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May 30, 1960 | Volume 12, Issue 22

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Herb Elliott Cover - Sports Illustrated May 30, 1960

May 30, 1960 | Tex Maule

May 30, 1960 | Michael Demarest
The U.S. Curtis Cup golfers adopted Disney nicknames, but there was nothing frivolous about the way they beat their British rivals

May 30, 1960 | Edmund Stevens
Sports Illustrated's correspondent in Moscow reports on the new world chess champion Mikhail Tal—and on the new chess era that opened with a smile

May 30, 1960 | Edmund Stevens
The extraordinary photograph at the right shows Alexander Alekhine, world champion for 17 years, as he was found dead in a Lisbon hotel room in March 1946. His death, officially listed as...

May 30, 1960
Dave Sime left the starting blocks like a drunk on roller skates, wobbled along for 50 meters and then put on a burst to win the 100-meter race by a step in 10.4. The scene was the Coliseum Relays...

May 30, 1960
Beatniks might consider it square, but to Marion (Mickey) Thompson, 31, it's really living to drag away from a standing start and scream a sauced-up car over a measured course in a race with the...

May 30, 1960
Army's Yank at Oxford, Pete Dawkins, took his first innings at cricket last week and brought a classic widespread Joe DiMaggio batting stance to England's national game. For cricket it was...

May 30, 1960
A pair of shaggy fishermen took to the sea last week, smoked Havana cigars and trolled peacefully for marlin in politically storm-tossed waters. The big fishermen: Cuban Premier Fidel Castro and...

May 30, 1960 | Alfred Wright

May 30, 1960
•The warm story of Red Schoendienst's gallant battle against tuberculosis, a battle the second baseman would prefer to have people forget, is detailed by James Murray.

May 30, 1960 | Carl Behr
The map on these pages is an invitation to see Rome and the 1960 Olympic Games this summer in an entirely new way—with a camp as your home base. While most Europeans are familiar with this way of...

May 30, 1960 | Sidney L. James
In the words of Cicero, "Nothing is harder to find than perfection," and in the words of Dante, "The more a thing is perfect, the more it feels pleasure."

May 30, 1960 | Gerald Holland
The Washington Senators help a comfort-loving fan to recapture an old serenity

May 30, 1960
One of the pleasantest ways to escape the savage rhythms of modern life, as the owners of the venerable cars shown on the following pages have discovered, is to don goggles and dusters and drive...

May 30, 1960 | Whitney Tower
Ussery's triumphant smile reflected the ease of his Preakness win on Bally Ache

May 30, 1960 | Charles Goren
Kibitzing a touch-and-go bridge hand can be like watching a duel. In bridge, however, the lunges, parries, feints and delicate maneuvers for position are in slow motion—which should make them...

May 30, 1960 | Evan Jones
A Spanish saying has it that "in order to be a whole person one must fight a bull, write a book, have a son and plant a tree." Doreen Feng de Badell, the sportswoman and Chinese diplomat's...

May 30, 1960
BELOW THE SUMMITDespite last week's explosion at the summit, athletic exchanges between the U.S. and Soviet Russia will not be affected unless diplomatic relations deteriorate further. That, at...

May 30, 1960 | Roy Terrell
The Pirates seldom look like winners, but nobody seems to know how to make them lose

May 30, 1960 | Robert Coughlan

May 30, 1960
Ann Warner, 15, Santa Clara Swim Club ace from Menlo Park, Calif. bettered by more than two seconds her American record for 200-meter breaststroke, set at Pan-Am Games, when she splashed distance...

May 30, 1960 | Roger Williams

May 30, 1960
BASEBALL—New York and Kansas City traders consummated 16th deal in five years. Third Baseman Andy Carey began wonting for the Athletics and Outfielder Bob Cerv, sent to KC in 1956 by the Yankees,...

May 30, 1960
6—A.P.7—John G. Zimmerman, Jerry Cooke, A.P., Alan Clifton, Jon Brenneis12—Phil Bath13—Australian Track & Field14, 15—Derek Boyes16—from "Schachgenie Aljechin," © Siegfried Engelhardt Verlag,...

May 30, 1960
THE SCORE IN BLOOMINGTONSirs:I would like to compliment you on the editorial about the recruiting of athletes at Indiana University (The Right Time for Courage, May 16). I thoroughly agree that to...

May 30, 1960
'A nice girl, but...'

May 30, 1960

May 30, 1960
The best of the Thoroughbred races from May 28 to July 4

May 30, 1960 | Roger Williams
It started when a 15-year-old boy went to the mound to face the pennant-bound Cardinals