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January 23, 1961 | Volume 14, Issue 3

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated January 23, 1961

January 23, 1961 | Gwilym Brown
Until 10:30 p.m. last Saturday night the Massachusetts Knights of Columbus indoor track meet at Boston Garden had been nothing more than the routine opening of the eastern indoor season. Then,...

January 23, 1961 | James Murray
Motorcycling supposedly had come of age, but at Big Bear it was back in its black denim diapers

January 23, 1961 | Gilbert Rogin
Paul Pender wins a fight and a little more respect for his claim to the middleweight title

January 23, 1961
The expressions on the faces at left and right reflect with accuracy the feelings of the student engineers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute toward their favorite game. What football is to most...

January 23, 1961 | Roy Terrell

January 23, 1961 | Barbara Heilman

January 23, 1961
Pro basketball's Los Angeles Lakers are constantly in flight to meet their coast-to-coast schedule. Jim Murray describes the bizarre events of a recent Laker road trip.

January 23, 1961 | Alfred Wright
In 23 years the National Pro-Am has become one of the country's distinguished golfing events. For its 24th the Crosby's creator looks over this color album of his tournament and reminisces fondly...

January 23, 1961
All times are E.S.T.

January 23, 1961 | Kenneth Rudeen
It's the very model of a modern road-racing car, but it's meant only for research, says Chevy

January 23, 1961 | Ray Cave
Elusive as a wraith, Terry Dischinger is solid enough to be the game's second-best player

January 23, 1961 | Carleton Mitchell
The opening of the 51st National Motor Boat Show brought out some startling new trends in yachting

January 23, 1961

January 23, 1961 | Charles Goren
In an early book on the subject of contract bridge Ely Culbertson wrote, "The purpose of a penalty double is to defeat the opponents' contract and collect the maximum number of points in...

January 23, 1961 | Bonnie Prudden
At 9 months a baby is like an explorer setting out from some snug harbor to discover the unknown. For the first time he takes leave of the protective enclosure of his mother's arms to inspect on...

January 23, 1961 | Robert Cantwell

January 23, 1961
Osvaldo Suarez of Argentina got married, joined 1,150 competitors from 39 nations in trek to São Paulo, Brazil, plodded through city's annual cross-town marathon to win his third consecutive...

January 23, 1961 | Mervin Hyman

January 23, 1961
BASKETBALL—The BOSTON CELTICS returned to their home court after a 10-game road trip in which they won seven games, took on second-place Philadelphia, boat them in overtime on a basket by Bob...

January 23, 1961
5—sketch by Bill Charmatz6—Piroselli, McKeesport Daily News, Tom Korologos-Solt Lake Tribune, John G. Zimmerman, A.P.8, 9—Art Rickerby-Pix, Hy Peskin10—Hy Peskin11—Art Rickerby-Pix12, 15—Phil...

January 23, 1961
DREGS IN THE CUPSirs:"Let the amateurs play without remuneration..." (The Cup Runneth Out, Jan. 16). Is Bill Talbert kidding? How would the poor boys make a living?

January 23, 1961
Homing birds and ballplayers

January 23, 1961 | Arlie W. Schardt
A continent apart, two natural phenomena detonated the indoor track and field season. At Portland, Ore. a New Zealand Olympic winner cut 12 seconds off the indoor two-mile record, while at Boston,...

January 23, 1961 | Peggy Downey
New ski glasses reduce glare, give greater protection from the wind

January 23, 1961 | Mort Lund