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December 19, 1960 | Volume 13, Issue 25

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Norm Van Brocklin Cover - Sports Illustrated December 19, 1960

December 19, 1960
Bobby Allen, junior at Miami's Jackson H.S., using plenty of body English, spun unsprung Xterminator kart through 100-lap race without a pit stop, averaged 31.374 mph to win Nassau's World...

December 19, 1960 | Gilbert Rogin
The sordid details of the Jim Norris-Frankie Carbo alliance that ruled boxing for a decade were verified in Washington

December 19, 1960 | Roy Terrell

December 19, 1960 | Jerry Holtzman
When the American League decided to expand to 10 teams it interviewed various persons and groups who wanted to obtain the two new franchises. One of the men interviewed was 42-year-old Charles...

December 19, 1960 | Tex Maule

December 19, 1960
The team that wins the Western Conference title will have to face the Philadelphia Eagles, and that will not be the easy assignment it may at first appear to be. While few winning teams in...

December 19, 1960 | Huston Horn

December 19, 1960
This is our special holiday issue, a double magazine for Christmas. It offers, as the nation awaits a new President, a perceptive look at the coming years and what may be asked of sport in...

December 19, 1960
Little but loneliness awaits the men who serve as living targets defending hockey's outmost isolated bastions

December 19, 1960 | Joe David Brown

December 19, 1960 | Richard W. Boeth
On a court divided, the pros and amateurs are playing each other to a standstill

December 19, 1960 | Arlie W. Schardt
In the words of the famous 'Stein Song,' loyal Maine men stand and shout as a smart new coach leads the team into winning ways

December 19, 1960 | Willy Schaeffler
Once a skier has learned to make a series of parallel turns on difficult terrain (SI, Dec. 5) he can consider himself an expert. But there is one thing that even the expert can do to improve his...

December 19, 1960 | Alice Higgins
The top stables ignored Chicago's Court of Final Judgment, and the show lost its quality

December 19, 1960 | Sidney L. James
In these paintings, which appear on the card announcing Christmas gift subscriptions to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, Russell Hoban has illuminated the high points of sport in the year now drawing to a close.

December 19, 1960 | Stephen Birmingham

December 19, 1960
BASEBALL—The major leagues finally solved the drawn-out debate on expansion in their meeting at St. Louis, agreed that the American League will add Los Angeles and St. Paul-Minneapolis in 1961,...

December 19, 1960
6, 7—Herb Orth9—sketch by Bill Charmatz11—William Roberts-Bahamas News Bureau, A. B. Westerbeek, McDermid Studios Ltd.14, 15—Robert Phillips17—A.P.18—Art Shay20—Hy Peskin35-41—John G....

December 19, 1960 | Mervin Hyman
Although the season was barely two weeks old, the casualty list resembled a roster of the nation's top 10. Kentucky, Wake Forest, West Virginia, Cincinnati, Indiana, Kansas, Kansas State, Utah and...

December 19, 1960
"ARETE" (CONT.)Sirs:I wish to nominate the following three athletes to share this year's award as SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S Sportsman of the Year:

December 19, 1960
'Hopp! Hopp! Allez, Hopp!'

December 19, 1960

December 19, 1960
National Basketball Association games through January 11

December 19, 1960 | Bill Hosokawa
In 1865 a welterweight and a heavyweight fought 185 gory bare-fisted rounds to a draw