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April 18, 1960 | Volume 12, Issue 16

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Carin Cone Cover - Sports Illustrated April 18, 1960

April 18, 1960

April 18, 1960
H. Marvin Pollard, professor of medicine at the University of Michigan, on the signs of decline: "A man with an aging state oj mind is one who turns to the obituary page before he looks at the...

April 18, 1960 | Herbert Warren Wind
From a wild climax such as the Masters contrives with magical regularity, Arnold Palmer emerged an authentic and unforgettable hero

April 18, 1960 | Gordon Ackerman
Marcel Cerdan Jr. climbs cautiously through the ropes for the first time, carrying the burden of his father's famous name

April 18, 1960 | Edmund Stevens
Mikhail Tal's brilliant and bewildering victories in world championship chess stunned the Russians—and they may also have mirrored a national trend

April 18, 1960
It wasn't so much the 33° temperature or the oozy quagmire; what was really bothering players like the University of Detroit's Bruce Maher last week was trying to hit a baseball that hung in...

April 18, 1960
These fishermen wading and paddling hip-to-hip through the surging waters of the Kebbi River are learning what every avid trout angler knows well: opening day brings out a crowd. The occasion is...

April 18, 1960
What does the well-bred marsupial do when a neighbor drops in? Well, first he offers him a bite to eat. This is just what happened in a Sydney, Australia game preserve when a furry young koala...

April 18, 1960 | Martin Kane

April 18, 1960
•Suddenly the 16-pound shot seems light as a feather: four men have broken the former shotput world record. Tex Maule tells how Dallas Long and other musclemen do it.

April 18, 1960 | Robert Wernick

April 18, 1960 | Arthur Murphy
Dr. Glenn Olds, the president of Springfield College—where Professor Naismith invented basketball—made an address when The Sportsmanship Brotherhood gave basketball's Jack Twyman its annual award...

April 18, 1960 | Kenneth Rudeen

April 18, 1960 | Horace Sutton
Spring has come to the Mississippi delta to awaken a lovely resort area

April 18, 1960 | Tex Maule
At first glance, the qualifying marks for the Olympics seem arbitrary—but they are fair

April 18, 1960
Gone FishingAt this time of year many an office worker sits and dreams of slipping off from work to his favorite fishing hole—only most of them never get to go. Last week, however, the dream came...

April 18, 1960 | William Leggett
Once again Bob Cousy rose to the occasion and led Boston to the NBA championship

April 18, 1960 | Jeremiah Tax
No record is safe as they set out to make 1960 a season to remember in harness racing

April 18, 1960 | Walter Bingham
It has been red-hot in the past, but now he promises to be a perfect gentleman

April 18, 1960
Don Styron, 20-year-old junior at Northeast Louisiana State College, climaxed six track-meet victories by bettering a world record when he ran 220-yard low hurdles in 21.9 at Baton Rouge meet...

April 18, 1960 | Fred Novak
Compare the way a good player and a mediocre one handle their sand shots, and you will see quite a difference. So often, when I am playing a round with members who score in the 90s, a player who...

April 18, 1960 | Charles Goren
Sooner or later almost every successful player publishes a bridge book. Harry Fishbein is the rare exception who postponed his debut as an author for nearly a generation after he introduced his...

April 18, 1960 | Mary Frost Mabon
Properly cooked, home-grown U.S. veal can be as delicious as any European variety

April 18, 1960 | Robert Marshall

April 18, 1960 | Robert Marshall
A match with enchanted clubs...a game such as mortal never played before...and the conclusion of a classic of ghosts and golf.

April 18, 1960
All times are E.S.T.

April 18, 1960
BADMINTON—U.S., led by Judy and Sue Devlin, Dorothy O'Neil and Margaret Varner, beat Denmark 5-2, retained Uber Cup, Philadelphia.

April 18, 1960
4—Wally Huntington6—Bob Gomel7—Wil Blanche, Dan Hardesty, John W. Busch, Champaign-Urbana Courier16—Jean Marquis19—Paris-Match20, 21—Vadim Biryukov22-25—U.P.I.26, 27—George Leavens from...

April 18, 1960
DEATH AT SEBRINGSirs:I must deplore the "blood and guts" aspects of your Sebring article (SI, April 4), in which you ran several pictures of accidents and material detrimental to the sport of...

April 18, 1960
'Wonderful, like heaven'

April 18, 1960 | Jimmy Jemail
CHARLES HURTHNew OrleansPresidentSouthern AssociationThe Continental League. Branch Rickey is one of the country's best baseball men, and it has the necessary millions. The league will be of great...

April 18, 1960 | Walt Sibley
In 1902 an auto trip of just 40 miles was an unpredictable venture for hardy souls only