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June 27, 1960 | Volume 12, Issue 26

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Glenn Davis Cover - Sports Illustrated June 27, 1960

June 27, 1960
All times are E.D.T.

June 27, 1960

June 27, 1960 | Martin Kane

June 27, 1960 | Tex Maule
Collegians broke 10 records at the NCAA meet, but now they face track's senior citizens

June 27, 1960 | Herbert Warren Wind
With six birdies in seven holes, Arnold Palmer came on with a rush to win the wildest of all U.S. Opens

June 27, 1960
Everybody knew that the huge water hazard at Cherry Hills would make trouble for U.S. Open competitors, but nobody was prepared for the bizarre blowups it provoked on opening day. First, Doug...

June 27, 1960
Her crew dressed in ghostly white, the 66-foot cutter Nam Sang gropes toward the starting line at Brenton Reef, hound for Bermuda, 635 miles away. Somewhere near by, shrouded in the worst fog to...

June 27, 1960
•What's behind the flaring antics of the White Sox' Bill Veeck? More than just a clown, he is one of the most purposeful and lively characters enlivening baseball today.

June 27, 1960
Strung out along a snaking, subterranean trail in the Big Room of New Mexico's Carlsbad Caverns, a convention of hard-hatted American cave explorers, mostly members of the National Speleological...

June 27, 1960 | Roy Terrell

June 27, 1960
So says Photographer Mark Kauffman. "It's like a beautiful woman," he reflects, and adds, "Lovely women and finely formed Thoroughbreds are an unbeatable combination."

June 27, 1960 | Sidney L. James
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S main claim to uniqueness is that it is a contemporary magazine. As such it reflects the revolution that has made sport a larger part of life and at the same time has made life...

June 27, 1960 | Matt Mann

June 27, 1960 | Matt Mann
In forthcoming issues Matt Mann will round out his lessons in basic swimming with detailed instructions, again illustrated by Artist Ed Vebell, on how you can teach your child to master the...

June 27, 1960 | Alice Higgins
Jeb Wofford, to some a pest and to others a pioneer, may become the first athlete to sue his way onto a U.S. team

June 27, 1960 | William Furlong
Marge Lindheimer Everett, tough and shrewd as old Ben, takes over his Chicago tracks

June 27, 1960 | Ray Cave
An overpowering bunch of California musclemen upset the favored eastern crews to win the top prize of college rowing

June 27, 1960 | Charles Goren
Few alibis in that marvelous and seemingly bottomless grab bag of excuses carried by bridge players are as popular as the one that goes, "Sorry, partner, I misplaced a card." A friend of mine...

June 27, 1960 | Kenneth Rudeen
Rigorous tests at Bridgehampton have prepared Cunningham for a new assault on Le Mans

June 27, 1960 | Jim Brosnan

June 27, 1960 | Jim Brosnan
This account of Jim Brosnan's relatively happy relationship with Manager Hutchinson forms part of a book, The Long Season, to be published by Harper & Brothers on July 6 ($3.95).

June 27, 1960
BOATING—COAST GUARD ACADEMY, national collegiate sailing championship, with 210 points, Detroit. Runner-up: Princeton, 201 points.

June 27, 1960
4—Douglas Fulton8—Central Press9—Peter Whitney, Iowa Girls' High School Athletic Union, Rich Clarkson-Topeko Capitol-Journal, Chuck Farmer, A. E. Woolley54—Iower left, Hy Peskin58—Art...

June 27, 1960 | Roger Williams

June 27, 1960
CATCALLSSirs:I was glad to see that takeout on the cats, pegged on Aikane and Rudy Choy by Carleton Mitchell (The Cats Squelch the Catcalls, June 6).

June 27, 1960

June 27, 1960

June 27, 1960
Eduard Kahl, 37, of Vienna, Austria, took first place in the 12th annual International Down River competition at Salida, Colo., paddled his way over rapids-filled, 25-mile course from Salida down...

June 27, 1960
The major sports attractions in West Germany this summer

June 27, 1960 | Jerry Seibert
Harriet Quimby was beautiful and brave but she chose the wrong time to make history