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August 29, 1960 | Volume 13, Issue 9

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated August 29, 1960

August 29, 1960 | Martin Kane
From the swank sidewalk cafes of the city to the neat billets of the Olympic Village, audience and athletes alike are on their marks for the Games' opening events

August 29, 1960 | Tex Maule
A tired, somewhat listless group of athletes from the United States last week proved themselves the finest track and field team in history before 18,000-odd enthusiastic spectators in Bern,...

August 29, 1960 | Roger Bannister
Of the 12 most likely finalists in the 1,500 meters at Rome, nine have run sub-four-minute miles. I predict that at the end of the race, not more than 10 meters will separate the first six...

August 29, 1960 | William Leggett
Adored in Europe, Holland's Hairos II came to the U.S. and won the International Trot at Roosevelt in a style befitting a champion

August 29, 1960
It is almost over in the National League, but in the American tension continues to build like a young hurricane from day to day, lashing ballplayers on to peaks of brilliance, dropping them a...

August 29, 1960
It was a fine Sunday morning, and the third race for Thoroughbred Arabians had just ended. Then came something new. Five haughty racing camels, the aseils of cameldom, paraded to the post at the...

August 29, 1960 | Jane Rieker
America's foremost woman pilot used to fly a plane with a baby-blue cockpit. Now she has become the first woman to qualify for trips into navy-blue space

August 29, 1960
•All the thrilling competitive highlights and behind-the-scenes stories from Rome will be reported by a team of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED writers and photographers on the spot.

August 29, 1960 | Norman Dyhrenfurth
The ultimate goal of mountaineers everywhere is the "eight-thousander," a peak above 8,000 meters, or 26,247 feet. The Himalayas have no less than 14 of them. One of the 14 is Dhaulagiri, shown...

August 29, 1960 | Norman Dyhrenfurth
Norman Dyhrenfurth, a Swiss-born citizen of San Diego, is one of the foremost experts on the Himalayas. Son of a pioneer explorer of those great peaks, he arrived in the U.S. in 1938, became a...

August 29, 1960 | Norman Dyhrenfurth
The race against the monsoon...a daring strike fails in the face of Dhaulagiri's fury...terror in a crevasse...tension near the summit...a double triumph over the peak of storms

August 29, 1960 | Joan Dickinson
A veteran from the East and a rookie from the West are fighting for the cowboy title

August 29, 1960 | Charles Goren
Los Angeles withstood a strong New York finish to win the first intercity bridge match

August 29, 1960 | Whitney Tower
Hail to Reason's ills again raise the question of whether 2-year-olds are overraced

August 29, 1960 | Sidney L. James
In next week's issue comes SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S seasonal Sporting Look Preview.

August 29, 1960 | Patrick Campbell
The carnation was still in position, and the dark-blue pin-stripe suit was holding up well in its maturity. A hint of silver in the sideburns added a new and effective touch to his immeasurable...

August 29, 1960 | Patrick Campbell
Patrick Campbell, who is the same size as Jack Doyle (6 feet 4 inches), was born in Dublin in 1913, studied at Oxford (didn't finish), was in business in Europe before the War (didn't profit) and...

August 29, 1960 | Barbara Heilman
I am not admitted to discussions of The Hunt, not being qualified. I have marvelous things to say, but early in every conversation the fox-followers and the bear-trackers discover that my sport is...

August 29, 1960
BOATING—Two weeks after the seriocomic Seafair Trophy races (SI, Aug. 22), the unlimited hydroplanes were at it again, this time at Picton, Ont. in the Harmsworth Trophy, symbolic of international...

August 29, 1960
COVER: Swiss Himalaya Expedition 19605—European6—Turofsky7—Roger Smith-Bermuda News Bureau, J. David Lamontagne-Providence Journal, Central Press, A.P., Apex17—Herb Scharfman18, 19—Art...

August 29, 1960

August 29, 1960 | Roger Williams
The smooth-sailing unwrapped a shrewd new gimmick—the base-hit bunt. Tied 3-3 in the eighth, they beat out three successive bunts, rattled the Phils' Robin Roberts so much he walked Roberto...

August 29, 1960
A QUESTION OF THE EYE Sirs: You fellows should get a gold medal yourselves for compiling the Special Olympic Issue (Aug. 15). STEVE BELL San Gabriel, Calif.

August 29, 1960
Be well fed—and be fast

August 29, 1960
Florence Ray of Bermuda struggled eight hours 55 minutes with Allison's tuna off south shore of Bermuda, set women's world record when she landed 78-pound 12-ounce fish, surpassed the previous...

August 29, 1960

August 29, 1960 | Roger Williams
Major league tryout camps are a summer fixture. Here's a personal look at one of them

August 29, 1960 | Stirling Moss
New restrictions, says one of its finest stars, could kill Grand Prix racing