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October 31, 1960 | Volume 13, Issue 18

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Jack Brabham Cover - Sports Illustrated October 31, 1960

October 31, 1960
Jane Paige, blonde, blue-eyed Wellesley sophomore who finished third from last in 1959, outsailed 18 male competitors over 5¼-mile course to bring Hotel home first in singlehanded International...

October 31, 1960

October 31, 1960
All times are E.S.T. unless otherwise noted

October 31, 1960 | John O'Reilly

October 31, 1960 | Alwyn Lee

October 31, 1960 | Alwyn Lee
In 1936 an airliner crashed in the wild, unexplored Glasshouse Mountains on the border of New South Wales and Queensland. The plane was discovered only by the heroism and bushcraft of a forest...

October 31, 1960
A football weekend at a men's college is a thoroughly tested, thoroughly proved combination of minor athletic events (cross-country), the Big Game, imported dates, dances in the student union,...

October 31, 1960
Roy Terrell visits the Border Conference to watch freewheeling desert country football. Arizona State vs. New Mexico State will be the focus of Football's Seventh Week.

October 31, 1960 | Kenneth Rudeen

October 31, 1960 | Sidney L. James
There was a sameness to golf in the Twenties," Herbert Warren Wind has written in The Story of American Golf. "Jones nearly always won." It was, of course, a "sameness" as far removed from...

October 31, 1960 | Robert H. Boyle

October 31, 1960
For a fan a leaky sky means three chill hours under umbrella, parka or slicker (opposite: drenched crowd at last year's Oklahoma-Northwestern game). A wet fan may draw some comfort from a flask,...

October 31, 1960 | Walter Bingham
From Washington to Florida the nation's football teams glitter with second-year men

October 31, 1960 | Mervin Hyman
For once, form held reasonably firm and, with the season half over, 11 of the nation's major college football teams were still unbeaten and untied. Some, like Mississippi (6-0), Iowa (5-0),...

October 31, 1960 | Mervin Hyman
Yale over Dartmouth. The unbeaten Elis are understandably wary of Dartmouth, despite the Indians' loss to Harvard. But better offense will win for Yale.

October 31, 1960 | Charles Goren
If certain defects become apparent in the slam-bidding practices of the casual player, it is usually because he is weighed down by an excess of conventions. It is well to remember that Blackwood...

October 31, 1960 | Roger Williams
At an odd press conference the Yankees fired their manager, then saw him steal the show

October 31, 1960 | Huston Horn
A moderately amiable peace treaty is negotiated between show and field basset hounds

October 31, 1960 | Robert Cantwell

October 31, 1960
4—Joy B. Leviton9—drawing by James Flora11—Raoul Echeverria, U.S. Army, A.P.25—Australian Consolidated Press32—European38—Warren Ballard45—Hans Knopf-Pix46—U.P.I.49—Hy Peskin50—Marvin E....

October 31, 1960
BASEBALL—TAIYO WHALES defeated the Daimai Orions four straight games to win the Japan World Series. Considered underdogs, the Whales took all four games by one-run margins: 1-0, 3-2, 6-5, 1-0.

October 31, 1960
DIP AND DOFFSirs:The Pittsburgh Pirates should dip their pennant and Rocky Nelson should doff his cap to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

October 31, 1960
A lovely, leisurely pace

October 31, 1960

October 31, 1960 | John M. Ross
A postseason dream team trip soon turned into a nightmare