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August 22, 1960 | Volume 13, Issue 8

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Barbara McIntire Cover - Sports Illustrated August 22, 1960

August 22, 1960 | Roy Terrell
Thousands of feet above Texas, the finest glider pilots ever assembled in the U. S. fought in silence for seven days for the National Soaring title

August 22, 1960 | John Lovesey
A new design and new tactics are threatening the U.S.'s Olympic domination for the first time in 40 years

August 22, 1960 | Walter Bingham
Pittsburgh and New York will meet in the World Series, according to the vote of the major league players. As for Baltimore, St. Louis and other contenders—a nice try and wait till next year

August 22, 1960
These grass-skirted welcomers are not Hawaiians or Tahitians but carefree Europeans and Americans who are living it up, South Seas style, on the Greek island of Corfu. They sleep in straw huts,...

August 22, 1960 | Alfred Wright

August 22, 1960 | Alfred Wright
This year, after Barbara McIntire won the British Amateur cup, which she holds here, she was not permitted to take it out of England. Barbara will say only that this is the custom, but in 1956,...

August 22, 1960
From Rome comes a report on how matters stand on the eve of the Olympics—and from Bern an account of the U.S. track team's performance in a warmup meet in Switzerland.

August 22, 1960
Rhythmically swinging red balls to the blare of a polka, thousands of schoolgirls mass inside giant Strahov Stadium (capacity: 250,000) during this summer's Spartakiade. Beneath the triumphant...

August 22, 1960 | Gerald Holland

August 22, 1960 | Ed Vebell

August 22, 1960 | Emmett Watson
Two days of hydro racing end with four hospital cases, three retirements and no real winner

August 22, 1960 | Sidney L. James
The characteristics of his family of readers are of uncommon interest to a publisher. Against the background of the U.S. population as a whole, the readers of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED are an uncommon...

August 22, 1960 | Kenneth Rudeen
The British have bet $4 million that Donald Campbell's 'Bluebird,' like another 'Bluebird' of the '30s, will prove to be the world's fastest

August 22, 1960 | William Leggett
Once upon a time there was a race horse who wore red earmuffs, ate artichokes and had as his owner a French woman who made champagne and loved her horse so dearly that she would give him anything,...

August 22, 1960 | Joe David Brown
When I was a boy fishing the streams of Alabama the most renowned fisherman in our parts was a runty little man named Justin Wiggins. The only fish Justin considered worth catching were catfish;...

August 22, 1960

August 22, 1960
BASKETBALL—WILT CHAMBERLAIN, enticed from a five-month retirement with a three-year contract that guarantees he will remain the highest-paid athlete in sports, rejoined the Philadelphia Warriors....

August 22, 1960
COVER: Richard Jeffery6—John G. Zimmerman7—Morris Rosenfeld, A.P., Joe Wissel, Sol Studna-Kansas City Star, A.P. (2)14—Horst Müller15—James A. Drake Jr.16—Art Rickerby-LIFE24, 25—Derek Bayes28—Jim...

August 22, 1960 | Roger Williams

August 22, 1960
DYING WITH DICKSirs:What can I say of the story on Dick Groat (Head Man in a Hurry, Aug. 8)?

August 22, 1960
'Until she can win'

August 22, 1960
Lyn Cunningham, 15, whose famed father Briggs skippered Columbia in 1958's successful America's Cup defense, captained Pequot (Conn.) Yacht Club crew that posted three firsts, a second and a...

August 22, 1960

August 22, 1960
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