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June 06, 1960 | Volume 12, Issue 23

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Red Schoendienst Cover - Sports Illustrated June 06, 1960

June 06, 1960

June 06, 1960
These attentive bleacherites are scouts for 13 major league clubs. They assembled in Pittsburgh the other day to look over a left-handed young man named Sam McDowell (right). A 17-year-old senior...

June 06, 1960
Julie Kay Pratt, 18, a brown-eyed beauty from Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Ind., was crowned queen of the "500" Festival, given assignment of bussing winner of Indianapolis "500" on...

June 06, 1960
All times are E.D.T.

June 06, 1960

June 06, 1960 | Tex Maule

June 06, 1960 | Alfred Wright
Jim Rathmann's '500' was the fastest ever. Only one driver was hurt, but a makeshift stand toppled to mar the day

June 06, 1960
Three Americans on a crazy expedition cause a sensation in Colombia

June 06, 1960
Twenty thousand Japanese fight fans abandoned their traditional Oriental reserve last week at Tokyo's Korakuen Stadium to cheer in patriotic frenzy as their challenger, Kenji Yonekura, took on...

June 06, 1960
•In this month's U.S. Open the stars of the future will face a stern challenge from some heroes of the recent past. Herbert Warren Wind reviews and previews golf's top event.

June 06, 1960
It looks like an Aztec excavation near Los Angeles, but in fact it is Chavez Ravine, someday home of the Dodgers. Someday, indeed. This week bulldozers again were halted by lawyers who have been...

June 06, 1960
They laughed when Ingemar Johansson stepped up to the tee. But they laughed quietly. Followed by his fiancée, Birgit Lundgren, who nuzzled his ear, fondled his arm and gazed admiringly into his...

June 06, 1960 | James Murray

June 06, 1960 | Sidney L. James
The importance of names in sport is so obvious that ordinarily we hardly give it a second thought. One man who has lately done just that is the Chicago White Sox president, Bill Veeck. The result...

June 06, 1960 | Carleton Mitchell

June 06, 1960 | Carleton Mitchell

June 06, 1960
It is neither the oldest school, nor the hardest in which to enter a son. The Battle of Waterloo was not won on its playing fields (there were no formal playing fields in 1815), and the Duke of...

June 06, 1960 | Martin Kane
A new 'jet' principle led Old Archie to victory; an old body punch made Paret a champ

June 06, 1960 | Gwilym Brown
Our best marathoner quit in despair a month ago, but came back to win a trip to Rome

June 06, 1960 | Robert Cantwell
The traditional (and innocent) diversion of spies and secret agents appears in a U-2 setting

June 06, 1960 | Charles Goren
Reading Jack Olsen's enjoyable new book, The Mad World of Bridge (SI, May 23), I ran across several famous bridge hands that perhaps should have found their way into this column long ago.

June 06, 1960 | Henry Longhurst
A 47-year-old shotmaker from St. Louis almost used up Britain's best amateurs

June 06, 1960 | Horton Smith
Putting is the most precise and certainly the most fickle part of golf. Through the years I have concluded there is a strong relationship between the psychology, philosophy and mechanics of this...

June 06, 1960 | Huston Horn
That's the way alley owners would like to have it, but the slow bowler rolls on and on

June 06, 1960 | Bonnie Prudden
One month ago a new program of exercises for 2-month-old babies was introduced to help American parents build a fit generation of children right from the cradle. René Pouteau (below), now 3 months...

June 06, 1960 | Coles Phinizy

June 06, 1960 | Walter Bingham

June 06, 1960
BASEBALL—MINNESOTA, over Iowa, 7-3, 8-0, to win third straight Big Ten title, Minneapolis.

June 06, 1960
10, 11—Eddie Frank-Pittsburgh Press (2), Joe Young Indanapolis News, Jeep Hunter, A.P., Dan Klepper-San Antonio Express, A.P.24—map by Matt Greene27—Cocado,EI Tiempo30,31—A.P.34—A.P.37—Herb...

June 06, 1960
DE MORTUIS...Sirs:Bravo for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED in recognizing A Man of Quality (May 23). Aly Khan excelled as few do in important and pleasurable endeavors widely accepted by our culture.

June 06, 1960
'Here is what counts'

June 06, 1960 | Gerald Holland
The state of Missouri ponders the question, 'Just what is a licensed dog licensed to do?'