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July 25, 1960 | Volume 13, Issue 4

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated July 25, 1960

July 25, 1960

July 25, 1960 | Huston Horn
It was a hectic week for women athletes—in flying, swimming and track and field

July 25, 1960 | Walter Bingham
In both All-Star Games the National League proved it can play baseball much better than that other outfit

July 25, 1960 | Carleton Mitchell
When 'Finisterre,' an unconventional little potbelly of a yawl, won the Bermuda Race in 1956 yachtsmen declared her a 'rule-beater' that reaped enormous handicap benefits over competitors under...

July 25, 1960
Baseball history was made last week when Stan Musial homered at Yankee Stadium. Even American League fans went wild. For the 39-year-old Musial it was his sixth All-Star Game home run—a record—and...

July 25, 1960
Any lingering and foolish foreign notion that cricket is a polite pastime for languid young toffs always is dispelled when All-England's Freddie Trueman pounds up to bowl. Like fellow Yorkshireman...

July 25, 1960
Trailing long, foamy wakes, a potpourri of powerboats streams up the Inland Waterway at the start of the Gold Coast Marathon. The race, a rugged 124 miles from Miami to West Palm Beach and back,...

July 25, 1960
"He was too light, and he wasn't fast," a friend said of this raggedy 9-year-old end for the 1926 Dexter School football team, "but he was tough." Last week Jack Kennedy, faster, heavier and...

July 25, 1960
•In the hard fight at the Olympic trials at Toledo, Ohio next week, butterfly swimmer Mike Troy seems a certainty to make the team and win a Rome gold medal.

July 25, 1960 | Alice Higgins
With the poise of a princess and the daring of a dragoon, California's Trish Galvin has swept into the royal enclosure of riding's classic dressage

July 25, 1960
Bright Hulls clustered on the shallow beaches, the gold light of a hazy sky dissolving in the silky waters, the slow roll of Pacific swells and shafts of light refracted in the shifting prisms of...

July 25, 1960 | Sidney L. James
The following letter recently came to me from Parma, Italy. Its opening appeal to my vanity was personally hard to resist. But its significant appeal, I think, may get a more useful response:

July 25, 1960 | Ray Cave

July 25, 1960 | Ray Cave
How does a man so small hit a ball so far? Jerry Barber does it with a different kind of golf swing, one which he says took 10 years to develop. He now feels it is the most simple and practical...

July 25, 1960 | Matt Mann

July 25, 1960 | Whitney Tower
Dotted Swiss was light and lucky at Hollywood Park, in a week when a speedy newcomer was the talk of California racing fans

July 25, 1960 | Fred R. Smith
A donkey called Michelangelo and a nocturnal octopus fisherman will show you the side of this famous island that few tourists see

July 25, 1960 | Gerald Holland
Doing a meticulous job in his own quiet way, Joe O'Brien is prepping a big, handsome chestnut colt for trotting's top prize

July 25, 1960 | Tex Maule
Some fast-starting foreigners may dethrone U.S. sprinters

July 25, 1960 | Charles Goren
Haiti, that magic-loving island republic, is playing high-class international bridge these days, and no legerdemain about it. Tricks the Haitians have, but they are honestly come by. Playing in...

July 25, 1960 | Jack Olsen

July 25, 1960
BICYCLING—GASTONE NENCINI, Italy, to the humiliation of France, pedaled into Paris, victor in 22-day Tour de France. Nencini won the world's longest bike race (2,607 miles) without winning any of...

July 25, 1960
8—Marie Newberry9—A.P., John Titchen-Honolulu Star Bulletin, Sun Valley-Union Pacific, Brendan F. Mulvey, A.P., David H. McCuen-Philadelphia Daily News12—A. Y. Owen13—Hy Peskin14—Lou Witt15—Hy...

July 25, 1960
All times are E.D.T.

July 25, 1960 | Roger Williams

July 25, 1960
THE FEEL OF THE KICKSirs:"Sometimes the kick looks good, but you feel no thrust. If this is so, don't worry about it. Propulsion is truly secondary" (Teach Your Child to Swim, June 27). My whole...

July 25, 1960
'This year I've improved'

July 25, 1960

July 25, 1960
Carolyn House, 14, representing L.A. Athletic Club, posted new American swim record of 19:45 for women's 1,500-meter freestyle at Indianapolis AAU meet, bettered previous mark of 20:02.4 set by...

July 25, 1960
The major flat and jumping races through mid-August

July 25, 1960 | M. R. Werner