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June 13, 1960 | Volume 12, Issue 24

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Dow Finsterwald Cover - Sports Illustrated June 13, 1960

June 13, 1960
Go north, young man

June 13, 1960
Events and Discoveries of the Week

June 13, 1960
Mary Sherar, a freshman at Yakima Valley Junior College, Yakima, Wash., gave the boys some tennis lessons. In state's junior college championships she beat them for the men's singles, also won the...

June 13, 1960
All times are E.D.T.

June 13, 1960

June 13, 1960 | Herbert Warren Wind

June 13, 1960 | Ray Cave
A brash Navy lacrosse team re-enacted a famous massacre, slaughtered Army with its running attack and captured the intercollegiate title

June 13, 1960 | Walter Bingham
When the ball game is over, a trio of fun-loving Philadelphia Phillies prowl the night in search of adventure. But from now on they may not be able to afford it

June 13, 1960
One moment Italian Driver Giorgi Scarlatti was seated calmly in his Ferrari during a pit stop at the Nürburgring in Germany. The next he was vaulting frantically from the car in a geyser of flame....

June 13, 1960
The weather was bright and hot, the crowd, as usual, was "estimated at a quarter of a million" and the attention of virtually every sportsman in England was directed toward the ancient Derby at...

June 13, 1960
These incandescent pools of light, glowing in the night on either bank of New York's Harlem River, are a sight unique in sport—and one that mixes memory and desire, even as T. S. Eliot's April....

June 13, 1960 | John Lovesey
A handful of single-minded sailors are ready to bob off from England across the Atlantic, one to a tub

June 13, 1960 | Virginia Kraft

June 13, 1960 | William Leggett
All the railbirds love Ycaza, the young jockey from Panama with the nerve of a desperado

June 13, 1960
Motorcycle racing can be as exhilarating to the spectator as any sport on earth. The speed, the exhaust noise, the fancy drifting of the riders through the turns on dirt tracks, their delicate...

June 13, 1960 | Tex Maule
Herb Elliott finally ran up to expectations, but little Jim again stole the show

June 13, 1960 | Whitney Tower
Winning the Belmont, truest Thoroughbred test, calls for extreme courage and stamina

June 13, 1960 | Mary Frost Mabon
In Maine and eastern Canadaanglers already are on the streams as Salmo salar, the Atlantic salmon, begins the 1960 upriver run from the sea. From now until September fly-fishermen will be dropping...

June 13, 1960 | Roy Terrell
Barely old enough to vote, the kids from Baltimore are the surprise of the 1960 season

June 13, 1960 | Alice Higgins
A wild meeting in Tennessee ended in a close victory for the put-upon Walking Horse

June 13, 1960 | Gerald Holland
Off Cuttyhunk, where all the big fish meet, the broadbill gets a tournament of its own

June 13, 1960 | Sidney L. James
A glance will confirm the similarities between these two pictures. But it is their differences that make a journalistic point. One is a drawing by Robert Riger for the preview of last year's...

June 13, 1960 | Herbert Warren Wind

June 13, 1960 | Roger Williams

June 13, 1960
BICYCLE RACING—MICHAEL HILTNER, 19-year-old Californian, pedaled 50 miles in 2:00.30.7 for U.S. record, Tour of Somerville (N.J.).

June 13, 1960
8—Robert Riger, Hy Peskin12—Lee Balterman13—Tom Bacsanyi, Louisville Courier-Journal, Jimmy Banks, Jim Vincent-Oregon Journal, Fred F. Feary, Bill Young-Atlanta Journal18—John G. Zimmerman20—Fred...

June 13, 1960
NOW HEAR THISSirs:Your May 30 FOR THE RECORD column carried a line which merits some attention. I refer to the statement that John Kelley, Gordon McKenzie and Alex Breckenridge were "virtually...

June 13, 1960 | Jimmy Jemail
ROCKY MARCIANOFormer heavyweight championFort Lauderdale, Fla.I really hate to predict a winner. I never have, not even in my own rights because you look so bad when you're wrong. With this as a...

June 13, 1960 | Maury Allen
The first game under lights at Ebbets Field 22 years ago provided a memorable drama