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February 29, 1960 | Volume 12, Issue 9

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Carol Heiss Cover - Sports Illustrated February 29, 1960

February 29, 1960
Eugenio Monti, 32, Italian bobsledder who won recent world, U.S. titles, skidded down Lake Placid chute with U.S. Teammate Charlie Pandolph in record 1:10.49 trial run, then added North American...

February 29, 1960
BASEBALL—CUBA, with Washington Senators' Camilo Pascual pitching a one-hit, 4-0 shutout over Puerto Rico in the final, Caribbean World Series, Panama.

February 29, 1960
4—Martin Nathan, Art Shay8—A.P.10—Publifoto, George Thompson, Bill Kuenzel-Miami Herald, Tony Triolo, Harry T. Holbrook-Boston Globe, Jan Brunner-Mt Tremblant Lodge, Fred Lyon from...

February 29, 1960 | Mervin Hyman
As the end of the college basketball season neared, vengeful underdogs rose to vent their wrath on season-long leaders. Georgia Tech, West Virginia, Utah State, Texas A&M, North Carolina and...

February 29, 1960
All times E.S.T.

February 29, 1960 | Roy Terrell
From the first, it was apparent that these Winter Olympics were not going to lack revolutionary fervor. The fabled Russians, doped to win almost half of the 27 gold medals, were winning medals all...

February 29, 1960 | Roy Terrell
The ladies' downhill course, snaking through 20 flag-topped control gates on KT-22 mountain, had so many carefully contrived hazards that one skier called it "a forest of flags." As it turned out,...

February 29, 1960 | Alfred Wright
The Daytona "500" stock-car race was so wild and woolly that even the oldtime drivers were impressed

February 29, 1960
Spectacle of Magic

February 29, 1960
Duffy Daugherty, Michigan State football coach, after a day at Santa Anita racetrack: "The only place where windows clean people."

February 29, 1960 | Arthur Murphy
He is," Jack Twyman wrote of Maurice Stokes to Staff Writer Jerry Tax, "particularly proud of Art Shay's photo of himself standing alone. It occupies a prominent spot in his room as a constant...

February 29, 1960
Aside from paddy-wagon chauffeurs who couldn't care less, almost everybody who has ever taken the wheel of an automobile has suffered under the nervous nagging of the back-seat driver.

February 29, 1960 | Mary Frost Mabon
A former Russian princess who is an active sportswoman has devised this special adaptation of a classic Russian dish

February 29, 1960 | Fred R. Smith
The Winter Games have brought out some of the most elegant skins ever seen anywhere, along with a few costumes that would startle a zoo-keeper

February 29, 1960
The tattered poster from which Carmen Basilio, once the welterweight and middleweight champion of the world, regards passers-by with his sour gaze, is on the wall of an empty tenement on New...

February 29, 1960 | James Murray
Walter O'Malley can afford it. Last year, his jolly Dodger crew made more money than any other team in baseball history

February 29, 1960 | Kenneth Rudeen
Hurrying toward national fame, the Hoosier swimmers beat mighty Michigan In a fine meet

February 29, 1960 | Horace Sutton

February 29, 1960
Despite its lethal appearance, the blunt instrument below is no policeman's cudgel. It is, rather, something of a paradox—a golf club without a clubhead, and a club, moreover, that was designed...

February 29, 1960 | Tex Maule
An Australian stole the show, but three Americans set world marks, too, as the indoor track season reached its climax. The U.S. looks better than ever

February 29, 1960 | Charles Goren
The nomenclature of contract bridge is full of colorful terms borrowed from other sports. For example, the play that makes an opponent surrender a trick because he cannot guard two suits at the...

February 29, 1960 | Joe David Brown

February 29, 1960 | Joe David Brown
Valuable assistance in the preparation of this article was given by Rube Samuelsen, sports columnist of the Pasadena Independent Star-News and Arnott Duncan of the Arizona Republic.

February 29, 1960
TRACK & FIELD—Under a scorching sun in Melbourne, Herb Elliott, who has run 12 sub-four-minute miles, won the Victorian State mile title by 50 yards with a 0:55 final quarter that carried him...

February 29, 1960
LEGENDS, MEMORIES AND THE RECORDSirs:Robert Cantwell's article (The Poet, the Bums and the Legendary Red Men, SI, Feb. 15) on Marianne Moore and the Carlisle Indians brought back many memories. I...

February 29, 1960
'To maintain Olympic ideals'

February 29, 1960 | Jimmy Jemail
KAYE KESSLERThe Columbus Citizen-JournalColumbus, OhioDefinitely, but generally unconsciously. Many are influenced by crowd reactions; some are intimidated by the home coach. The official who is...

February 29, 1960 | John O'Reilly
John Kieran's New York is a delightful jungle of living things, from algae to minks