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November 14, 1960 | Volume 13, Issue 20

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Bobby Hull Cover - Sports Illustrated November 14, 1960

November 14, 1960
Mosquito commodore

November 14, 1960
Harold Ensley of Kansas City, Mo., hunting-fishing sports-caster on radio and TV, caught no fish in final round but still beat 57 rivals in freshwater division of the World Series of Sport...

November 14, 1960

November 14, 1960 | Roy Terrell
Not since the days of Bernie Bierman had Minneapolis cheered so lustily. Led by Fullback Roger Hagberg, here setting off on a 42-yard run for the game's decisive touchdown, Minnesota last Saturday...

November 14, 1960 | Roger Williams
Backed by a legion of cheering cadets, the Army football team stormed into Yankee Stadium and beat favored Syracuse 9-6

November 14, 1960 | William Leggett
Basketball's shining rookie, Oscar Robertson, makes a memorable debut against the Boston Celtics and battles the incomparable Bob Cousy to a standstill

November 14, 1960 | Tex Maule
The Baltimore Colts and the New York Giants, a pair of elderly football teams that have been accused of complacency, played like discontented young Turks during the season's first crucial pro...

November 14, 1960 | Robert H. Boyle
They've really got the pressure on them. We have one loss, but they have two." The speaker was Fullback Jim Taylor of the Green Bay Packers and he referred to the Baltimore Colts. The Packers,...

November 14, 1960
It's the start of a new season, and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED presents the very best in ski life and ski living: first, the fanciful new snow fashions, pictured in color at Portillo, Chile; next, the new...

November 14, 1960
Aussie railbirds, 100,000 strong, whooped a mare named Hi Jinx home to victory in last week's characteristically unpredictable and enthusiastic running of the Melbourne Cup. Favorites do not often...

November 14, 1960 | Kenneth Rudeen

November 14, 1960 | Sidney L. James
In sport today there are no better or more inspired dressers than those who wear skis for a foundation garment. Skiers change their mode of dress more from one season to the next than participants...

November 14, 1960 | Barbara Heilman

November 14, 1960
All times are E.S.T.

November 14, 1960 | Martin Kane
The man who is popularly supposed to have inspired this old music hall favorite never actually broke the casino at Monte Carlo, but he certainly bent it—not once but several times. And he wasn't...

November 14, 1960 | Alice Higgins
In the midst of a banner season for major shows, two rival humane organizations battled behind scenes at the National

November 14, 1960

November 14, 1960 | Walter Bingham
As Washington, Missouri, Arkansas and Utah State moved closer to their conference championships, Navy lost its first game of the season. Duke got its goat, too

November 14, 1960 | Mervin Hyman
Bowl scouts, on the prowl for lush attractions for their postseason games, were unhappy. One by one, the unbeaten teams fell. Navy, Iowa and Tennessee were the latest to go down, leaving Missouri...

November 14, 1960 | Mervin Hyman
Mississippi over Tennessee. A real test for Ole Miss despite the Vols' loss to Georgia Tech. Tough defense and talented Jake Gibbs will keep the Rebels on top.

November 14, 1960 | Bonnie Prudden
At 8 months a human baby is still a little wild animal, a powerhouse of promise, full of unreasoned native wisdom. Because his physical reactions are still largely instinctive, and instinctively...

November 14, 1960 | Charles Goren
Bridge is an international language. I was never more sure of this than when I was in Greece recently and played in Athens with Markos Nomikos, head of the Greek shipping company that bears his...

November 14, 1960 | Robert Tyre Jones Jr.

November 14, 1960 | Robert Tyre Jones Jr.
I have always been thankful that the governing bodies of golf on both sides of the Atlantic have resisted changes in the rules. Throughout the years there have been plenty of suggestions for...

November 14, 1960
13—Hy Peskin, Drinnon, Inc., Bart Parker16, 17—John G. Zimmerman18—Marvin E. Newman20, 21—Earl Seubert-Minneapolis Tribune22, 23—Art Rickerby-Pix27—Marvin E. Newman28, 29—Neil Leifer36—Horst...

November 14, 1960
BASEBALL—After 11 games in their 16-game tour of Japan, the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS led seven games to three with one tie. In the eighth game the Giants grabbed a 7-0 lead, only to lose it when the...

November 14, 1960
NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY OR NICESirs:Congratulations on your editorial ("Lady Luck and the Law," Oct. 31). It takes realism and a large measure of courage to stand up and be counted on such an issue.

November 14, 1960
The major flat races through December

November 14, 1960 | Lindsay Hardy
War seemed easy to these Australian soldiers after they played the colonel's new game