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May 09, 1960 | Volume 12, Issue 19

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated May 09, 1960

May 09, 1960
'Does that explain it?'

May 09, 1960

May 09, 1960 | Huston Horn

May 09, 1960 | M. R. Werner
Drugging horses to make them win or lose is still possible on American tracks but it has become risky and rare. In the last 14 years an annual average of only 15 stimulation cases has been...

May 09, 1960 | Tex Maule
World record holder Ray Norton defeated four of his peers and all of his fears to score two brilliant sprint victories in the Penn Relays

May 09, 1960 | Robert Boyle
Jimmy Jacobs won the U.S. handball championship last week, but not without a marvelous, slam-bang fight

May 09, 1960 | Robert Boyle
Robert H. Kendler, president of the United States Handball Association, is a 55-year-old Chicago millionaire who owns Community Builders, the largest home-remodeling firm in the country. Kendler...

May 09, 1960
What happens to old, misguided Olympic champions? In London, Pete Rademacher, who fights like a man pushing and mauling his way through a rush-hour subway train, was knocked out in the seventh...

May 09, 1960
Like a random feather, a sailplane, one of its wings hidden, loops slowly above the pleasant geometry of English countryside. Although sailplanes have no motor they can perform almost any...

May 09, 1960
The four young ladies performing the ballet on the wooden beam are some of the gymnasts who were at West Point last week competing for positions on the U.S. Olympic team (see page 80). During...

May 09, 1960 | Gilbert Rogin

May 09, 1960
•The small but sensational continent of Australia is the new great power on the sporting scene. Herbert Warren Wind reports on it in lively fashion in a revealing series.

May 09, 1960 | Sidney L. James
Four years ago last February the Chief of Time Inc.'s London News Bureau took on a special assignment. Andre Laguerre went to Cortina and from there covered the VII Olympic Winter Games for SPORTS...

May 09, 1960 | Barbara Romack

May 09, 1960 | Fred R. Smith
This Roman porter is not so overloaded as he looks. The seven pieces of luggage he is carrying, balanced with Italian finesse, weigh less than 132 pounds. Yet they contain a complete, unstinted...

May 09, 1960
Fire at willShooting paper clips out of office windows with rubber bands was recognized by the New York Court of Appeals last week as a suitable sport for idle messenger boys. Declining to set...

May 09, 1960 | Martin Kane
Sonny Liston may be our best heavyweight, but seems fated never to achieve a title shot

May 09, 1960
Karen Hantze, pert 17-year-old San Diego tennis whiz ranked No. 6 in the country by USLTA, showed her championship form by taking Ojai (Calif.) Valley title in fast 6-0, 6-0 sets from five-time...

May 09, 1960 | Charles Goren
It was with considerable misgiving and a violent attack of butterflies that I went into TV last October. There had been many tries in the past to broadcast bridge, and all had failed. I wasn't...

May 09, 1960 | Whitney Tower
It will be Tompion and Bally Ache against the field this week in the 86th Kentucky Derby

May 09, 1960
All times are E.D.T.

May 09, 1960 | Walter Bingham
The nation's best gymnasts, men and women, competed for Olympic team positions

May 09, 1960 | Mort Lund

May 09, 1960 | Roger Williams

May 09, 1960
BASEBALL—CONTINENTAL LEAGUE, struggling to coexist, with two established major leagues, had some good news. New York's Board of Estimate formally approved $442,500 appropriation to complete...

May 09, 1960
4—Walter Daran6—Jimmy Banks, U.P.I.7—Hans Knopf-Pix, Brian Kent, Jerry Cooke, Charles H. Anderson-Gilloon12—London Daily Express, Associated Newspapers, Ltd.14—London Daily Express15—Associated...

May 09, 1960
THE LIFE AND DEATH OF BOXINGSirs:"And good riddance" will be the silent reaction shared by many to The End of College Boxing (SI, April 25).

May 09, 1960 | Jimmy Jemail
JOSEPH C. DEY JR.Locust Valley, N.Y.Executive DirectorUSGATam O'Shanter must have its reasons, but this can't be done at all clubs. First, some courses are too hilly. Second, there are 6,000 golf...

May 09, 1960 | Joe Garagiola

May 09, 1960 | Joe Garagiola
Joe Garagiola was a catcher with the Cardinals, Pirates, Cubs and Giants for nine seasons (.257 BA) before he turned to sports broadcasting. This article is abridged from his recent book, Baseball...