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August 01, 1960 | Volume 13, Issue 5

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Mike Troy Cover - Sports Illustrated August 01, 1960

August 01, 1960

August 01, 1960 | Alfred Wright
A Louisiana Cajun who often plays first-rate golf only to finish second, Jay Hebert surprised himself and others; he won the PGA after Palmer gambled once too often

August 01, 1960 | Gwilym Brown
While Arnold Palmer was failing at Akron in his attempt to sweep the major U.S. golf titles, at the hilly, green Worcester Country Club in Massachusetts, Mickey Wright was missing a slam bid of...

August 01, 1960 | William Leggett

August 01, 1960 | Walter Bingham
Intent on revenge, confident of success, the Chicago White Sox swept into New York last week to challenge the Yankees for the American League lead. For three days they poked singles over and...

August 01, 1960
Fighting to hang on to his bucking bronc in Tucson's La Fiesta de los Vaqueros rodeo, Bareback Rider Tommy Smith disqualifies himself by touching mount with his free hand as pickup man maneuvers...

August 01, 1960
Center stage for the XVII Olympiad is the rebuilt 100,000-seat Stadio Olimpico, begun by Mussolini for the war-cancelled 1944 Olympics. It is situated between the slopes of Monte Mario and the Tiber.

August 01, 1960
High in the roadless mountains of Idaho's Primitive Area there is a wild stretch of water that dives and twists 113 miles through the canyons of the Salmon River Mountains. In 1937 Dr. Russell...

August 01, 1960 | Kenneth Rudeen
In 1958, when an English Van wall was voted the best Grand Prix car of the year, it was rather freely reported that a revolution in auto racing had taken place. Actually, at that time it...

August 01, 1960
Stephen Birmingham, champion all-round non-athlete, wit and social historian, tells how judicious use of sporting terms enables him to avoid all exertion, yet talk a good game.

August 01, 1960 | Ray Cave

August 01, 1960 | Roger Price
A noted humorist urges competitive apathy as a dynamic answer to that old tired feeling

August 01, 1960 | Sidney L. James
In the long light of history The Decline and Fall of New York by Gerald Holland (SI, Jan. 11) may not overshadow a more extensive treatise on the similar fate of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon....

August 01, 1960 | Ray Cave
America's version of the Tour de France stops traffic but provides an Olympic team

August 01, 1960 | Gilbert Rogin
By knocking out Zora Folley, Sonny Liston clearly earned a shot at the title but he has little reason to expect he will get it soon

August 01, 1960 | Bonnie Prudden
The fifth month is an adventurous one in the life of a baby. He will discover for himself, as 5-month-old René Pouteau (below) is doing, that he can turn over, move around on his own and generally...

August 01, 1960 | Mort Lund
Sailing for 40 long and lonely days through fog and terrifying weather, a London map maker beats his rivals to port by a wide margin in the first singlehanded transatlantic race

August 01, 1960 | Charles Goren
Bridge, like all other institutions, has its woe-sayers and head-waggers, and they are never more active than when they have a new convention to consider. The typical, unreconstructed view of the...

August 01, 1960 | Robert Graves

August 01, 1960

August 01, 1960
BICYCLING—The 1960 U.S. OLYMPIC ROAD TEAM which qualified at trials in Central Park, N.Y. (see page 42): MICHAEL HILTNER and LARS ZEBROSKI, both of Pedale Alpini Club, Los Angeles; ROBERT...

August 01, 1960
Cover—Jerry Cooke6—San Francisco Chronicle7—Arthur E. Fillmore, New York Times, Brian Seed, U.P.I., A.P.12, 13—Art Rickerby-Pix14—map by William Bernstein15—Hy Peskin27—John Sadovy29—David...

August 01, 1960 | Roger Williams

August 01, 1960
GOLF CASTING, ANYONE?Sirs:I would like to apply for membership in the U.S. Golf Club Casting Association (19TH HOLE, July 18). I have long felt that the only purpose of golf was to vent emotion,...

August 01, 1960
'They're my guests'

August 01, 1960
Carol Meinhart of Pittsburgh, women's national archery champion, set two world records at Pittsburgh when she shot 742-756 for two-round 1,498, beating previous one-round (740) and two-round...

August 01, 1960
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