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January 18, 1960 | Volume 12, Issue 3

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Art Wall, Jr. Cover - Sports Illustrated January 18, 1960

January 18, 1960
Sixteen of the world's best squash players met at the Hartford (Conn.) Golf Club last weekend to settle the Open championship of the United States. Of the 16, four were members of Pakistan's...

January 18, 1960
Lithe ladies in motion—and in the news—were these three: Sharon Richardson (left), 16-year-old blonde from Jackson, Mich., and Muriel Davis (below), 19-year-old blonde from Indianapolis, both of...

January 18, 1960

January 18, 1960
Frank Howard, Clemson football coach, telling why Clemson beat heavier TCU in the Bluebonnet Bowl: "Those other boys were so big they tilted the field, and we had the advantage of playing downhill...

January 18, 1960
Folkways are always getting ahead of legal codes, especially codes that restrict such ubiquitous human interests as sport or diversion. When this happens, the offending laws generally get ignored...

January 18, 1960 | Whitney Tower

January 18, 1960
A testing mountain trek is the first step by Herb Elliott, world's best miler, on his road to Rome

January 18, 1960 | William Leggett
Detroit's Terry Sawchuk is the chief reason the Red Wings may make the playoffs

January 18, 1960 | Mary Frost Mabon
Real oxtail soup is one of the world's great dishes: an invigorating broth of pure beef taste, to which the joints and meat of the oxtails add a satisfying extra dimension. It can make a stout...

January 18, 1960 | Alfred Wright

January 18, 1960 | Arthur Murphy
In the Olympic Winter Games at Cortina in 1956, the first the Russians ever entered, their performance was remarkable. Summarizing it after Russia beat the U.S. for the gold medal in ice hockey,...

January 18, 1960 | Robert H. Boyle

January 18, 1960
BASEBALL—Branch Rickey, president of Continental League, steamed into Minneapolis to beef up interest in the league, outlined an imaginative plan for Continental teams. He proposed that scouts for...

January 18, 1960
BARREL JUMPING—LEO LeBEL, Hartford University, world title for 6th straight year, with 16-barrel leap of 26 feet 1½ inches, Grossinger, N.Y.

January 18, 1960
5—A.P., San Antonio Light, Jerry Cooke, A.P. (2), U.P.I. (2)6—U.P.I.14—Burton McNeely15—Reuters21, 22—drawings by Ajay24—-U.P.I.28—A.P.29—U.P.I.33—bottom, Australian Track and Field34—U.P.I.38,...

January 18, 1960
Rosemary Lassig, 18-year-old redheaded swimmer, dramatized again Australia's dominance in field, lopped 3/10 second off world record in 110-yard breaststroke with time of 1:21.3, at Bundaberg,...

January 18, 1960 | Charles Goren
Waterloo for Napoleon, according to Victor Hugo's legend, might have meant glorious victory instead of total defeat if his maps had disclosed the gulley that swallowed the flower of his cavalry—a...

January 18, 1960 | John O'Reilly

January 18, 1960
SPORTSMAN OF THE YEARSirs:How any sane observer of the world of sport could select Ingemar Johansson as the Sportsman of the Year (SI, Jan. 4) is far removed from my comprehension. Undoubtedly, he...

January 18, 1960 | Mervin Hyman

January 18, 1960
'Don't go in for frills'

January 18, 1960
All limes are E.S.T.

January 18, 1960 | Roy Terrell

January 18, 1960 | Jimmy Jemail
BOB BEATTIESki coachUniversity of ColoradoBoulder, Colo.Chiefly proper instruction. We estimate that more than half of our 10,000 enrolled students ski. Most of those injured are skiing for the...

January 18, 1960
If any of the skiing youth of the world vying for Olympic titles at Squaw Valley next month lift their eyes from slopes and trails as they hurtle downward, they might be thoroughly startled to...