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May 16, 1960 | Volume 12, Issue 20

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated May 16, 1960

May 16, 1960
BASKETBALL—GEORGE SMITH, who rode to coaching prominence at U. of Cincinnati on Oscar Robertson's marvelous skills, will henceforth do his masterminding from athletic director's chair. Smith moved...

May 16, 1960
6—Dick Darcey-Washington Post7—Ewing Galloway, A.P. (2), Lois Laney, Sam Chambliss, Bert Morgan, Jimmy Banks18, 19—John G. Zimmerman20—Jerry Cooke22, 23—Art Shay24—William Palmer-Indianapolis...

May 16, 1960
POINTS OF VIEWSirs:Regarding your story on the Fullmer vs. Giardello fight (A Mad Night in Montana, SI, May 2), I think that Giardello was robbed of the title because of poor officiating by...

May 16, 1960
'I beat Mama'

May 16, 1960
All times are E.D.T.

May 16, 1960 | Whitney Tower
As last week's Kentucky Derby field turns into the stretch, the race is already won—by Venetian Way, who at this exact point is overtaking the faltering Bally Ache.

May 16, 1960 | Jack Olsen

May 16, 1960 | Charles Goren

May 16, 1960
For two straight days last week all England was walking on air. On Friday a Princess got married in Westminster Abbey, and on Saturday the World Series of English soccer—the Football Association...

May 16, 1960
•Is bridge dangerous? No, but it can be hysterical. Jack Olsen writes of the masterful world of Expert Charles Goren and a raft of other noted and entertaining players.

May 16, 1960
Using all of his 165 pounds as a counterweìght to windward, 13-year-old Ronnie Hobart does more than his level best to keep his International Moth upright during a Larchmont spring regatta on Long...

May 16, 1960
Big leaguers usually are photographed in moments of glory, but when SPORTS ILLUSTRATED's John Zimmerman used a long-lens camera to gain a pitcher's-eye view of home plate he found that even the...

May 16, 1960 | Kenneth Rudeen

May 16, 1960 | Sidney L. James
The character of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED (or of any magazine) is a combination of its editorial and advertising contents. The whole, if editors and advertisers judge correctly, reflects the breadth of...

May 16, 1960 | Louise Suggs
Trap Shots

May 16, 1960 | Mort Lund

May 16, 1960
A chance at the majors

May 16, 1960 | Alice Higgins
The abused Walking horse found defenders at tests in Virginia and Tennessee

May 16, 1960 | Mary Frost Mabon
The name on her stern is Algol, her home port reads Miami, her course this month is down the Exuma cays of the Bahamas, and invitations to take a meal aboard should be accepted. As has been...

May 16, 1960
Ruth Hodge, 21-year-old political science major at Wellesley, after taking first in her college's 66th annual hoop roll, stated she wasn't ready to toss her hat into the matrimonial ring, despite...

May 16, 1960 | Roy Terrell
Yankee Stadium's once-peaceful let field has turned into a haze-blocked booby trap that leaves strong outfielders shaking and Casey Stengel talking to himself

May 16, 1960 | Roy Terrell
Left field in Yankee Stadium is difficult to play because of direct sunlight, dazzling haze and deep, deep shadows (see drawing), which creep across the field as the game progresses. Past and...

May 16, 1960 | Gerald Holland
North Carolina hunters, shooting as a team for the seventh straight year, outsmart and outcaw the black pests that are traditionally the most elusive of all targets in the skies

May 16, 1960

May 16, 1960 | Gilbert Rogin
After the eighth race, The Major Lufberry, in which he finished fifth, Eddie Arcaro changed into the red-and-gray silks he would wear in the ninth race, an optional claiming handicap in which he...

May 16, 1960 | Herbert Warren Wind

May 16, 1960 | Herbert Warren Wind
The ingredients of the good life and how Australians use them...the role of the coach and the secret of hard work...vignettes from a happy land.

May 16, 1960 | Roger Williams

May 16, 1960 | Jimmy Jemail
KYLE ROTEScarsdale, N.Y.Co-Captain, New YorkGiantsConsidering the risk pro football players take, they're underpaid compared to baseball players. We average $9,300 for a five-to-six-month season...

May 16, 1960 | Tom Peck