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October 10, 1960 | Volume 13, Issue 15

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Vernon Law Cover - Sports Illustrated October 10, 1960

October 10, 1960 | Maury Allen

October 10, 1960
BASEBALL—MAJOR LEAGUE attendance increased by 4% over 1959, the National League to more than 10½ million, the American to more than 9 million. The Dodgers led all clubs with 2,253,019.

October 10, 1960
11—Bob Towers13—A.P. (2), H. Raymond Ball-Providence Journal26, 27—A.P., Hank Walker-LIFE, Leonard McCombe-LIFE, Myron Davis-LIFE, Francis Miller-LIFE, Yale Joel28—Herb Scharfman, John G....

October 10, 1960
BOXED BRAWLINGSirs:Hooray for Emmett Watson's article on the Liston-Machen fight (Really a Hug Fest, Sept. 19). It was literally a brawl with a referee.

October 10, 1960

October 10, 1960
No character in losing

October 10, 1960
Dr. J. E. Ailor, Knoxville, Tenn. dentist and two-day-a-week lefty golfer, scored two holes-in-one (152 and 134 yards, both uphill) in the same round for "a real first" and a five-under-average 80...

October 10, 1960

October 10, 1960
All times are E.D.T.

October 10, 1960 | Gwilym Brown
Jack Nicklaus wrote it on the greens and fairways of Merion, during the World Team Championship, with the best display by an amateur since Bobby Jones's Grand Slam in 1930.

October 10, 1960 | William Barry Furlong
A defeated Jim Norris, about to be subpoenaed by a Senate committee, dissolved his boxing empire last week, offering hope that mob rule of boxing is finally on the way out. Here is an on-the-scene...

October 10, 1960 | Roy Terrell
One Pirate is a preacher, one an ex-pug, another a comic. All are lively, exciting ballplayers

October 10, 1960
The first World Series in 33 years between Pittsburgh and New York will be reported in words by Editor Roy Terrell and in pictures by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED photographers.

October 10, 1960
What could be more exciting or excitable than an Irishman with a club? Answer: 30 Irishmen with 30 clubs—and a leather-covered ball. When it's like that, they call it hurling. It's the fastest...

October 10, 1960 | Sidney L. James
Food has been a sporting proposition to this magazine since the very beginning. In our September 12, 1955 issue, for instance, Joan Flynn Dreyspool visited the home of Bud Wilkinson, the great...

October 10, 1960 | Roger Kahn

October 10, 1960 | Albert Hochbaum

October 10, 1960 | Nick Thimmesch
Uncertain Detroit is upping the horsepower on compacts, and showing some nice new ones

October 10, 1960
Spartan Coach Duffy Daugherty and wife (opposite) happily contemplate veal parmigiana prepared in the tradition of her discerning Italian ancestry

October 10, 1960 | Charles Goren
In tournament bridge there is only one permissible way for a player to pass his chance to bid, and that is simply to say, "Pass." Anything else, even "No bid," once quite acceptable, is frowned...

October 10, 1960 | Alfred Wright
Syracuse escaped with its life, but Washington lost and Iowa began turning cautious after a startlingly easy win

October 10, 1960 | Mervin Hyman

October 10, 1960 | Mervin Hyman
Army over Perm State. The unbeaten Cadets have Tom Blanda to throw and two fullbacks to keep the defense busy. State can't match the persistent Army attack.

October 10, 1960 | Tex Maule
The dollars flow like blood in Texas' pro war, and the winner will be the one who loses least

October 10, 1960 | Francis Chichester

October 10, 1960
National Hockey League games through December 17

October 10, 1960 | Cynthia Lindsay

October 10, 1960 | Cynthia Lindsay
Cynthia Lindsay survived her early days as a movie stunt woman to become a magazine writer, author and the mother of two. Among her books are Mother Climbed Trees and The Natives Are Restless. The...