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September 12, 1960 | Volume 13, Issue 11

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Jack Nicklaus Cover - Sports Illustrated September 12, 1960

September 12, 1960
All times are E.D.T.

September 12, 1960

September 12, 1960
The victory of Germany's Armin Hary in the 100-meter dash helped make a gloomy Thursday for the U.S. But the next day Americans won six gold medals. Turn page for full Olympic story.

September 12, 1960 | Tex Maule

September 12, 1960 | Tex Maule
Germany's gold medal winner in the 100-meter dash is one of the most remarkable and controversial athletes in Rome. The quickest starter in racing history (tests have established that he reacts to...

September 12, 1960 | Tex Maule
Shotputter Bill Nieder, who won the U.S.'s first track and field gold medal in Rome and defeated his waspish archrival Parry O'Brien in the process, disclosed to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Artist Robert...

September 12, 1960 | Tex Maule
Soaring like a ballet dancer, Ralph Boston is caught by the camera at the peak altitude of a flight to lasting fame. As he flew, he flailed his arms and churned his legs for utmost distance, and...

September 12, 1960 | Kenneth Rudeen
U.S. swimmers shattered Australia's supremacy, but there was trouble afloat and in the modern pentathlon

September 12, 1960
All the medal winners of all the events in the XVII Olympiad, plus final evaluations of the performers and inside stories of how U.S. athletes won some events—and lost others.

September 12, 1960 | Roy Terrell

September 12, 1960 | Jack Pollard

September 12, 1960 | Ray Cave

September 12, 1960 | Harvey Penick
Feel and crispness in the short game are all-important and also very closely correlated. To attain crispness, and thus gain feel, I find two techniques very helpful.

September 12, 1960 | Whitney Tower
Sharp in Chicago, the new 2-year-old challenger now faces tests over distance

September 12, 1960 | Sidney L. James
It now strikes anyone who has ever been editorially concerned with SPORTS ILLUSTRATED as nearly incredible that there was once editorial concern over whether or not in all of sport enough took...

September 12, 1960 | William Leggett
After a winless season, Joe O'Brien's Blaze Hanover took the biggest prize of all

September 12, 1960 | Bonnie Prudden
Halfway to walking, the 6-month-old baby exercises mind and muscles together

September 12, 1960 | Henry Romney
Run off the land by their own bad manners, gunners in New York are getting a fresh chance

September 12, 1960 | Charles Goren
As the inventor of the 'unusual no trump,' " an indignant correspondent writes, "you are hereby beseeched to purge the miserable——! The thing has become a booby trap." Her husband, she reports,...

September 12, 1960 | Percy Knauth

September 12, 1960

September 12, 1960
BOATING—DAVID MILLER, skipper of three-man Royal Vancouver YC crew, defeated Cleveland YC of Rocky River, Ohio, 45¼ points to 43¾ points to win the Sears Cup, emblematic of North American junior...

September 12, 1960
6—drawing by Marc Simont8—Terry Rice9—Jack Hourigan-Hamilton Spectator, George E. Adams-Dayton Journal Herald, A.P. (2)14, 15—Jerry Cooke16—John G. Zimmerman-Keystone18, 19—Robert Riger22, 23—John...

September 12, 1960 | Maury Allen

September 12, 1960
THE BUBBLE BLOWERSSirs:An interesting companion piece to the photo of "Best Bubble Blower" Pitcher Milt Pappas of the Baltimore Orioles in your latest issue (The Pennant Race Bubbles Along, Aug....

September 12, 1960
'Ponies and kids'

September 12, 1960
Dean McLaughlin, salesman for an Oshawa, Ont. grocery firm, scored ringers with 92% of his attempts in the qualifying and the playoff rounds of the Canadian Horseshoe Pitching championships at...

September 12, 1960 | Roger Kahn