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March 14, 1960 | Volume 12, Issue 11

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated March 14, 1960

March 14, 1960
Angela Sullivan, 8-year-old English swimming wonder, splashed mile in speedy 32:17.8 for silver award in London meet. Said Angela's enthusiastic coach: "Best Olympics prospect we've ever had....

March 14, 1960 | Mervin Hyman

March 14, 1960
All times E.S.T.

March 14, 1960 | William Leggett
Tompion belied his reputation for eccentricity as he won the Santa Anita Derby, but Flow Line lived up to his

March 14, 1960 | Tex Maule
A tough little Australian named Al Lawrence, who broke four U.S. distance records in one race last week, is flying back home to show his countrymen how he does it

March 14, 1960
In two classic field events the nation's top bird dogs proved to record galleries of spectators that even bad weather cannot discourage champions

March 14, 1960
There is an empathy between bridge players and the kibitzers who watch them; when the former are in anguish the latter suffer too. And so it was at Fleming's Hotel near Piccadilly when Charles...

March 14, 1960
You're 55, you've got a freight-hauling business in Chicago, but you like to sail your Lightning in Florida waters in the wintertime. So you can come to the kind of sudden immersion that...

March 14, 1960
It was like an overwritten dream. Last week he was an amateur goalie at the Winter Olympics. This week he was trying out with the professional New York Rangers. But when the game in Manhattan's...

March 14, 1960
These three members of the world-champion Los Angeles Dodgers have a new answer to the spring training camp question, "What'd you do over the winter?" They were TV actors.

March 14, 1960
Counterfeit Prosperity

March 14, 1960
Nicolai Romanov, Russian sports administrator, on the use of oxygen by the U.S. Olympic hockey team: "It was not oxygen that made them win. It was their skill and the fact they were playing at home."

March 14, 1960
Widespread wintry nonsense to the contrary, the thinking man's spring came once again to the U.S. last week exactly as advertised.

March 14, 1960 | Jeremiah Tax

March 14, 1960 | Jeremiah Tax

March 14, 1960 | Martin Kane
Light Heavy Champ Moore, with aid from his corner, wins back the undisputed title

March 14, 1960
Alleys have become lanes, and a strong appeal to the family trade has made bowling a $1 billion industry

March 14, 1960 | Walter Bingham
Others have the reputation, but the Giants, year in and year out, make the best trades

March 14, 1960 | Arthur Murphy
Not so long ago, if he wasn't going to be a locomotive engineer, I suppose in the heart of every American boy lay the wish to be a ballplayer. As he grew up and perhaps became neither, the thought...

March 14, 1960 | Mary Frost Mabon
This dessert by a great Swedish restaurateur provides a flaming climax to a dinner party

March 14, 1960 | Robert De Roos
If these trout could talk...they might say

March 14, 1960 | Charles Goren
During my life I have spent an incredible number of hours getting to bridge games—some of them, I admit, embarrassingly short—but last month I think I broke my record. On a weekend I jetted from...

March 14, 1960 | Willy Schaeffler
QUESTION: Is there any sure, easy way for a novice to make a turn in the heavy snow and breakable crust that one finds in spring skiing?

March 14, 1960 | Charles W. Thayer

March 14, 1960 | Charles W. Thayer
Writer (Diplomat and other books), ex-Foreign Service Officer (Germany and Russia), Charles Thayer here presents the first of several articles on hunting and fishing in the U.S.S.R.

March 14, 1960
TRACK & FIELD—The Big Ten championship at Columbus, Ohio was jokingly dubbed the Caribbean Olympics. Before the meet was over that turned out to be an apt phrase; five of the 15 events were...

March 14, 1960
WINTER OLYMPICS: ON TO INNSBRUCKSirs:Living in practically snowless southeastern Pennsylvania and being an ardent foe of winter and cold weather in general, I had never seen so much as a pair of...

March 14, 1960
'As it should be played'

March 14, 1960
BOXING—LUIS RODRIGUEZ, Cuba, 10-round decision over Chico Vejar, middleweights, Miami Beach.

March 14, 1960
6—Harry Red!10—U.P.I. (2), Anchorage Times13—Lawrence Wofford-Raleigh News & Observer28—N.B.C., A.B.C. (2), C.B.S.32, 33—drawings by Ajay34—Joe Laird-Dallas Morning News48—A.P.50—Art...

March 14, 1960 | Jimmy Jemail
TERRY SAWCHUKDetroit Red Wings GoalieGordie Howe. I've watched him operate both as an opposing player and as a teammate. During my seasons in Boston, Gordie gave me the most trouble of any player....

March 14, 1960 | Arthur Judson Palmer
Professional bicycle racing was at its peak in the United States when Marshall Walter (Major) Taylor, one of eight children of a Negro Civil War veteran, won the 1899 world championship and the...