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February 20, 1961 | Volume 14, Issue 7

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Billy Casper Cover - Sports Illustrated February 20, 1961

February 20, 1961
Jeanne Ashworth, Wilmington, Mass. physical education instructor, followed up victory in women's National Outdoor Speed Skating championships by winning women's North American Outdoor title at...

February 20, 1961
All times are E.S.T.

February 20, 1961 | Robert H. Boyle

February 20, 1961 | Whitney Tower
A colt called Carry Back, with unknown and unromantically named parents, is the favorite for the year's biggest horse race

February 20, 1961 | Bill Casper

February 20, 1961
In the third and final installment of the Safe Driving series, Pat Moss, champion rally driver from England, tells you how to have fun handling your car in foul weather.

February 20, 1961
It is an artist's delight," purred French painter André François of professional hockey. "It catches the action, the color and the excitement of America itself." Known in this country mostly for...

February 20, 1961 | Fred R. Smith
In jackets inspired by the bright geometry of international yachting code flags, this yearns sailors can sport their own initials and be as easy to spot as a jockey in his silks. For more new...

February 20, 1961 | Walter Bingham
Pro and amateur tennis met in New York last week, but each was on its own side of the street

February 20, 1961 | Gilbert Rogin
A cautious but capable fighter with a mild name is now the light heavyweight champion of the entire world—except for Archie

February 20, 1961 | Charles Goren
When Peter Leventritt takes off for Buenos Aires next April to play on the U.S. team in the world championship competition against France, Italy and Argentina, he will leave his famous New York...

February 20, 1961 | Ed Zern
Stubborn anglers still fight against salt-water licenses, but if they win they may lose the chance to keep fishing

February 20, 1961 | Emily Hahn

February 20, 1961 | Emily Hahn
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED readers last saw Emily Hahn as the author of Britain's Golden Pool (SI, Nov. 30, '59). Born in St. Louis, she trained as a mining engineer, taught geology at Hunter College, won...

February 20, 1961
—The BOSTON CELTICS dropped three games in a row for the first time this season. In the first two games the Celtics had to play without Bob Cousy, home in bed with a strep throat, and Bill...

February 20, 1961
7—sketch by Bill Charmatz13—U.P.I., Wiley Perry-Atlanta Journal, Bob East-Miami Herald, San Antonio Express & News16—drawing by Edward Sorel18—Wil Blanche19—Ted Russell-LIFE, A.P.20, 21—Flip...

February 20, 1961 | Mervin Hyman

February 20, 1961

February 20, 1961
FRONTAL ATTACKSirs:Your series of articles on safe driving is an excellent idea. I read them with a great deal of interest, inasmuch as I believe that a frontal attack on the death, damage, injury...

February 20, 1961
A ball club out back

February 20, 1961
National Basketball Association games to the end of the season

February 20, 1961 | Mitchell Rawson