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March 13, 1961 | Volume 14, Issue 10

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Floyd Patterson Cover - Sports Illustrated March 13, 1961

March 13, 1961
All times are E.S.T.

March 13, 1961 | Gilbert Rogin

March 13, 1961 | Robert Riger
FIRST FIGHT. Patterson fought from a crouch, Johansson from a spread stance, with body sideways, feet well apart. Ingo defended by bending back, springing away, circling to the left. Using this...

March 13, 1961
Only the tiger failed to get the joke as organized royalty on elephant back moved through a trimmed jungle to hunt à la mode

March 13, 1961 | John Mecklin

March 13, 1961 | George M. Weiss

March 13, 1961
Floyd Patterson defends his title against Ingemar Johansson this Monday. Unless the fight is postponed, it will be reported in depth, with pictures, in next week's issue.

March 13, 1961 | Kenneth Rudeen
That's George Imlach, the man behind the men wresting the NHL title from Montreal

March 13, 1961 | Whitney Tower
Though strictly a front runner, this well-bred colt is now the West's Derby favorite

March 13, 1961 | Ray Cave
Last year's champion, Ohio State, is this year's best bet for the NCAA title

March 13, 1961 | Ray Cave

March 13, 1961 | Ray Cave

March 13, 1961 | Roger Williams
It's lively in the training camp of the brand-new Los Angeles club, but it's pleasantly relaxed, too

March 13, 1961 | Charles Goren
In the early days of my career I became indignant with bids that I felt were bad. But I soon mellowed. It dawned on me that bad bids (i.e., bids I wouldn't have made) frequently made good drama....

March 13, 1961

March 13, 1961
While rural American youngsters are "tightrope walking" on railroad tracks or swinging in carefree abandon from gnarled tree limbs, boys and girls in the Soviet Union are learning cartwheels,...

March 13, 1961 | Maurice Druon
He was small but splendidly compact, his legs were slender but well-muscled, the feet delicate, the chest deep, the eyes of a velvet brown with long, black lashes, the nostrils short but well...

March 13, 1961 | Maurice Druon
There are many versions of the story of the Godolphin Arabian, sire of Thoroughbreds, but it remained for a Frenchman to give it the special accent of romantic love. Maurice Druon, winner of the...

March 13, 1961
5—drawing by Bill Charmatz9—Jerry Cooke, Bob East-Miami Herald, A.P.20, 21—Associated Newspapers, Central Press (2)22, 23—Fox Photos24—A.F.P.25—Brian Seed26—Paris-Match27—drawing by Robert...

March 13, 1961
BADMINTON—MARGERY SHEDD of Toronto beat Jean Miller of Toronto 10-12, 11-3, 10-2 to win Canadian singles title for the fourth time, in Calgary. ERLAND KOPS of Denmark beat Robert McCoig of...

March 13, 1961 | Mervin Hyman
THE TOURNAMENTSWhile most of the nation's major-college teams sadly contemplated their failures, a fortunate few looked forward to competing in postseason tournaments. The NCAA, with 11 new...

March 13, 1961
FAR-OUT FANSSirs:Congratulations! At least you are consistent. For years you have been alternately roasting or ignoring the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now you have started in on the Los Angeles Angels...

March 13, 1961
Pre-Olympic coach

March 13, 1961
Astrid Sandvik, blue-eyed blonde from Oslo, Norway who attended Stamford (Conn.) High School, won giant slalom event at Oslo's annual Holmenkollen ski festival, was timed over the one-mile course,...

March 13, 1961
Leading professional and amateur tournaments through May 21

March 13, 1961 | Mitchell Rawson
The Jeffries-Johnson title prize fight nearly had Arthur Conan Doyle as its referee