hemmer, Phil Bath, Morris Rosenfeld, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Pennsylvania State University, Robert Doisneau from Rapho-Guillumette, Burton McNeely8—Wayne F. Kelly-Los Angeles...

January 11, 1960
BASKETBALL—BOSTON, leader in NBA Eastern Division standings; ST. LOUIS, leader in Western Division.

January 11, 1960
Russell Taylor, 13-year-old golfer from Roxboro, N.C., took on field of 283 other young golfers from 10 states in Donald J. Ross Junior Championship at Pinehurst, N.C., beat them with 18-hole...

January 11, 1960
FOOTBALL—Some 375,000 fans (and millions watching on television) kicked off New Year with the Bowl games (see page 55). In Cotton Bowl, unbeaten Syracuse did the expected, roped Longhorns of Texas...

January 11, 1960 | Carleton Mitchell

January 11, 1960 | Carleton Mitchell
To understand cruising the Virgins it is necessary to visualize the group from St. Thomas to Virgin Gorda. Two parallel lines of islands extend almost east and west, forming the Sir Francis Drake...

January 11, 1960 | Carleton Mitchell
CHARTERING A YACHT: There are vessels available in both St. Croix and St. Thomas, but the latter fleet is much larger, thus offering greater selection of type and size. Also there is less danger...

January 11, 1960
YEAR-END ISSUE: TULE CONTROVERSYSirs:Congratulations on the excellent article Is Tule Too Good for Ducks? (SI, Dec. 21). You are doing an outstanding public service by focusing national attention...

January 11, 1960
'Food for thought'

January 11, 1960 | Mervin Hyman

January 11, 1960
The rollicking postwar boating boom shows no signs of slackening its dizzy pace. Since 1947, the first year of the bonanza, the number of recreational boats in use has nearly quadrupled. Nearly 40...

January 11, 1960
Following are 1959's major class-boat champions and deep-water-race winners