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July 11, 1960 | Volume 13, Issue 2

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Jim Beatty Cover - Sports Illustrated July 11, 1960

July 11, 1960
All times are E.D.T.

July 11, 1960

July 11, 1960 | Tex Maule
Don Bragg's record pole vault was only one thrill of many at the Palo Alto trials

July 11, 1960 | William Leggett
TV's oldest program leaves the air, to the cheers of some, the yawns of others and, perhaps, to the benefit of boxing itself

July 11, 1960 | Roy Terrell
The American League's best bet in the All-Star Game is a pitcher from Kansas City named Bud Daley who knows what he likes and who doesn't want to be a Yankee

July 11, 1960
Howling at twilight, his face a tortured but truculent mask, Carmen Basilio taunts the ringside photographs in salt lake City as Referee Pete Giacoma watches apprehensively. At the end of the...

July 11, 1960
When quarter-finals day at Wimbledon began, the United States, represented by Earl Buchholz and Barry MacKay, seemed to have a good chance to win the men's singles for the first time since Tony...

July 11, 1960
These outflung arms, gaping mouths, popping eyes and clutched heads are the not unpredictable reactions of a group of Americans on seeing a man return from outer space. The re-entrant, descending...

July 11, 1960
•The talent-rich San Francisco Giants, favored by many to win the pennant, have turned into the most puzzling team in baseball. Robert Boyle penetrates the mystery.

July 11, 1960 | Gilbert Rogin

July 11, 1960 | Sidney L. James
These two lively actors, the bonefish and the tarpon, already have played featured parts in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED (Feb. 2 & May 11, 1959). Now, in the first of a series of motion picture short...

July 11, 1960 | Matt Mann

July 11, 1960 | Matt Mann
Two weeks hence Coach Mann concludes his basic swimming lessons by showing how he teaches the old orthodox breaststroke, a restful and valuable part of any swimmer's repertoire.

July 11, 1960
The pacers pounding out of the opposite and following pages are the result of a unique experiment in photography. While watching a harness race recently, Photographer Jerry Cooke became intrigued...

July 11, 1960 | James Murray
Frustrated by Fullmer's style, Basilio lost his head and the fight at the same time

July 11, 1960 | Kenneth Rudeen
The amateurs' unexciting play encouraged advocates of a 1961 open tournament

July 11, 1960 | Herbert Warren Wind
For the Canada Cup, Irish skies were smiling and the U.S. won in a light breeze

July 11, 1960 | Alice Higgins
A dramatic spill ends Jeb's challenge and another three-day team is picked without him

July 11, 1960 | Fred R. Smith
Bermuda racers discover the joys of a new foul-weather suit

July 11, 1960 | Charles Goren
Abridge expert is a curious sort of chap—and you may take that in either sense of the word. To illustrate, after two grueling sessions of mental exertion at any bridge tournament, it is not at all...

July 11, 1960 | Carleton Mitchell

July 11, 1960 | Horace Sutton
For Gauguinesque dreamers the misty dream of Tahiti, fragrant with frangipani and free of the bonds of civilization, is all but over. Last week the alarm clock was ringing and the morning of...

July 11, 1960
ARCHERY—FAYE SCONYERS, Modesto, Calif, successfully defended her women's instinctive class title in National Field Archery Championships at Grayling, Mich., at same time set national record by...

July 11, 1960
4—illustrations by Jack Kunz8—A.P.9—Bob Doeppers-lndianapolis News, Stan Troutman, Bill Halkett, Dominique Berretty23—Art Rickerby-Pix26, 27—P. A. Reuter (2), Keystone33—A.P.34—U.P.I.35—N.Y. Daily...

July 11, 1960 | Roger Williams

July 11, 1960
NEW DATE WITH DESTINY?Sirs:Hurrah for Herbert Warren Wind's report on the National Open (Destiny's New Favorite, June 27). However, I should have liked one more word for Jack Nicklaus. This young...

July 11, 1960
'If we ever get bored...'

July 11, 1960

July 11, 1960
Britt Robinson, 12-year-old trapshooting whiz from Tahoka, Texas, took three prizes in 81st annual Texas Trapshooting Tournament at Amarillo, including state junior handicap title, despite fact he...

July 11, 1960 | Bruce Lee

July 11, 1960 | Bruce Lee
PLACE: Onondaga Lake, Syracuse DATE: July 7-9 EVENTS: U.S. Olympic qualifiers