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April 17, 1961 | Volume 14, Issue 15

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated April 17, 1961

April 17, 1961
Kathy Ellis, 14, representing Indianapolis Athletic Club, won the 100-yard butterfly event in 1:01.7 in the national AAU women's swim meet at Hialeah, Fla., upset Olympic Swimmer Carolyn Wood,...

April 17, 1961 | Alfred Wright

April 17, 1961 | Tex Maule
Healthy, relaxed and at last on good terms with the world, the Yanks' super center fielder may now be headed for his biggest year since 1956

April 17, 1961
"Hello, Carmen," said Frankie Carbo, boxing's top hoodlum. "Hi, Frankie," said Carmen Basilio (left), the former welter and middleweight champion of the world. Then the two shook hands outside a...

April 17, 1961
The Big Apple was the big thing for dance-mad collegians of the 1930s, but today's young intellectuals call that kind of nonsense applesauce. The dance getting the big play these days at the...

April 17, 1961

April 17, 1961
As the 1961 baseball season gets under way, Walter Bingham looks at the two new teams, Washington and Los Angeles, in their first week of American League competition.

April 17, 1961 | Anthony Carson
On the following pages Sports Illustrated presents to American readers three remarkable sketches by the British author Anthony Carson. Few people on this side of the Atlantic have yet heard of...

April 17, 1961
Since 1879 the Parc de Vincennes track, five miles east of Paris, has been the focus of French trotting (see following pages). Such big events as the Prix d'Amérique bring out 50,000 spectators...

April 17, 1961 | Charles Goren
The U.S. bridge team, now in Buenos Aires for the 1961 world championship, may be the last all-veteran combination to represent us in international competition—even if it wins. Though formidable,...

April 17, 1961 | Donald Dell
Early last month in the midst of a snowstorm the first American men ever to take part in an official Russian tennis tournament arrived in Moscow. Listed No. 9 and No. 14 in the amateur U.S....

April 17, 1961 | Kenneth Rudeen
Montreal's once scintillant Canadiens, their glow dimmed, leave Chicago and Detroit to settle the Stanley Cup in a family fight

April 17, 1961 | Roy Terrell

April 17, 1961
BASKETBALL—In the second game of the NBA championship Boston defeated St. Louis 116-108, despite mighty scoring efforts by the Hawks' Cliff Hagan (40 points) and Bob Pettit (30 points). In the...

April 17, 1961
17—Flip Schulke-Black Star, Rod Moyer, R. J. Venne18-22—Art Rickerby-Pix24, 25—A.P.38—map by William Bernstein47—Thom Hustler47, 50—illustrations by Marc Simont62-63—Lee Balterman68-71—Art...

April 17, 1961
NEW TRIER'S NEIGHBORSSirs:Arlie Schardt's Big Noise from Winnetka (SI, April 3) was tremendous. New Trier deserved the honors, and it should show the rest of the high school boys the country over...

April 17, 1961
Refresher course

April 17, 1961

April 17, 1961 | Bil Gilbert

April 17, 1961 | Mitchell Rawson
The oddest monument in Ireland is embedded in Kildare sod and honors a bare-knuckle champion

April 17, 1961
The major races through June 28