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February 13, 1961 | Volume 14, Issue 6

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Laurence Owen Cover - Sports Illustrated February 13, 1961

February 13, 1961 | Martin Kane
Ingemar Johansson used to live easy and depend on his right-hand punch. Now, looking to his third fight with Floyd Patterson, a serious Ingo boasts of a left, too

February 13, 1961 | Ray Cave
He led one of the West's two best basketball teams (USC) against the other (UCLA), with inconclusive results

February 13, 1961
A handful of salt tossed ceremoniously into the ring, a referee garbed in ancient splendor, huge contestants tensely poised—these are the 2,000-year-old elements of sumo wrestling, Japan's classic...

February 13, 1961 | Jack Brabham
by Jack Brabham, World Champion Driver

February 13, 1961 | Jack Brabham
A practice every sports car driver should know and use to save wear on gearbox synchromesh system when shifting down begins (1) when driver disengages clutch, backs off throttle and shifts to...

February 13, 1961 | Jack Brabham
Fire extinguisher is too often neglected. All-purpose pump-action type puts out oil, other fires.

February 13, 1961 | Jack Brabham
In the final installment of "Safe Driving," which will appear in the Feb. 27 issue, Britain's Pat Moss tells how to cope safely with bad roads and all kinds of foul weather.

February 13, 1961
What a French artist famed for satirically illustrated children's books sees in the rough-and-tumble of professional hockey provides a vivid and colorful treat for everybody.

February 13, 1961 | Barbara Heilman

February 13, 1961 | Whitney Tower
Sports Illustrated's Turf Editor, Whitney Tower (right), here begins a series of articles on what may be termed the hidden crisis in Thoroughbred racing in this country. The result of long...

February 13, 1961 | Roy Terrell
With $1,500 waiting at the finish, Christian Pravda took the first pro race at Aspen

February 13, 1961
According to those who understand such subtleties, the curl on the tail of Champion Crown Crest Mr. Universe is precisely right. Next week this curious fact may well bring Mr. U.—the shaggy but...

February 13, 1961 | Alfred Wright
Not all the names on the pro tour are well known. Here are a few players who have looked good so far, and who should look better in the months to come

February 13, 1961 | Yogi Berra

February 13, 1961 | Yogi Berra
Yogi, an autobiography written by Yogi Berra and Ed Fitzgerald (former editor of Sport), was published last week by Doubleday and Co. ($3.95).

February 13, 1961
8—sketch by Bill Charmatz9—Coit W. Rufty, George Honeycutt-Charlotte News, Donald E. Johnson-Portland (Me.) Sunday Telegram, U.P.I., courtesy Macy-Westchester Newspapers17—John G. Zimmerman20,...

February 13, 1961
BASEBALL—Harris County voters in Texas, in the largest turn-out for a bond issue in county history, voted $22 million to build this country's first domed, air-conditioned stadium in Houston....

February 13, 1961 | Mervin Hyman
The postseason tournament battle lines were being drawn early. The NCAA, demonstrating unusual perspicacity, reached out to pluck the brightest prize among the nation's independents right from...

February 13, 1961
THE SHAMATEURSSirs:I've been a competitor in track and field for over 20 years, and I can say emphatically that Mike Agostini's article (My Take-home Pay as an Amateur Sprinter, Jan. 30) is...

February 13, 1961
Like a bullet

February 13, 1961

February 13, 1961
Doris Sigmon, blonde, bubbly senior forward on the Taylorsville (N.C.) High School girls basketball team, unbeaten in 92 straight conference games, averages 18 points, is called by coach the...

February 13, 1961 | Duncan Barnes
A professional hockey quiz to test the ingenuity and add to the knowledge of the casual fan and the armchair expert

February 13, 1961 | Dave Anderson
Bob Cousy first tried the play that was to become his trademark in a college game 12 years ago